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  1. If you're young and flush with cash, not many better places to be than Brooklyn. Good for him getting paid like that.
  2. https://www.neutralzone.net/mens/2017/05/01/ushl-draft-phase-1-top-300-rankings/ Interesting to see how things shaped up 2 years later. Among other tbings, they listed Rizzo as a WHL risk prior to his commitment.
  3. Always heard good things about St. Cloud's bar Rum Runners (often by its nickname, _____ Dumpsters) and was disappointed to find a less enjoyable version of The Loft in GF. Edit: apparently it closed a while ago.
  4. Some of the gameday ramblings on this site could qualify the poster for a prescription....
  5. Tychonick could leave early; I expect a big jump from him this year. He showed flashes. Reid is likely content staying with the Chicago Steel considering they play out of Fox Valley Ice and he's from Geneva. That's as ideal of a USHL situation as it gets. We are loaded on D and seemingly in net. Now we just need some goals!
  6. He's got two years to figure it out. If not Potulny can have him at NMU. Fun fact: Luke Voltin is going into his senior year there.
  7. Much like U of M lobbies to kneecap the MN state college system (Cloud, Kato, Bemidji), private colleges in MA lobby to lessen state funding for public colleges. Always happy to see UMass and Lowell succeed. Schools with endowments 10x-100x larger than the schools they bully are missing the whole point of education.
  8. It's as if the NCAA forgot hockey has a unique situation with the MJ route as an alternative.
  9. I'd rather have a kid picked later and have more to prove to the team. The success rate drops off fast after the 30's draft position, but teams are often irrationally invested in a player drafted earlier and sign them early for "depth" in their system. 4th and 5th round have to shine to get contacts so they'll stay longer. I'm excited for this to be a good 4 year class.
  10. I'm thinking like the Rangers jersey with the word Dakota. Bolts is so bad because the word is short.
  11. Dakota in the slanted letters? Don't want to see the word Hawks.
  12. Guentzel got screwed over for sure, but Sandelin is gonna get NHL offers soon. Does Herter bleed green? That's our only shot.
  13. Lucia wasn't on an upward trajectory by the time Guentzel came back.
  14. Herter isn't going to give up his spot knowing he's heir apparent at UMD when Sandelin goes to the NHL.
  15. At roughly 1 hour 18 min. Follows through on the head contact.
  16. Duluth neutralized Makar, but not without the help of the refs. The headshot one of the Cates took at him should have been a five/gate, and his penalty shortly after shouldn't have been a penalty. Felt it was an embellishment on the Duluth player, but maybe that's just their reputation preceding them. Either way he got jobbed. Wouldn't have changed the outcome of the game, but if they suspended the UMass player for the championship, Cates should be suspended for the first game of next season. When college hockey has a stud from Canada who by all accounts is a major coup from the major juniors route playing on national television in both countries, seeing a cheap shot go unpunished and then defending himself from another a few moments later go against him is a failure on the part of the refs. That's not going to help recruit that caliber of player to go the college route. Makar's dad was wearing a fleece with the College Hockey Inc. logo on it; both father and son will undoubtedly be quoted extensively in CHI's Canadian info sessions for the foreseeable future. Hopefully this didn't leave a bad taste in their mouth. The aforementioned suspension should be given as an olive branch to these very important Canadian ambassadors.
  17. Watching in Spanish, much better than Bucci!
  18. Guttman flipping was a major storyline last year, it's just an observation. I wanted them to go distance, and I'm pretty sure I posted on here sympathizing with their fans after the upset. That said, we definitely had a glass houses-type season.
  19. I've been at peace with UND's season since Canisius. While this is Sioux sports and all, I don't know why your response is to bring up UND's season. Clown recruited a stud and Denver poached him, that has nothing to do with UND.
  20. Makar's cousin is Justin Braun's wife. He likely had something to do with Makar attending there.
  21. Certainly not their post season record.
  22. He was committed and then flipped to Denver. Mr potato head confronted Monty in the handshake line the next game and dropped some f bombs.
  23. How many St Cloud fans watched Guttman score twice and thought if only Monty hadn't poached him...
  24. Watching a compilation of hockey hits I saw this from a few years ago. Not sure if it was shared here or not since I don't think I'd previously watched it.
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