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    Wow so Bubba's 3rd year he had us in the playoffs, ahead of most peoples schedule, then we take a step back last year with a rash of injuries (yes it's an excuse but it's also fact I don't need a post from you telling me injuries aren't an excuse) and now we should assume it will be a rarity for UND to ever make the playoffs under Bubba. Whatever. We get snubbed from playoffs in his second season, top 8 seed his 3rd year, then don't make the playoffs last year. If you average the last 3 years not sure how you come up with it will be a rarity UND will make the playoffs under Bubba. Even many NDSU people think we should have made the playoffs that year, so if we didn't get screwed that is 2 of the last 3 years in the playoffs. I'm sure others on here would agree.....we expect to make the playoffs every year going forward. Yeah Bubba should have signed better lineman in that class when 95% of recruits already new where they were going by the time he was hired. Fall camp is here, most of us are excited. Yes we do still have questions and concerns....but can you just stop for a while and let this season playout, or at least start? Three negative posts from you before noon today already.....we get it.
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    That sounds great to me. Lets make a deal: we watch the season play out and reconvene in late November. Now log off and we'll see you around Turkey time.
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    I'm amazed after all the debate that you still aren't comprehending the main point. Some of what you say has been said by others and they might even agree with you on some points (myself included). It's the frequency of stating said points and the constant negativity you show on a day to day basis. That's your call. Have at it. Just don't be surprised when others here get exhausted and annoyed by it. But don't mind me. I'm just someone who has always settled for mediocrity when it comes to UND Football.
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    Everyone please stay on the topic of 2019 recruits in this thread and let's try to keep it relatively clean. There are plenty of other threads to complain about coaches and each other.
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    I'm sure glad we left the Big Sky for this hot mess.
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    You mean the guy who died 14 years before Kennedy took over at UND?
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    So, you've criticized Bubba, Rudolf, the O line, the offensive schemes, the defense, and the marketing department, in the last month alone, in addition to anyone saying anything positive about the 2018 team. You forgot to dump on the cheerleaders; I hear several of them weren't practicing their pyramids this summer. Being a fan usually means you actually like the team. And, being a fan, most of us would like to have positive thoughts for the new season that's on the horizon right now. Sure, it may not play out positively, but is it wrong for a fan to hope that it does? We can all castigate whomever we feel is responsible if, and when, everything goes south. It seems that you would rather predict failure and hope that you're right so you can say "I told you so." I guess I'd rather live in "UND fantasy land" than Nohopeville.
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    Frankly I’m a little offended this question wasn’t asked of me.
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    Go 3-8, then recruit better players until your system works?? I don't think so. We have a lot of talent on this staff and these guys need paychecks, too. Since last year, Bubba has all but held a press conference on the offense changing some things up. If he can do that with Rudy, great, if he can't, he put himself out there. I don't have much time to argue, but NDSU is allowed the luxury to run heavy because they have a lot of depth and talent on the O-line. They always have good running backs, a gamer or NFL guy at QB, cheap shot artists at TE, a pretty good slot guy, and receivers that make the catch but not overly talented. They look the same every year and are hard to defend in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Power run, play action, screens, QB runs, etc, it wears defenses out. Another school, SDSU, usually has offensive talent, too, more varying year to year than NDSU. They play to their strengths regardless if it's a run game like 2-3 years ago, to a stud WR and TE like last year, and this year the QB will be the feature of the offense and it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. College football on offense is about your play-makers getting the ball in space. We need to do that. If your offensive line is average, all the more reason to have a screen game because O-line man tap the rushing defender and move to the second level. It doesn't take much. So plug and play regardless of personnel is out (for 95% of teams), best talent on the field in space is in.
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    After 2017 there was justified criticism to go around and to ignore that is foolishness that I will not support. I hope for many wins in 2018 with better players on the field, less injuries, and rejuvenated coaching/schemes. Let’s see.
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    C'mon, you're one of the more common sensical bison fans on here (debatable if there even is such a thing). Don't ignore the facts. You've been hanging around Bison Dan too much lately. Why in the world would a bison station have on, of all schools, Washington, a month before UND plays them and make no mention of the upcoming game with UND in a market where many, many UND fans reside? Why Washington? Why now? You honestly don't see the irony here? It's hilarious. That would be like someone at UND scheduling an interview on the radio with someone from Oregon in 2020 and not once mentioning the game with ndsu (which would never happen). Typical ndsu move.
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    He doesn’t deserve a number. I’ve been harping about Rudy for nearly four years ....and will continue to do so for long as bubba keeps him on. Without making changes this offseason, bubba made it clear that he rides with who chooses from day one and that’s that. I would love nothing more then to eat crow and watch the offense flourish in the D-less conference, or now, ex conference like the big sky. And then show something against the top non big sky teams. The predictably is killing Santiago! The non adjustments are mind boggling! His usage or lack there of is frustrating! Last four games of the year ( 1-3): Santiago had 8 total touches vs E Wash!?! Santiago had 10 total touches vs S Utah !?! Santiago had 11 total touches vs Port St Santiago had 9 total touches vs sac st !?!? Like him or not studsrud was an extremely bad passer. The opposing D would clog up the middle knowing studsrud had a hard time even completing a screen pass and waited to punish the rb. Why not give Zimmerman a try? He looked to be very capable of a deep pass to keep the D honest. I think bubba said something like senior or not all positions are open. Studsrud looked to be playing hurt most of the season as well. Yet they ride with him. Rudy or bubba or both? I believe that Zimmerman would of given UND a better chance to succeed ....last year. Why pull Izzys shirt ? Use the TEs ! I will agree the players have to do their part but it comes across as they are set up to fail from the beginning from ineptness
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    The NHL Is the professional standard. It makes sense for a league that wants to filter its players into the professional standard to have rules that mimic the professional standard. Does it not?
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    This crap is getting old - let's talk about football!!!
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    That’s fine, but it’s annoying as !@#$ when you make the same point 365 times.
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    Joe Schobert showing some love
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    I can't imagine anything they come up with will be so outstanding that it has to be kept secret for a couple of games. Just use the personnel you have to the best of everyone's ability and the other team won't stop it even when they know it's coming.
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    Some of Keaton's best games and best moments came when we were down and utilizing a catch-up, hurry-up kind of offense. I remember one game 2 years ago I think it was, that he put the team on his back and carried the offense because most of the time they were hurrying up and he was controlling much of the playcalling at the line. Was he the best passer? No. But I think he was another example of the offense just not playing to a strength.
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    All I know is that we have a mid season BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About damn time!
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    Highlights, talent, size....blah blah blah. Who else offered him?
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    Sweet, let’s !@#$ on the recruits before they even make it to campus. Great idea.
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    So, did you at least consider putting them up here for roughly what you paid? Why not put them in the hands of a (grateful) Sioux fan and celebrate not generating even more fees for TicketBastard? Sioux fans profiting off of other Sioux fans is kind of gross (hence the awesome community rules on this site). Sioux fans enabling TM to collect even more $$$ by handling the resale is a crime.
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    So people don't like your negative !@#$ talk over and over again and that makes them "losers". When was that last time you posted something positive about the program? Recruiting should be all positive because these players could all potentially be great at UND but you even make recruiting negative.