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  1. I have trouble arguing against any of those three statements.
  2. A Randklev update (injury status, this season, and next season): https://www.inforum.com/sports/hockey/3971068-Former-Moorhead-hockey-standout-UND-commit-Randklev-still-fighting-back-from-ACL-tear Summary: Next key rehab date in September (decide if allow full contact) Team for 2019-20 -- Fargo Force Team for 2020-21 -- UND
  3. Folks, reality check: It's been relatively flat for the last decade or so, and should stay that way, but come about 2024 the number HS grads will be start to drop significantly (say 10%). Not all colleges are going to survive that well. If you're not planning and preparing, now, for that you're going to have a lot of empty classroom and residence hall space. And those students, they're a 5G generation; they'll be looking more and more for online options. https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2016/12/06/high-school-graduates-drop-number-and-be-increasingly-diverse
  4. I completely missed that angle.
  5. Nice job. I try to do that also when I know a decent place is getting crushed by orange cones.
  6. With that philosophy one must own the package deal: Don't complain come the day you are caught should it happen. Own it.
  7. Guessing that's a floor from REA that got repurposed to Hyslop.
  8. Must be field turf to be that consistent and green.
  9. Isn't that a standard truism no matter whom or from where?
  10. Vern Dosch of Mandan, Mr. "Servant Leader", only has an MS and is a UMary guy. https://www.amazon.com/Wired-Differently-Vern-Dosch-ebook/dp/B00TZ3XDS4
  11. Exactly. I was quite skeptical (who's playing what politics) when I heard this work had been paused. Instead it seems Dr. Wynne deserves some credit for lowering student fees and the interest rate. ... Did he just take the lead on the race to the full-time role?
  12. Putin ... Eades ... Both maniacal driven leaders Both with five letter last names Both like shirtless photo ops ... Separated at birth?
  13. So where are the conference regular season title banners? Same place? And did they modify the conference tournament title banner?
  14. I drove through Fargo on July 4. It was me, a state trooper speed-gunning, four geese in the median, and a lost squirrel asking for directions to somewhere with trees*. *That was for all you Goldie lurkers reading this.
  15. Not sure if it was Stellick, or Simmer, or Kouleas, but as one of them said, "You can lose an edge in a no contact game."
  16. Even under an "Omaha plan"? Yeah, I said it: Could a MnSCU school (or UMD for that matter) go DI if they dropped football.
  17. So no to UM-Crookston hockey. Please explain UM-Duluth hockey. Thank you.
  18. The guys on NHL Network Radio on SiriusXM were talking about how they were surprised that NHL teams would let their players play in this league and were more surprised that there are UFAs and RFAs playing (risking injury without a contract).
  19. No, a messy morning is finding out those things when they are two weeks or two days away. These are two years away impacts which means a couple new (albeit unexpected) agenda items in the weekly long-range planning session.
  20. Way too young. Condolences to the family.
  21. Should've been an offensive line coach.
  22. And now 6.4 and 7.1 on the Richter scale in California over the weekend makes sense ...
  23. Disagree. Rowe was never here and is far enough out that it's easily recovered. Stratton never seemed real -- the NCAA giving mercy to a guy with 41 MJ games in his career? The Keane thing is strange but better to find out now than when you think you have him one more season and you don't. All of these are cases where there is time to rearrange the long-term planning.
  24. The official incoming list came out: Albrecht, Blaisdell, Caulfield, Frisch, Michaud, Pinto https://fightinghawks.com/news/2019/7/3/mens-hockey-und-adds-six-newcomers-to-2019-20-roster.aspx Now we wait until fall and the official roster (to see if there are other surprises beyond Hoff's early out).
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