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    You guys played an outstanding game. Best of luck the rest of the season, and I look forward to a rematch in the playoffs!
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    Probably the biggest win in UND history in the D1 era and people are really on here complaining? Yeah we didn’t do much in the second half till the TD drive. But, we were playing arguably the most successful team in the FCS in the past decade not named NDSU. They are the 5th ranked team in the FCS and had a 21 game home win streak. We beat a very good football team on the road. Can we just celebrate for 5 mins before the naysayers come on here diminishing a great win?!!
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    Some quick hitters after returning from Houston.... - Offense looked good in the first half and half of the 4th quarter. Third quarter was tough to watch. Credit to Rudy for 2/3 of the game and the players for executing. It's a step in the right direction. - Thankfully the defense played great and gave the offense a chance to win it at the end. You train all winter, spring, and summer for the chance to have a game winning drive in the 4th quarter and they did it. - You train all winter, spring, and summer for the chance to stop a game winning drive in the 4th quarter and they did that, too. - Nice to see these kind words from the SH head coach: "Their tailback is phenomenal, their quarterback is really good, their offensive line is great, they’re very well coached…and you know that’s kind of where it’s at." - Most thought we'd need to get some turnovers to win. We didn't and still won. - Rudy's third down call on the game winning drive, a swing pass to Brady, looked from my angle like it was going to score. It appeared to be a great call that wasn't executed. - Ket struggles with quick outs; hopefully he relaxes going forward and sets his feet. It appears he's not comfortable throwing it; perhaps he's thrown a pick six with that throw at Sac St. and it spooked him? I'm not sure. - On the other hand his bomb in the 4th quarter was gorgeous. - What else can you say about Holm's play yesterday. He was fantastic. - Kostich is the best recruiter on the staff, the kids relate to him as well as any coach on the team, and he should absolutely not be fired, but he has to get the special teams fixed immediately. I'm not talking about the place kicker; that's not on Kostich, that's more because the kid is a true freshman and D1 is a big step up from HS. I think he'll be fine (there has already been improvement). I am talking about the other facets of the special teams. From my view the player off of the line doubled the SH player coming up the middle with Aplin instead of hitting the guy on the outside which led to the block. As we all know normally the percentages say we should lose that game when you get a punt blocked and we are fortunate the the offense and defense picked up the slack (especially the defense immediately after the block). - I was at both the Washington game and the SHSU game and there is no comparison between the wide receivers at both schools. I'd take SH's wide outs here at UND in a heart beat, but the Washington WRs are heads and shoulders better than SH's and it's nowhere close in my opinion. - We were missing Mortel, Waletzko got hurt during the game, and we still gained 187 yards on the ground. Hats off to the OL who look like they are beginning to play as a unit even while rotating players. Maybe last year had something to do with the fact that the line had 4 first year starters? I'll answer that, yes, that's why they struggled last year. Lots to improve on this year but they are headed in the right direction. - Who would have thought we'd have 76 more total yards of offense than SH? Amazing effort by the defense. - I was pretty surprised at all of the negative comments on this site following perhaps the biggest win of the D1 era here at UND. I'm glad there is passion but my goodness. Enjoy it for a while, everyone. This was the game that many here said they "had to have," and they did it. The mood at the game was absolute elation and joy, and to come here and see complaining was a real head shaker. - Beat ISU!!
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    Hey lets bash these guys after they beat the #5 team in FCS who have double the wins as UND the last five years because everyone on this board could coach the team better. WTF - be happy for day.
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    Trainer Jodi Wotowey Caitlyn Jenner
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    I think the new Nickel trophy would work using a replica of the current 5 cent piece: Monticello - the farm house - representing NDSU. Jefferson - representing UND - the guy that owns the farm.
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    They beat a team that has been in 5 of the last 6 Semi finals, at home and we still have people p#&#ed off. I know some of you want Bubba fired so this must be bittersweet, but I am loving this team now.
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    Stopped by to say "Nice win fellas." See ya in GF 10-26-19
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    We just beat a team at home that hasn’t lost in 21 straight. Think about that for a second. Nice job men.
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    What a great team win. Offense takes the first drive for a TD. How did Kett escape that tackle and throw for a first down. Offense executed very good the first half threw some wrinkles in with Adeoti and Santiago catching the pass. Our kicker nailing a FG. Do you think he has been feeling pressure. Glad he made it. Our punter doesn't panic and covers the blocked punt. If Sammy scores a TD on that play we lose. Both freshman kicker and punter. They will both have great careers at UND. Can we talk defense. Sammy kicked 3 FG's. Any one of those go for a TD and we lose. Defense wins Championships. If we would be eligible for a Big Sky title we would have a good shot of winning again this year. Let's run the table and leave no doubt. To win in Huntsville is a big deal. So happy for this team. Very good leadership. Now Monday back to work no let down on Idaho state.
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    Hats off to the defense tonight. To hold Sam to those 2 FGs when the !@#$ hit the fan was massive. They held the fort for a long time against a very explosive offense while our offense was trying to get their !@#$ together.
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    As a fanbase, we are aching for a win in a game like this. It's time. Let's go!
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    That was the best game I've ever attended. The first half I sat with some of the Bearkat fans, as one of them offered me his extra (wife couldn't make it) season ticket seats during the tailgate. They were top-notch fans and were great to hang out with. The second half I ventured over to the UND fan section and attempted to bear hug Tank's dad (I believe) after the Wanzek TD. The excitement was palpable and the players were so pumped after the game. It was a great experience and I was happy to be a part of it! Go UND!
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    On a road to a championship, there will always be doubters and pundits (and far too many in Fargo), but eventually the group of guys have to believe in themselves, their hardwork, and preparation and prove themselves. Make a name for the University of North Dakota down in the Lone Star State. Back in 2009, UND traveled down to Texas to play a tough FBS Texas Tech team. Everyone “knew for sure” UND would lose by 50. They played tough, a certain player now on staff picked off Texas Tech QB three times, and as a team proved to people that UND belonged in the DI ranks. Today, again in Texas, the North Dakota student-athletes - for all the UND supporters - prove again they belong in DI. Play hard, smart, focused, know who and what you represent, and get a huge win for UND football. Soar! Go Fighting Hawks!
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    You’ve used that “WE’RE GOING FBS!” line a million times...can’t YOU be more creative? But, since you asked nicely...
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    I am so absolutely proud of Bubba Schweigert and his football team (and belated happy birthday to him as well). UND handled the challenge put out in front on them with maturity, confidence, and perseverance. Wow! What a job by everyone involved for UND! Enjoy it appropriately, then put in the work and put it out there again for the home fans to enjoy during the Potato Bowl/Homecoming Game on September 22nd against Idaho State.
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    Their first TD was complete BS. If you pause the replay from the least shotty camera angle you can clearly see a knee, if not both and an elbow down when his feet are still on the 2.5 yard line. Unless he has freakishly long arms (he doesn’t) there’s no way that ball was across the line. I think it would be debatable if it was even across the 1 yard line honestly. It’s not even close. Sure they won won but it still makes me mad. They never seem to get those calls
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    I'd like to thank SHSU for having a night game so all of FCS could watch the upset.
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    I was also impressed with our conditioning. To go from practicing in ND to playing that type of game in the heat and humidity...we didn’t tire and cramps weren’t an issue.
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    I know a guy that will be ready for some Idaho St. redemption, Deion Harris. In 2015, Madison Mangum and KW Williams ate Harris and the UND secondary for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 4th meal. Combined, Mangum and Williams had 22 receptions, 346 yards, and 3 TDs. Obviously not all on Harris, but they had their fair share on him.
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    Great to get a win with state wide tv coverage.