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  1. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Troll is overused on the same level as hipster or bro, but there really is no better way to describe them. Maybe if Duluth had a fanbase they could interact with like-minds instead.
  2. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Hard to sound like Hammy without the sanctimonious undertone and insider humble-brags. Not quite as annoying as the Duluth trolls but certainly up there.
  3. AlphaMikeFoxtrot


    No video is easier to swallow so long as there is footage for ND hockey with BB. Midco appears to be in und's pocket with some pretty blatant recruiting shots. Clips of attractive young women at the game and framing the scenes with Berry with championship banners is no accident. Through these doors gets more views but this show is great for us armchair coaches.
  4. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Western Regional

    Ladue, Thompson gone for sure. Poolman and Stecher, I'll guess one of them is gone. Schmaltz likely, Johnson possibly. Boeser could be one and done. Maybe early departure is a better phrase than depletion since the senior class isn't big this year. Then again, we reload rather than rebuild. I shouldn't be trying to predict next season before this one even starts. This big of a freshman class has me worried about Wisconsin syndrome though.
  5. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Western Regional

    This team is going to be hit with once in a decade depletion after this season. If they don't make the tournament the regional will be a bust, granted not as bad as others.
  6. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. Manitoba - Exh Sat 7:07

    Let the lineup speculation begin: Cagguila Schmaltz Pogo Johnson Boeser Chyzyk Simonson Gersich Janatuinen Wilkie Olson Gardner Sanderson Not even gonna try with D since I'd have to look up righty or lefty for everyone, but if I recall correctly it's not a 4/4 split
  7. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    UND Sports TV Options

    They refunded me the $8 as well. Immediately spent at the nearest taco truck.
  8. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Big cities is the tie that binds his remaining schools, although BC is kinda in the suburbs. I bet DU gets him. When ASU gets good and more Pac 12 schools add hockey Denver will take the biggest recruiting hit. It's the most appealing school to west coast kids who spurn the dub.
  9. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Sioux Survivor Game #1 2015-2016

  10. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    UND Sports TV Options

    I was charged the same, and forwarded them an email from last month where they quoted 81.95, politely asking for clarification about the discrepancy. No reply yet. NCHCtv@neulion.com is the customer service email.
  11. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2015-16 season

    guys assumed out: Gardner/Janatuinen (sp) ? Sanderson Gornall Chartrand I'm curious who sits between Shaw and Wolanin. D has more lefties than righties too
  12. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    UND Sports TV Options

    wouldn't be a shocker to see Notre Dame in the nacho in the next few seasons. this seems like a precursor. ASU/Mankato/Bowling Green would all love to keep it an even number.
  13. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    UND Sports TV Options

    For away, out of conference games, what do we know about viewing? Vermont streams their games free on their Youtube channel. Good out of conference opponent choice. Michigan State might get picked up by Big Ten Network, otherwise do they stream? Icebreaker tourney? Bemidji State? I know the latter is on Prairie Public or something like that, but what about online? Those are the only unknowns. Not bad compared to where we were a few years ago.
  14. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    former players

    Did anyone else share this yet? Happened over a week ago.
  15. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    UND Sports TV Options

    I emailed them; renews the same date you originally bought it last with the credit card on file in the amount of 81.95. I have a charge of some amount less than 2 dollars pending from them at the moment as well.
  16. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Vote on your final 5 nickname choices (just ND is out)

    Roughriders, but please please PLEASE take the time to get the logo right and nothing like Wyoming/Jackson Hole.
  17. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Is North Dakota a Hockey Coaching Pipeline?

    Charlie Burgraff is head coach at Bethel. He was also assistant coach for Gophers women for a while. He was my little league coach in middle school. Great guy and easily the best coach I ever had in sports. Didn't live vicariously through his son in the least and made sure everyone was having fun.
  18. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Fabbro is from Whistler, which suggests he could be from the social class that tends to matriculate to places like Harvard or Yale. It could also mean his parents are ski bums though.
  19. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    UND Sports TV Options

    Re: watching CBSSN games, livetv dot sx had every game last year after wiziwig went down. Quality was fine on a laptop or monitor but don't HDMI it to a big screen. Highlights from CBSSN were sometimes on nchc.tv with the radio feed. The radio banter after N Schmaltz's goal against SCSU was priceless.
  20. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    NCAA To Sanction UND if School Does Not Adopt New Nickname

    Trying to enforce this will only hasten the NCAA's unavoidable demise. Way too arbitrary and open to interpretation. Free speech groups have a field day waiting for them. Complete 180 from the usual hard line attitude, straight up pussy-footing. Pretty sure NCHC will make it clear to member institutions they are not allowed to complain. The only opponents I could see filing a complaint are the Gophers or a bitter WCHA leftover.
  21. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    WSJ article

    Wall street journal just published an article about the nickname, but non-subscribers can only see a preview. Can someone with access copy and paste the article here? I believe college campus IP addresses get free access.
  22. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    2015-2016 College Hockey (non UND Hockey)

    Does anyone know if UMD's Austin Farley trying out for a Swedish team negated his senior season eligibility? Elite Prospects lists him as a confirmed transaction for what that's worth. Really hoping after their OOC schedule is over they come down with Guentzel/Pearson Syndrome and find out their Assistant Coach was more important than previously realized.
  23. AlphaMikeFoxtrot


    How many were available? Should be a robust secondary market.