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  1. Brad's article describes Ness as cut from the same cloth as Senden, and not just the Wayzata aspect. 3.75 from NZ.

    As for the Canadian kid Dylan James, it's odd that Brad couldn't get a story. NZ never gave a synopsis/rating for him after the commitment as well.

    Obviously NZ isn't to be taken as gospel. They had Pinto at 3.75.

  2. 2 hours ago, farce poobah said:

    Miami has been pretty stable in their assistant coaching staff, but this season they've got two new coaches.   Hypothesis I'd have is that Blasi stuck too long with assistants he had around for a while.  

    Also, their recruiting ground is mostly Michigan, with secondary sources in Ontario and Ohio.  (And a few from all over.)    I wonder if geography and time zone differences may be offsetting the NCHC advantages of playing against top notch competition to set players up for a shot at the pros.  

    In the past they've had more skaters than they currently do from suburban Chicago as well.

  3. 58 minutes ago, TheFlop said:

    No, I think if he comes straight from high school it might be a slow first year......but he's a 2nd round talent so there's significant upside after that.  I'd rather put up with one slow year by Donovan with the potential for a large payout after that then sitting watching 4 slow unproductive years by half of the forwards on this team.

    Donovan is going to end up being another Mitchell Mattson. First round talent, but only against high school competition.

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  4. Does anyone have access to AltitudeNow? That's the only way to stream tonight's game online. Streamhub lists the game but likely isn't going to have a feed.

    If someone has AltitudeNow we could set up a SiouxSports-exclusive feed like was done with Canisius. 

    EDIT: nevermind, I confused Altitude with Root Sports. 

  5. 53 minutes ago, jdub27 said:

    Considering the usage agreement requires them to donate money, no, they couldn't keep everything and put it in reserves. And since it is a non-profit for sole purpose of benefiting UND athletics, as it's mission statement reads, just accruing assets on its balance sheet instead of disbursing them would eventually lead to some issues with their non-profit status. They don't have free reign to accumulate a war chest and hold it on their balance sheet. 

    If that was true the non-profit colleges with absurd endowments in the tens of billions would receive some much needed scrutiny.

  6. 2 minutes ago, CMSioux said:

    Asking for a friend - so do opulant upgrades like this reduce the amount of money that the Foundation has to donate to UND for other things - like education. Is this an obvious move by KEM to demonstrate that she has money to donate but UND isn't going to get any of it until they bow to her whim? 

    The latter was what I thought as well.  Using soft power to make Kennedy look bad. Not that he needs any help.

  7. 14 minutes ago, Cratter said:

    I think Jost is going to have a Rocco like NHL career.

    Up and down.

    To be fair Jost already has twice as many games in the N as Rocco.  Also it seems like Rocco finally is fitting in, don't jinx him!