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    As the proud father of Joe Mollberg I would like to take a few minutes to share some observations. Thank you to those of you who have posted positive comments about Joe over the years on this site, or have stopped at games to ask about Joe’s health and well-being. First, I want to congratulate Coach Schweigart and the entire UND FIghting Hawks staff on a tremendous season and an undefeated Big Sky Conference Championship. Bubba has the team going in the right direction and the future looks bright for the Fighting Hawks. Joe has great respect for Bubba and his staff and is appreciative of the support offered him at UND from all coaches, including former head coach Chris Mussman. It is easy on sites such as this to be critical of coaches and the decisions they make, but being a former coach myself, I am confident that almost all coaches have their priorities straight and really do care for their players at the deepest levels. To prove this to you, less than an hour after the championship clinching game against NAU was over Joe received a call of congratulations from former Coach Mussman. That is a class act on Coach Mussman’s part. I would also like to commend one current coach in particular that impacted Joe in his time at UND. Joe told me repeatedly how much respect he has for tight end Coach Shawn Kostich and the enthusiasm Kostich brings to each and every practice and game. Coach Kostich took Joe under his wing when he made the voluntary transition to tight end and did a great job making Joe feel as if he were a valued part of that close-knit group that was referred to as the “Big-Cats.” UND is lucky to have Kostich on staff. Shawn is a young and upcoming coach who will go far in his career Joe Mollberg is a good athlete, but he is even a better person. Coming out of high school Joe had other options of schools to attend and as a parent, looking in the rear-view mirror, it it is easy to second guess, but Joe has never once regretted his decision to attend UND. Joe never once questioned his choice, because he is fully committed that he made the right choice, for the right reasons. Joe has made great friends that will be part of his life forever, and though the road was difficult, Joe left UND as a champion of the Big Sky Conference. But perhaps the most important fact (that is rarely talked about with college football players) is that Joe has received a tremendous education at the University of North Dakota. What more could he possibly ask for? Joe paraphrased his favorite role model Tim Tebow when he shared what Tebow said in an interview when asked about success and failure. Tebow said; “The ultimate goal is not to succeed or fail, the ultimate goal is to give everything you have for something in your heart. If you get to live out your dream every day, then the result does not matter. To be able to look back 20-30 years from now and say.’I gave everything I could, that is pretty awesome.’” That was the exact attitude that Joe brought to UND football every day over the last five years. How could a father not be proud of that attitude? I learned a tremendous amount by watching Joe and how he faced the adversities thrown his way the last few years. Joe taught me more the last few years than I taught him. Joe wants to be a special education teacher, working with special needs kids, and a high school coach. As a former coach and current teacher I truly believe Joe will be tremendously successful at whatever he chooses to do. The University of North Dakota School of Education and the University of North Dakota football program have both helped prepare Joe for the challenges ahead of him l and I am grateful for that. Many of you may not be aware of this, but in high school Joe was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis. Ankylosing spondylitis is an inflammatory disease that can cause the the vertebrae in your spine to fuse together. This fusing makes the spine less flexible and can result in a hunched-forward posture. A.S. is a painful disease that there is no known cure for. I remember well taking Joe to Mayo in Rochester in high school and his doctor telling us, “If Joe makes it through a career as a college football player with A.S. they will probably be writing medical journals about him.” Though there is no medical confirmation of this, I am confident that the ruptured achilles Joe suffered in his sophomore season was the result of A.S.. There is medical evidence to support this claim. Again, we are proud of Joe for battling through this adversity. After Joe’s ruptured achilles injury he had a number of choices he could have made. He could have quit the team and walked away. No one would have questioned this decision. He could have transferred to another school and tried to reclaim the quarterback position he loved playing. He could have returned to the team and been a negative influence on his teammates. Instead he chose a difficult and uphill path. He chose to support his school, support his coaches, and most importantly support his teammates. We have a great many photos of Joe playing football at UND, but probably my favorite of all time is this one. This was one of his final games at UND. Joe had called me days before to proudly tell me to “be sure to get to the next game early” as he was going to be carrying the UND school flag out onto the field. Joe was as proud at that moment as any other in his time at the University of North Dakota. Thank you for your support of Joe Mollberg, his teammates, and all student-athletes in their time at the University of North Dakota. Go SiouxHawks! Kent Mollberg
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    I'd like to express my gratitude to this team, including the coaches, for giving such pleasure as fans this year. It is a special bunch, and whether they win No. 8 or not, they have delivered on the ice all year long and have shown the kind of character we fans hope to see from UND athletes. It's a long season. These guys deal with school, the uncertainties that come with being young and, in my case at least, stupid about many things in life. Regardless of their level of skill, they each have their own expectations that are either not met or must take a back seat at times. They have never embarrassed us or made us feel anything but pride about the team and the school. So hats off to you.
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    I agree with a lot of people on here regarding the teams motivation and mentality going into this regional and their first game against Northeastern. Listening to the seniors in that Through These Doors and remembering the TTD episodes at the end of seasons gone by, it reminds me that the players go out there in the NCAA tournament knowing full well what North Dakota Fighting Sioux Hockey means to that program, this school, this town, even this state. More importantly, however, they know what it means for their fellow teammates. Seniors go out and fight hard for their fellow seniors, and their juniors, sophomores and freshman. The same holds true regardless of what year you are. I remember watching players in tears when their season ended in the tournament, because they wanted to win it all for their school, their coaches, their town and most importantly their teammates. We see the smiles on their faces when they pose for the photo with the Penrose Cup, or win their regional and get to attend the Frozen Four....imagine the agony on their faces when they lose their chance at the National Championship trophy. No one should have any doubt regarding this teams motivation, passion, or mentality going into this tournament. If they run into a team who happens to skate faster, pass better, and shoot more accurately on that given night then so be it. No one can blame our players for "not wanting to be the team that hangs this school's EIGHTH banner," because we all know they desperately want that. Sometimes a puck takes an unexpected bounce. Sometimes the referees make a weird call. At the end of the day, those guys go out on the ice to represent the University of North Dakota, to represent Grand Forks, to represent their families, and most importantly to represent each other. I'm excited to watch them play against (Hopefully win against) a great team like Northeastern. Lets. Go. Sioux.
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    Shep....none whatsoever. Truly enjoyed watching the squad on TV and online the entire season. I am a UND fan for life now. Regardless of how it worked out for my son. He was afforded a chance to receive a quality education and play some ball on the universities dime. That in itself is worth its weight in gold. I will be eternally grateful to Coach Bubba, Rudolph and Knauf for giving him a chance to play at the next level. For whatever reason? It did not work out. No harm. No foul. My son knew what was expected of him in the classroom and on the gridiron. I know he has done well in regards to his education. Apparently it just did not work out on the field. He was well aware of the implications of not competing at the expected high level of the coaching staff. I will look forward to watching the progress of this team in the coming years. IMO? They got railroaded by the playoff selection committee. I see/expect good things in the future for this team and look forward to watching some of the players and staff that Kevin has spoken so highly of. GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    Congratulations on a terrific game. The better team showed up and won! Good luck the rest of the way. There's no reason why you can't win it all. Thanks for your hospitality.
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    All of Izzo, McFeely, Kolpack, and Peterson thinks UND will get a seed. Kolpack critical of UND's schedule. McFeeley thinks UND is one of 5-6 teams that could make it to Frisco. Kolpack critical of UND's schedule. Izzo thinks UND and Wichita are headed to MVFC. Kolpack critical of UND's schedule. McFeeley was gushing about UND's defense. Kolpack critical of UND's schedule.
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    Classy reaction from Michigan's Alex Kile:
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    Richmond fan here. We expect a great game this Saturday. UND is favored for a reason- you are a class team playing in a very good league. Feel free to visit us at Spidernation.com.
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    Hello all, I'm Elijah mom. No, he won't be back to UND. Last spring he completed 14 credits at local community college & worked full time. As an educator myself (20 years teaching) Elijah knows value of an education & will get one. He attended elementary & middle school in Mandan ND & is a good student. Thank you to those who stated they enjoyed watching him play & to those who wished him well. He's only 19 & he will find his way. Thank you.
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    Remember when Montana fans were criticizing UND for it's soft schedule? Well Montana now has four conference losses, to Cal Poly, NAU, EWU, and now Northern Colorado. 3 of those teams UND beat.
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    Haven't been here for quite some time (covers head). Love my Gopher hockey and Bison football...WTF is a guy like me doing here? Taking the high road and telling y'all congrats on a special season and especially the 'ship. Been awhile and there isn't a more deserving program. Will be great to see the 2 going at it next year at Mariucci. Maybe my team can find a way to make a 3rd meeting happen in March/April. Congrats again, enjoy, and have a great off-season!
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    Ignorance personified.
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    Just did 60.(tickets) We got this!!
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    Congrats on the great regular season. Now go makes some noise in the post season and do the Big Sky proud.
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    For 5 years of college I never once sat during a game that was within 35 points...and that's how the entire student section was...when I watch NDSU games they stand the entire time the other team has the ball... As to your last paragraph...it's the perfect descriptor as to why the people of Grand Forks don't deserve to have nice things...7 freakin wins in a row...but Bubba's style of football is too "boring." I would kill to have a boring, first place in the Big Sky FCS football team in Minot where I live. That way I wouldn't have to drive across the dang state every weekend...which I do anyway because I appreciate the attitude and effort that Bubba's crew displays (and I love all things UND). The hockey team only scored two goals on the weekend...would the good people of Grand Forks find them to be "boring" too?!? If our defensive effort in the second half wasn't satisfying enough...well then I guess there is no hope for Grand Forks...
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    The Sioux win a national title and some of our fans have nothing better to do than criticize a kid who played hurt??? Are you kidding me? You have no idea what his injury was. If Anas had a recurrent shoulder dislocation, he may have been running back into the locker room to have the dislocation reduced so he could come back and play. (That hurts like hell by the way). That is a more likely than he was whining or crying. Gutsy performance on his part. You guys who post dumb stuff like that embarrass knowledgeable fans who appreciate the effort put forth by other teams and players. That is one of the reasons some opposing fans hate us. When you act like jackasses, especially when we win it shows a real lack of class. I bet none of the Sioux players or coaches criticize him.
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    Iowa wants a D1hockey program? Groan... now I suppose Minnesota will want one too.
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    Everyone is talking about NE's 23 game run with only two losses. UND has just three in their last 23. #justsayin
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    (The following was submitted to a Fargo radio station and BCC to me. Very poignant!) My fiancée died in a fire fight in Fallujah, Iraq. Remember the slogan: "Freedom on the March." Dennis sent home several photos of Iraq's with the ink on their finger indicating their pride in being able to vote. We fight wars and lose thousands of young men to guarantee that right to vote. Yet two measures will not be on the ballot due to the actions of some NDSU students. Yet Athletic Director Gene Taylor says: "It's not a big deal." What am I missing?
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    Wife just had a beautiful baby girl!!!! Great night!!!
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    I've spent too much time reading these forums, minding my own, and I'm finally giving my 2 cents: The AL better be Green balls to the Green walls on Saturday. This town, this University, this Team has spent far too long looking in from the outside. We are GD good this year, and definitely good enough to fill a 12K stadium! This town has waited a long, long time to be relevant again, and we are and will be for the foreseeable future. If the AL is not packed, shame on GF. Hoka Hey, Go Hawks!
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    There is a lot that this season will be remembered for....but what Coltyn Sanderson brought to this team is immeasurable.
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    OK... here we go! Let me just start off with a hearty "Hallelujah!" for the HPC! The hair on the back of my neck still stands up when I walk into that beast of a building. 1. Bubba preached more urgency and crispness during drills. Tried to get the boys attention that this stuff if for real now and they can't just hear what the coaches are saying, they need to really listen and execute. 2. After practice huddle: Bubble told the team to go to the Betty this afternoon at 2 p.m. to support WBB against MSU. He said Mia Loyd is tough and her play is worth the price of admission alone. Coach Freund, quickly piped in "But don't skip class!!!" What Bubba didn't say was that there will be an NBA Hall of Famer in the building this afternoon, as former Jazz great John Stockton is an assistant with MSU. 3. This just in: Cole Reyes is one tough mutha F@##$%. He is out there practicing with the team in the same gear as the rest of the team with a big old cast on his left forearm. He doesn't sit out any drills and goes as hard as you'd expect. He is truly UND football tough int the traditional sense. 4. Clive was running wild today. Nobody could cover him(and that's not a knock on the secondary)and he was sucking in every ball like a vacuum. He hauled in one that would have been good for a TD from 60+ out, and he pulled in another tough grab that would have went for long yardage. He looked like he was having fun out there. 5. Heidelbaugh started out fine in drills but was a bit unsettled with his footwork once things went uptempo in skelly work, causing several balls to sail on him. Studs and Bartels looked fine. 6. If you can believe this --- Santiago looks to have even sharper cuts through the line and more burst once hes' in the open than last year. Stay tuned. If the line can gel, who knows how far he'll go. 7. I liked what I saw from Stetson Carr at WR... he's a bigger version of Seibel and was featured a lot today with intermediate over the middle pass plays. He hauled in all but one that was broken up by a good play by an ILB. If I remember correctly, he had a really good spring two years ago but eventually left the the team. Glad he's back! 8. A newbie that showed flashes today was DB Torrey Hunt, wearing #16. The kid had a really nice break on one pass play where he picked it off just before it hit the receivers hands and he took it for what would have been a sure 6 points. He looks very fast albeit a bit thin at this point. I was impressed with his showing given is lack of familiarity with the defensive schemes. That's it for today. I will try to get out there again tomorrow morning. Enjoy!
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    This weekend und is playing for a potential playoff opportunity. As many people have mentioned, it's been 8 yrs since we've had this buzz in November. Win or lose on Saturday, the pride factor is back. Thank you Bubba for being our coach! Your passion for und and the football team are without a doubt. You've given us the long overdue excitement back in 2 short yrs, all the while reinstalling the style of football und was known for. Can't say enough on how fortunate we are to have you! Thank you coaching staff for accepting Bubbas offer to und. You've turned this football program back to being relevant! Not an easy task for what you guys were dealt. Thank you senior class for staying! Regardless of the many opportunities to exit, you didn't take the easy way out! You stayed through losing seasons, a new coaching staff, injuries, name change (or no name)... etc. This class will be known as the class that put und on the d1 national radar! Thank you juniors, sophomores and freshman. Thank you for you're patience and hard play! It doesn't go unnoticed. The future is bright with the talent we have returning for the coming yrs. Thank you to the 2015 football team for making this year fun, exciting, interesting, and keeping my optimistic radar high. Bubba could do special things here and he's fully invested to do so. Let's make the playoffs !!