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    Pretty weak sauce. All posters know we lost twice to Canisius, we don't need to be trolled every week.
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    With the right system, this can happen. No square peg through a round hole. 6’0” Drew Brees does great, but doesn’t hurt having offensive genius in Sean Payton either. Murray is completely different player than Brees, though, and will require something like what Robert Griffin III had in NFL/Washington (that is, all is good until injury strikes). Murray’s career in the NFL will go as far as his health will take him, but such is the truth for most NFL players. As for UND and “short QBs”, it will come down to intangibles (e.g., leadership in big moments) AND the offensive plan of Mr. Freund. Excited, and anxious with anticipation of importance, to see what Freund can do. Spring ball will be nice initial indicator of schematics.
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    By the same token, there's talk that a 5'9" guy is the #1 QB in the NFL draft.
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    Or, you could just enjoy the remainder of the season. Every game with this team is a nail biter, and no matter how far we advance, before long it’ll be the middle of April and six long months until college hockey.
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    Checking will be gone pretty soon. The younger you teach it the better they’ll be adapting to it when they’re older.
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    Mr. Jones needs to be shown the door. I know he still has two more years left on his contract, but this is pathetic. Find some money and get him out of there.
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    I love that you went through your posts to confirm this
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    if Central boxes out at a high level nobody stands a chance of beating them. Right?
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    I wonder if Wilkie left because emphasis on player development is skewed toward defensively responsible forward as a path to the NHL vs creative fun play? Maybe stone will weigh in, surely the sight could use the hits?