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  1. Don't ask in this thread. Make your predictions in this thread.
  2. Click link, read article, find: Ralph threw it out there. It didn't go anywhere; and, in went the logos. But Engelstad did throw the idea out there.
  3. 1. The Hawk is ALWAYS white. Every presentation. ANY presentation. The Hawk is always white. 2. I'd rather see the horizontal bands narrower than the logo, like the Habs, Wild, and Panthers here.
  4. I can't do the whole Ottawa thing, but putting the logo on a horizontal stripe might make it work on the chest. When folks put it in the circle motif they end up putting horizontal striping behind the logo. It helps widen it out so it's not so squarish on the chest. Also, the words "North Dakota" are not required any more. When using the interlock the words "North Dakota" had to be nearby as Notre Dame has that trademark (even though UND used it first). No interlock means no required North Dakota wordmark.
  5. That needed repeating. Heck, I'll save folks the click: Ralph was businessman people. He changed with the broader market and the broader market is moving away from monikers like UND's prior. He knew those days were coming.
  6. You think he just makes the stuff up as he goes along? Every announcement is scripted and scheduled.
  7. Get in the game: https://forum.siouxsports.com/topic/27293-the-name-em-game-2019-20-edition/
  8. Not there yet. Now you go back to eating your mashed peas and applesauce.
  9. At absolute worst the major should've been called as a minor for cross-checking on Eakin and a minor for interference on Stastny (or a double minor, CC and int, on Eakin). I guess some guys in the Toronto offices either (a) have SJS in the office pool, or (b) want to see Thornton finally lift a Cup.
  10. At the ages of some of these recruits 'pull-up' could have a different meaning.
  11. So was the (cheap, unwarranted) hit on Oshie some sort of payback for Svechnikov being dumb enough to answer "Yes" to Ovechkin's "Wanna go?" question that got Svechnikov a trip to dreamland and nice shiner? I'm kind of sad Ovie didn't look at Dougie Howser, I mean Hamilton, and tell him, "Let go of me and let me deal with this or you'll be Svechnikov 2.0".
  12. We can only hope REA is listening to this plea of the student body.
  13. It would be interesting to see what kind of push-back that would get from REA. Or would they just add it as another game day expense.
  14. About the coming Adidas jersey: Can we get to a single font for everything on the jersey? North Dakota was in one; the numbers were in another, and I'm pretty sure the nameplates were a third. If just that was this year's big transition I'd be good.
  15. Terrible? I won't go that far. I will go mediocre. (So maybe we don't all agree. ) That said, first time I saw it I knew it was better for hats and shoulder patches and collar accents but not jersey front. That's what strange to me: on a hat, fine; on a flag, fine; just doesn't work on a jersey front.
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