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    You guys played an outstanding game. Best of luck the rest of the season, and I look forward to a rematch in the playoffs!
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    Probably the biggest win in UND history in the D1 era and people are really on here complaining? Yeah we didn’t do much in the second half till the TD drive. But, we were playing arguably the most successful team in the FCS in the past decade not named NDSU. They are the 5th ranked team in the FCS and had a 21 game home win streak. We beat a very good football team on the road. Can we just celebrate for 5 mins before the naysayers come on here diminishing a great win?!!
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    I'm not a Kennedy fan, but I have to side with him on this one. What the basketball and volleyball athletes, coaches and the majority of their fans want, they should get. It should not be dictated by the management at the Ralph. (yes, I believe that is where it is coming from, not the Engelstad family) I also support Kennedy's efforts to bolster the new logo. Nothing sickens me more than great divide among our fanbase over the nickname which has been greatly enabled by the management of the Ralph who continue to do everything they can to keep the Sioux name front and center. They have succeeded in keeping the hockey fanbase Sioux fans while every other sport has moved on and identifies as Fighting Hawks. I was as staunch a supporter of the Sioux nickname as anyone, and always will be. But you know what? I can't change what has happened. I can't change the minds of those who somehow thought the name was offensive, while most of us thought it was honorable. I can choose to live in the past and be somewhat unfulfilled when our teams are introduced as the Fighting Hawks, or I can choose to embrace it and move on with my life and find solace in supporting the university that I love.
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    Wow so Bubba's 3rd year he had us in the playoffs, ahead of most peoples schedule, then we take a step back last year with a rash of injuries (yes it's an excuse but it's also fact I don't need a post from you telling me injuries aren't an excuse) and now we should assume it will be a rarity for UND to ever make the playoffs under Bubba. Whatever. We get snubbed from playoffs in his second season, top 8 seed his 3rd year, then don't make the playoffs last year. If you average the last 3 years not sure how you come up with it will be a rarity UND will make the playoffs under Bubba. Even many NDSU people think we should have made the playoffs that year, so if we didn't get screwed that is 2 of the last 3 years in the playoffs. I'm sure others on here would agree.....we expect to make the playoffs every year going forward. Yeah Bubba should have signed better lineman in that class when 95% of recruits already new where they were going by the time he was hired. Fall camp is here, most of us are excited. Yes we do still have questions and concerns....but can you just stop for a while and let this season playout, or at least start? Three negative posts from you before noon today already.....we get it.
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    That's your take or are you just trying to stir the pot again? Kennedy and UND proposed how they would like to see the court redone since the whole building is done for the benefit of UND athletics (per signed contract). He included supporting documentation showing that the Athletic Director, Operations, Marketing and every head coach who plays in the facility also wanted to see that. On top of that, he included actual reasons why putting the logo at center court helps them and how not having it there could be harmful. The response was "too bad, we already approved what we wanted even though we know you don't support it". No reason given other than the preference of one person because well, I guess she just doesn't like the logo (but remember the Herald said it had nothing to do with the nickname!!). On top of that, people, including Jody Hodgson, Jeff Cooper (Engelstad Foundation Trustee) and James Waddoups (attorney who has worked with the Engelstads), spent 10 months coming up with a revised framework for the Usage Agreement and the REA Board promptly rejected it. Yeah, Kennedy, standing up for his athletic department and operating in their best interests of the University he runs is what blew this out of proportion, not the person who decided they didn't like a logo and responded by running to the local paper to get their side of the story out and make all of this public. For years people complained about not having a President who actually stood up for things, now that's all people can complain about.
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    Thanks for the post. Everybody here is super excited to take on the Cougars. Congrats on the win over Wyoming this week.
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    Got Bubba as friend on Facebook and he wished me a Happy Birthday on my day and followed up with a question, "Do you have your football season tickets and tailgating spots yet?". The guy works his ass off for the program. Period. He knows that the team and the fans have to come together to generate enthusiasm and revenue to make Football a worthy investment by the AD as opposed to the minimal increased investment in the program. To that extent, the team has to produce...no excuses and I don't expect Bubba will give any either. By the way, my tailgating spots are purchased and so are the season tickets from a life-long Hockey fan....
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    As a female I find these types of articles offensive. I want the best coach available no matter the gender. I work for the federal government, I already see enough hiring to meet quotas. It doesn't result in the best employees being hired. Go based off qualifications and potential, not gender, age, race, income, etc
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    I've avoided this board for the most part since our season ended for good reason. The thing that bothers me most is that fans(not all but some) are already pontificating the scenarios in which Coach Berry is let go after next year. The guy that literally is 2 years removed from winning us our 1st national championship after a 16 year drought where his predecessor(now being paid millions at the highest level of hockey and is a great coach) couldn't get the job done for us. The fact that some bobos are scripting our future demise of the next season and ousting of the head coach before we even hit summer is mind-boggling to me. And it's not just on these boards btw... it's on twitter, people heard it in St. Paul this weekend, I heard it in Grand Forks. If the hockey program shared an inkling of the negativity and 'woe-is-me' attitude we wouldn't win a damn game. Again, I don't believe everyone shares this mindset and I appreciate constructive conversation many on here provide but IMO to sift through the other crap to get there is almost not worth the effort anymore.
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    Keaton Studsrud was tough as $h!t and one helluva leader. Kind of guy you want all your players (and off the field as men) to be like. Love that kid.
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    Agree. Every successful college sports program is intensely branded. Its not easy to do but It’s critical for recruiting, monetization, and winning. The most important thing about the logo/mascot is that it’s incorporated into the overall program brand. What the logo actually is, is far less important, Penguins sounds stupid until they reel off championships, after that it’s a brand and next thing you know hard nosed Steeler fans are walking around with a formal chicken on their shirts and it looks fine. Golden Knights was a little cheesy until now. Oilers, meat Packers, Crimson algae, Buckeye nuts, generic animals like Jayhawks, Eagles, Gators, Bruins, Bears, Longhorns, and Ducks...all goofy until they kick your a$$. Those schools and teams are the brand, the logos are secondary but need to be embraced and incorporated Other teams feared North Dakota, not the Sioux. They don’t care what our logo is or was, but they do care about playing a great hockey program. The more we bitch the more it hurts our brand. As a recruit it would be weird going somewhere where fans are so neurotic they seem hate the mascot on your jersey more than they like the team. 1/2 these kids in college are probably sick of a bunch of grumpy old men screaming ‘Sioux’ and ‘get off my lawn’. I guarantee the players get sick of it, they never played for the Sioux and are here because UND, not the Sioux, gives them a shot at glory and the NHL. Allow them to be proud of the logo, not be embarrassed by it I didn’t like it at first but my brain trumped my vicarious memories, and I decided I like winning a helluva lot more than nostalgia. Life is about change. Put the damn Hawk on the floor and hats and embrace it, buy a keychain. We can modify how it looks later if we want, it’s done all the time. Build the brand, sell the shirts, pay the bills, recruit the players, win the games, have fun; repeat.
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    No good place to put this anymore, but EGF elementary schools did some fitness testing last week . . . my 10 year old daughter did 13 more pull-ups than Casey MIttlestadt.
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    Can you shutup already? We got it. Sincerely, Everyone
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    Anyone else feel that old sense of excitement with the conference tournament being back at the X with St Pattys day again? I never got excited for the tournament at the Target Center.
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    Friday: 7-1 UNO. This team is a bunch of lazy dickbirds, and Berry is too soft to succeed with anything but an nhl-ready squad. Saturday: 7-1 UND This team may not have stars, but it can play with anybody. No team wants to face them in the tourney. Berry is a better game coach than Hak. Sunday: 10-0 UND. About time the refs called a game the way it is supposed to be called.
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    Man some of you are sensitive. The UCF job would be a massive professional upgrade. It has nothing to do with his lack of loyalty to UND. He’s got a vision for UND to expand and improve which is more than can be said about our last couple of presidents. I hope he stays.
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    Hey lets bash these guys after they beat the #5 team in FCS who have double the wins as UND the last five years because everyone on this board could coach the team better. WTF - be happy for day.
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    Was I happy on August 5, 2005? No. I knew what was coming: 2012. Was I happy that something generic (bird) was the choice? No, but I could see it coming. Did I figure generic begets generic when it comes to a logo? Yes. Was I happy? No. All that said, when I hear "Fighting Hawks" or see the new logo I'm happy. Why? No more nonsensical news stories about how the old name causes this, that, or the other. No more grandstanding "protesters" when we go on the road. No more having to listen to pontifications by Jeanotte-heads. No more NCAA threats. So, amongst all that unhappy, I found my happy in this outcome. So yeah, I see that name and log and I smile because I found happy in unhappy.
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    I appreciate a president that has a backbone and goes to bat for what his coaches want in their home arena.
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    Hey, will you shutup?.....pretty please?.... I don't get it. It's so tired.
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    I'm not positive, but I think those numbers are off. Even if there were 8 players in Sochi (the Herald only named 7), Schlossman only named 6 this year in this tweet. It's not Fighting Sioux hockey anymore You "understand" that the University was in financial distress? How kind of you to acknowledge that There was a way to make it work?? Oh really? Strange that claim is short on details. UND explained what was needed to make it work: a $60 million endowment. I don't recall any of this "talking up" in past Olympics, especially from the foreign players because, well, their games get minimal coverage in the US. I also don't recall UND seeing any noticeable bumps or exposure from the previous two Olympics at a cost of $8 million/4 year cycle. The University found a way to maneuver numbers to make it look compliant? Decisions weren't made in the "spirit" of Title IX? I don't think she actually understands how Title IX works and there isn't a "spirit" behind it, either you're compliant or you aren't. The OCR investigation proved that UND was in compliance. Period. Women's team of what caliber? Slightly above-average? 0 Conference Titles, 0 NCAA wins but once finished T-2 in league play. What exactly are you hanging your hat on here? This pandering and flat out misinformation is why people have such strong feelings that appear to be negative. Enjoy your gold medal, it's an awesome accomplishment to be incredibly proud of. Quit trying to drag UND through the mud while doing it.
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    It's actually nothing like that. Especially with a contract that says the REA is supposed to operate with the best interests of UND. I find it hilariously hypocritical, although not surprising, you call the people who actually play for the teams represented by the logo Snowflakes. It is apparent you're a child in this situation and are crying because it's not what you want.