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  1. The Sicatoka

    2019 Season

    Here's a picture of gundy daydreaming ...
  2. The Sicatoka

    2019 Season

    Watch the language geaux.
  3. The Sicatoka

    2019 Season

    You got the runt carrier pigeon. He can only carry one ticket at a time and for just a half-mile. Then he goes back and gets the next ticket. Repeat.
  4. Yup. DBs are like hockey defensemen: When you notice them it's normally not for a good thing. When you don't recall a play by them they're probably doing it right.
  5. Give me a game where the team comes away: - needing to polish execution, not having failed to execute - believing in the changes made - with no injuries - with W That is all.
  6. Statements pounded into us by an old baseball coach: - Never make the first or last out of an inning at third base. - Never get trapped off base on a line-out to that base. - If it's going to be close, only send the runner home to tie. The Rangers broke all three ... in one inning.
  7. So let the youngin's play video games during period breaks ...
  8. Um, time value of money? I'd say $10M plus a half-percent vig.
  9. At risk of saying it the 100th time, and saying it as a compliment, NDSU does not do anything exceptional. but what they do they do exceptionally well.
  10. It was nerve-racking. It's hard enough to watch the first/last minute of period with those guys; it turned out you had to fret the first minute after a goal too.
  11. I know the conference wants it. What's it do for me.
  12. I used to eat at Shangri-La before games. I used to eat at Grizzly's before games. I used to eat at the Chinese place on Columbia before games (lot of staff came from Shangri-La). I used to eat at Wild Hog before games. Anyone else see a pattern ... ?
  13. The Sicatoka

    2019 Season

    Drive to Spokane? Done it. Here's what's along the way. I hear it's a real hoot in a blizzard. https://lb.511.idaho.gov/idlb/mountainpasses/mountainpass.jsf?id=5
  14. The Sicatoka

    2019 Season

    23 hours ... Factoring in the Amtrack delay factor, weather, maintenance, ... you should've left yesterday.
  15. The Sicatoka

    2019 Season

    Spokane (GEG) is served by six airlines. http://spokaneairports.net/
  16. Personally, I've never understood conference logos on a team's playing surface.
  17. So they selectively enforce, or randomly choose where or when to enforce, certain stated rules, policies, and guidelines. Sounds ... arbitrary and capricious ... to me. Various ears, for various reasons, just perked up with my use of that phrase.
  18. UND is in green, on the left. Nashville is holding a hammer.
  19. That was for all the youngin's who may not understand the reference.
  20. Please review this board's policies regarding trolling: https://forum.siouxsports.com/guidelines/ Thank you. That is all.
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