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  1. NCHC can't have Miami hosting it in their 1500 seat barn. Next question.
  2. Devlin McCabe to Duluth. Bit of a coup on their part. North Oaks native, attends SPA...would have thought Ivy, Notre Dame at the least. Watch him decommit for Harvard.
  3. Looked over the WHL draft list last night. Vancouver Giants took Harrison Blaisdell 2nd round 31st overall. Get ready for a few years of flight risk.
  4. Duluth's claim to fame is it's racially charged lynching incident. Bob Dylan dissed the town's commercialization of it in the song Desolation Row. Pot meet kettle. Two decades from now they'll be clinging on to their one championship as the greatest moment of their lives.
  5. I'd rather wear that than anything without the Sioux logo.
  6. Lapoint was underrated as a defenseman. Not on topic but all I have to contribute
  7. Miller and Tambelleni were the only ones hard to swallow. The rest allowed time to fill their spots. Lucked out that Miller's replacement worked out well for us. Gerlach was a head scratcher coming from Texas and playing in CO. Hope he enjoys Medicine Hat.
  8. Hard to take a team seriously that willingly chooses to include Jordan Schroeder. Glad Matthews is getting the experience though.
  9. We basically got a preview of his memoir.
  10. Unlike the schools listed here UND fills the arena at the regional so the advantage is well deserved. Just wanted to to remind people we will very likely make it 4 in a row.
  11. Don't forget the free pass to the Frozen Four with a regional in Fargo.
  12. Many of them are more realistic about their chances at 20 than 16. And it gives them a chance to go to college in the states rather than play CIS.
  13. Speaking of MJ, the same guy who broke the news had a tweet in his timeline about club hockey voting to allow MJ players soon. That could change the level of play really fast. It could also bankrupt the CHL once players start taking the academic package to attend UCSB and other party schools paying out of state with the CHL's money to play club hockey.
  14. If we somehow get an offer and end up putting out the dumpster fire that is big ten hockey, who do we keep as regulars on the non conference tilt?
  15. Gophers had more talent but got out-coached. Sioux dictated the pace of the game. MN wanted to play their run and gun and couldn't get it going.
  16. Reaping what they sow. Same thing will happen to BU with their recruiting class. Glad we have a healthy mix of recruits and a program players don't want to leave.
  17. Tolvanen at 5 on that list. We gotta be after him. he's not following his brother to Marquette.
  18. Pulled a Dekeyser. Hope he has as successful of a career as Danny boy.
  19. Stecher and Cagguila, who call the two most important Canadian metros home, are giving more credibility to the NCAA path to Canadians who aren't blue chips at a young age. Glad we had both of them and hope to see more like them on our team and others.
  20. He serves as a reminder to be thankful for how good our coverage is
  21. I bet Dubay woke up to a call from his parole officer demanding he take a urine analysis. This sounds like he's fallen off the wagon.
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