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  1. Being there are the Gophers in Mn, that kind of ruins it for me as for the present. Although, having the Flickertails as our 1st nickname is great. And, having the Sioux as our 2nd nickname is a grand slam. Time will only tell what my grandson may post on here regarding the nicknames, he graduated from kindergarten today?
  2. What a highlight reel today. I'm slowly putting more man hours each week into this effort! Cleveland loses, Twins up by 8 games.
  3. Sure, lower level hockey to start? Crookston dropped hockey a few years ago and had some club hockey since. No sarcasm, this committee is already being formed. Lots to debate in this committee, only thing for sure is to talk about hockey.
  4. Right, we tried, Michigan never wanted to play us. Michigan was upset with Denver, CC, and us when they left the WCHA and never really got over it. Some of it could of been complaints about these 3 schools' rough Canadian hockey players.
  5. Supposedly an outside firm did an overall study of Crookston (which was done through the direction of the U Mn system) and came up with a few academic and one athletic recommendations. Hockey was high on the radar. Mary Holz-Clause, Ph.D., began her tenure as chancellor of the University of Minnesota Crookston on June 30, 2017. She is behind this recommendation and is forming the local hockey committee. She would be willing to hire a hockey coach/s this fall, when/if to field a team/s would be on the committee's table.
  6. I am sold, you do see the future! He also mentioned there is chatter about both of your sentences less UST. I was just a little ski-dish to mention all that at once, but there it is. + it would take a few years. + there is plenty of talent around the country for more teams. + scheduling would include mostly short trips.
  7. Place isn't big enough to have a kitchen, but they serve America's best selling beers and host a spew of the most hockey chatter in the nation, sometimes even with hockey players.
  8. Talked to a past coach from Crookston, they are talking about bringing back hockey, maybe starting women's too. They are starting a committee to look at their options next month.
  9. In the 60's King Leo's and Henry's Hamburgers on the strip would make the front page of the GF Herald?
  10. With all sports, wouldn't they have to spend some time in D2 before moving into D1?
  11. I guess, winning isn't always the best! "involuntarily removed"
  12. That was a week ago, so something should come out any day?
  13. Best Place to Travel to The best place to travel to by far? Check out my MONIKER! I travel a couple miles about every other weekend all winter long.
  14. The Flickertails were a "copy cat" of the Gophers, MN still doesn't realize what a goph they are. Bison were run over the cliff of death by the chase of Standing Rock. Standing Rock blessed UND's Sioux nickname. UND's Sioux nickname ran into American political correctness before it took the arrow from Standing Rock. American oil run it under the river against the wishes of Standing Rock. Heidi is smart enough to never ask Standing Rock to take that arrow back.
  15. Butter? Does the profit from putting butter on my popcorn go towards paying for a new scoreboard? vs. something like a raise to an assistance BB coach? Does the profit from my buying a Hawks cap go towards the effort to keeping the Hawks logo off of the hard wood or ice? vs. to some FB support?
  16. I like this coach you're talking about. How do we keep him, maybe a long contract with a substantial financial penalty for an early leave?
  17. Also agree. Like your enthusiasm! I would love to see the Coyotes on the ice! Gather up your Yote friends for a fund raiser. Then, make ice under a roof, hire a coach, recruit, gather some sticks/skates/pads/pucks, & watch the action.
  18. From Kennedy's response to the NDUS chancellor's acceptance of the “de facto notice of resignation,” did Kennedy actually put his resignation in like he said he would if he takes the job in CO? “This letter confirms that I have not resigned my position as the president of the University of North Dakota,” Kennedy wrote. “If I were to resign at some point in the future, I will provide you with written notice of my resignation.”
  19. First Impression, she's a proud Hawk!
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