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  1. I think that's a safe bet.
  2. I'll take the blame for the loss. I was cheering for MSU to win the whole thing, so my apologies for jinxing your team.
  3. We're very familiar with bad power plays around here.
  4. He did say that it would be his last article about this season's pairwise. Now I'm just waiting for his last article about women's hockey.
  5. I wish we could of got Fabbro to come here with Jost.

    2019 Season

    Did you respond to yourself?
  7. UND shouldn't be waiting for freshmen to bring us back to the big tourney a few years after winning it.
  8. Just when you think the penalties can't get any dumber.
  9. Johnny T makes a great play followed immediately by a dumb penalty.
  10. I just recently learned what Hain did is not a penalty. It was last week I think.
  11. Am I the only one who would like Gardner and Jones to trade places?
  12. I was hoping to see something different, but not expecting it.
  13. Playing the long game. He won't know what to do tomorrow when we start picking corners.
  14. Schloss tweeted that Larsson has stopped 132 of 135 shots against UND this year.
  15. Jones got away with a trip, made me nervous.
  16. Being able to create space and get into the high scoring areas with a pass or beating the defender one on one seems to be a problem. As well as having guys that can finish those chances. I think Gooch could put up some really good numbers if he had a pure sniper who could get open to play with. Some of the line combos baffle me, but I know I'm not the only one.
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