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    Anyone asking when hockey starts can go !@#$ themselves
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    No way around it. If UND wants to be a contender in football, then bubba needs to go. Sorry if that upsets some people, but it’s the truth. No way we should lose to Idaho state at home if we want to be taken seriously in football.
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    Wash...rinse...repeat At some point, year after year, you and your program are what you are.............Bubba needs to take a long hard look in the mirror tonight.
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    Rudolph, Kostich, and the mascot.
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    We aren't going to be relevant in FB until we get a coordinator that has a clue. Bubba lives and dies with Rudy, so that's what we are stuck with. Bubba is the coach as long as he wants to be. Nice guy, works hard, old folks love him, speaks nice at the luncheons, connections inside UND, they will never fire him. For God sakes Bubba.....please get a new coordinator....please.
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    He called a masterful 1.5 quarters then went into a shell after the fumble and never regained any rhythm. 0 points in the second half is unacceptable and that goes on him.
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    If we pound the rock in the 4 th quarter we win going away. Makes no sense at all.
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    Obviously too emotional to talk about firing the whole works, but this program needs changes. Man this is a typical UND football season ruining blunder under Bubba. Tom Miller just wrote about this issue in the GF Herald. Damn this is typical bull$%!# repeating itself.
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    I think Bubba is a good person. However I never thought he was the right person for the job. I really would like to be wrong but he just can’t turn the corner. I know I am probably in the minority and that is ok.
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    The problem with this, is that Idaho State is not a poor team, they are a average team just like us. We are not head and shoulders above these kinds of teams. We are Idaho State, Sac State, Indiana State and it's frustrating as hell
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    Stuff like this isn't needed.
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    This isn't just on the athletes, it's on Bubba. Let's be honest with ourselves, Bubba still has control over the other coaches and he just ignores the problems. As to recruiting, I'm going to keep saying it, Bubba just can't recruit. If he could, we wouldn't be struggling with the QB problem.
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    It’s time for this thread to fire up again.
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    Scoring zero points at home for 40+ minutes is completely unacceptable.
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    I can't wrap my head around this performance. I really thought after SHSU, the team was on another level. I really expected this game to never be in doubt. It was 14-3 before I could get my appetizers in front of me. Then a Kett fumble and everyone loses their minds. This loss is on both the players and coaching staff. As for the players, they got punched in the mouth once and wilted. As for the coaches, it seems Bubba and company are lacking the capacity to make the right adjustments and the right calls. The fans, just on this site, instantly raised the money to support this program further. We do deserve a high level product.
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    Might as well lose the rest this year so we can finally get some changes. Keeping Rudolph has cooked Bubba’s goose. Anyone who thinks this offense could average 10 points a game once we’re in the MVFC is delusional.
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    But we still lost to an average team and we lost to an average team that will never make the playoffs this year. Even the most negative person who expected us to get blown out last week against SHSU thought we'd win today in our own house. This game says mountains about bubba and his program.
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    I don’t know why I get my hopes up
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    This coaching staff doesn’t help the future of this football team either. Two second half collapses. Two straight games getting out coached after halftime. It’s getting ridiculous. Bubba is a nice guy, but the results just aren’t there.
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    It's been 5 years. UND just cant turn the corner. Unless we win out, time for changes.
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    I don’t think Rudy can read, maybe part one f the problem.
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    The mascot
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    Ketteringham fumble on goal line early in game changes everything and UND was never able to fully recover the mojo. If that is punched in, UND wins in blowout.
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    And this is why nobody cares about UND football. What a waste of an afternoon.....