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  1. 6 minutes ago, SiouxForeverandEver said:

    Yes it would be okay if they just listened to the lyrics, this was not the case. Do it in private if these two find joy in such a discriminating word. They should not put this out for the world to see. Personally, this made not only them look bad, but the whole university look bad. This other girl is involved with how she states they would say this word before bed. “Weird and random but funny” this other girls exact words. Seems odd.

    There are two girls in the ticket ad. One is in no way associated with the recording. To say otherwise is a lie. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, SiouxForeverandEver said:

    The other one did do something by being in that video. You can hear her laughing, this is not a laughing matter. Also on twitter there are screen shots of her using this racial slur in various different ways...

    So. Would it be ok if they just listened to the lyrics? What about lip syncing? And what about the girl who is in no way involved. Should there be clarification?

  3. 5 minutes ago, SiouxForeverandEver said:

    A und volleyball player using a racial slur. On video. Seems that it was brought to Chaves attention and he didn’t do anything about it months ago. 

    Let's be accurate. Singing lyrics to a song that was playing in the car. Does it make a difference? Yes. And its not the vb girl in the ad who was recorded. She was in the car. UND needs to clarify who said what. There's two girls in the ad. One was in the car. One did nothing and is not involved. Can you say slander?

  4. 3 minutes ago, Joey87 said:

    He was a position coach at D2 UND before going to Jamestown as the HC.  He left Jamestown to go to SIU as position coach and later ST coordinator.  He left his MVFC job to be the HC at Northern.

    Dont correct posters on this forum with facts. They don't like that. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Wilbur said:

    I've never criticized a take of yours (don't think so at least :lol:).  Everyone has opinions, we don't all agree, that's life.

    Not saying you did. "Fair enough" was for your take. The rest was for the board meteorologists.

  6. 2 hours ago, Wilbur said:

    That Idaho State game will forever be remembered as the "what the hell happened"?

    I am dumbfounded we didn't get our football team to Idaho earlier.  We knew the storm was coming and still our team ends up on a bus to Bemidji and touching down in Idaho like 14 hours before game time.

    They beat us, it's not an excuse, but a "what if?".  

    Fair enough. But have any of you that are critical of the travel decisions RE Idaho St. stopped to think about the logistics of rescheduling the flight? Roughly 100 passengers with team and support staff, most of them students. Yes, student schedules matter. And are there charter planes just lying around the tarmac waiting to be re-scheduled? Don't think so. What about the cost of rescheduling the charter, the additional hotel stay? In a tight budget already, where does that come from? Then there's the decision to bus to Bemidji. Totally on the charter company since they were unwilling to land in GF given the conditions. And they were late to Bemidji. So, what about the storm. Local weather forecasters were arguing over the path and severity right up until it hit. So if the team was somehow able to leave early and nothing hits GF -- you 20/20 hindsight experts would criticize that as well. "The team laid around in Pocatello for 3 days. We were flat." Finally, do any of you really think Chaves and the coaches didn't discuss all options? I get criticized on here for my takes. But this forum is really all about the old saying about opinions. Its always 20/20 hindsight masquerading as expertise. Its the majority of you who have never done anything close to keeping a team together, leading a group in anything that come on and say sh*& about anything and everything as if you know. "That's what this site is for." You tear down everything and everyone in your path, then rip me for doing exactly what you do -- only to posters on the forum. The height of hypocrisy. I've been called old, angry, weak, everything on this board. I'll only admit to old :)  

  7. 24 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

    I'm swinging the other way......first time I've said this but the students need to go from their current sections. Yesterday was just pathetic. My daughter hasn't missed a game and stays to the end but it's her and just 37 other students. Find a different section for them. 

    As hard as it may be given what students account for revenue wise, I agree. Need to seriously consider reconfiguring.  Bad look was even worse at midfield yesterday.  TV audiences get a really bad impression. Suggest it. See what student reps have to say. 

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  8. 5 minutes ago, southpaw said:

    It's just so difficult to even have any hope of a win today. This team has crapped the bed so many times in big games when it counts, that to get your hopes up for a win will just leave you crushed.

    I'll be watching and hoping for a win but not really expecting one. And that's not how a fanbase should be.

    So happy you were never on a team I coached. I would have left your ass on the curb as the bus was pulling away. 

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Siouxphan27 said:

    Lots of room for improvement, lots of tools missing, yes.  But if you compare apples to apples with the big sky schools we have competed against the last several years, our facilities, FCOA, stadium and all things considered, we are not the little sisters of the poor competing against ‘bama week in week out as your post suggests. 

    We don't compete with Big Sky schools in recruiting. Maybe UNC for Colorado kids. We compete with midwest schools. That's our footprint. The MVFC is a better comparison. Particularly NDSU, SDSU, USD, UNI. Sometimes Wyoming for top kids in MPLS. MAC schools on occasion. Big Ten (their walk-ons) become our partial or fulls. That's the reality. We have never had a recruiting footprint that matches the Big Sky. So S. Utah, Portland St., N. Arizona, the California schools and even the Montana schools are irrelevent to my point. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, Mama Sue said:

    I have listed my thoughts before....

    There are many similarities today with where we were with Mussman.  

    There is not an effort the the PII facility.

    The sponsorship/home game experience has changed.... not for the better.

    Coaching salaries have been discussed by people who know more than I.

    The football fundraising has been successful on this site.... not sure about other ways.

    So I just see us slipping into a dismal black hole and would like that turned around...it is up to admin to do that... AD probably. Bubba coaches he should NOT have to babysit. There needs to be some support for UND football somewhere besides the locker room.

    Thank you Mama Sue. Great to see some common sense on here. See my thoughts below.

  11. Oh. That's right. It's a fan forum.  All you need is a moniker, and a password and you are a football expert.  My bad. That's the "fun" of sites like this. How stupid of me. Why stop at football. Next up, fightingsioux4life on the perils of multi national market diversity in a third world economy.  I will hang up and listen. Bless your hearts.

  12. 2 hours ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

    Don't get angry or bring emotions into this. Let's focus on just facts/statistics. 

    As @bincitysioux stated in a very well done previous post, UND is currently allowing 54% conversion rate on third and long (7 + yards).

    As @Oxbow6 stated, UND has given up 30+ points over the past 5 road games. 

    You interpret that information as you wish, but let's not pretend someone is being personally criticized here. This is strictly ability or lack of ability to recruit and coach productive defense. 

    And your credentials,  other than being king of this sh&$show?

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  13. 12 minutes ago, MafiaMan said:

    99% of the fun on this board is hiding behind your moniker and or photo.  I recall about 10 years ago, some folks mouthing off at a then-frequent hockey poster and telling this particular person that they didn't have a clue what they were talking about as it related to hockey.  Not long after that, I was introduced to this person and our group had a good chuckle about that commentary.  The poster was none other than TJ Oshie's dad.  And, no, even though he hasn't posted here in a long time and likely never will again, I won't be taking his mask off.  

    You have a strange definition of "fun." I guess disparaging players and coaches without any personal responsibility is fun for you. Interesting. But, I guess that's what we can expect from middle school kids. Wait, what? These are adults? You're kidding. Right?

  14. 1 minute ago, Oxbow6 said:

    Your obsession with me is really kind of creepy. 

    No obsession. Trust me. Its just that you are not fit to assess Eric Schmidt in anything, let alone football. Stick to what you know. Then crawl behind your little Aaron Rodgers moniker. I'm sure you have the day off from school like all the other middle schoolers. Here come the mods: don't attack the posters even when they are full of sh*&

  15. 6 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

    Not sure how pointing out a statistical fact is blasting anyone.

    Just stating a fact Tom Miller wrote.

    Anonymity......you cracked the code: I'm Tom Miller. Congrats.

    No you are not Tom Miller. You've said there are "lots of people" who know who you are on here. So then you don't mind if I take your mask off?

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