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    Biggest regret for me is that Danny didnt get 4 years to call plays with John Santiago at his disposal.... Shaking my head.
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    Pierre just committed. That is a huge commit for the defense. He is real good.
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    This is perhaps the most truthful post I have seen on this board in the last 8 years since I quit posting. I quit posting partially because this board had become so toxic and filled with garbage. And it has only gotten worse since then. Constant arguments between football and hockey fans. Constant arguments about how women's hockey sucks or how women's hockey shouldn't have been dropped. Constant arguments over the nickname. No one can get along at all ever. We all have to hate each other about everything. Our fan base seemingly thrives on hating everything and everyone. What the hell is wrong with us? Why do we insist on fighting with everyone, whether they be a fan of an opposing team or fan of UND? How is that productive or a positive thing? Earlier this week I tweeted my feelings that UND should update the logo on the bottom of the scoreboard to reflect what the University currently uses. I felt this could be a positive step in helping people who are still unhappy about the nickname to eventually accept the new nickname. I thought this would be an excellent chance for UND and REA to lead by example and helping what I feel is a broken fan base to heal. In response I was told to shut up and mind my own business by fellow UND fans, because of course. That's what we UND fans do, we fight with and insult each other. I am a hockey fan first but I want to see all other sports at UND succeed. Sadly with the current climate I don't know if that will ever happen. I want what is best for the University and this constant fighting about everything certainly does not help achieving that.
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    I'm not sure there's a better way for this to work, but here's how it currently works: - REA takes 52% of football ticket revenue. Based on what I've read in this thread, lately that equates to about $375k per year. - REA asks for nothing else from the university. This football ticket revenue is just UND's way of paying for use of the arena each year. - Because REA is using a percentage of football ticket revenue and not asking for a flat fee, REA is doing UND good because UND isn't hand-cuffed to a defined amount that they may not be able to pay. The more successful that football is, the more goes to REA. The less successful football is at generating money, the less goes to REA. If the contract said that UND is required to pay $375k each and every year while REA takes 0% of football ticket revenue....but football fans don't show up....where does UND pull the extra money from if the program is already strapped for cash? CLIFFNOTES: REA gets 52% of football ticket revenue. UND gets use of an arena for hockey, basketball, and volleyball events and practices. UND doesn't have to manage ticket sales as REA is also handling that. REA uses the money generated to keep the arena in tip-top shape and puts some money away for projects and unanticipated expenses each year. REA sells merchandise for UND (likely the top grossing UND merchandise retailer). REA then gives back all additional revenue to UND after they pay for upkeep and put a little away in savings for things like this. Sounds like UND and ALL of the athletic programs make out quite well thanks to REA on a $375k or so annual expense.
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    So many ungrateful people on here that fail to see the snowball effect of having use of REA. Not only that, REA will be UND's and UND's alone once the 30 years is up. Because REA exists, UND has never had to replace the old [original] Ralph Engelstad Arena, which would have been a necessity by now. Had UND been able to hang on for an additional ten years or so from the time it was replaced, they likely would have built something similar to what Duluth has in Amsoil Arena, which was built in 2010 for $80M. UMD only paid for 12% of the arena. The majority of the rest was paid for by the state and through taxes. Would you rather have REA or Amsoil Arena? Had UND done the same deal, they'd be on the hook for $9.6M....that's a lot of $375k football ticket revenue seasons. With that said. The arena, being a gift (albeit not entirely free) has saved UND many millions, kept many people living in Grand Forks after the flood, allowed 12k fans to enjoy games all winter long, and give people with ties to UND something to be proud of no matter where in the globe they are. Not to mention, what about all the revenue hockey generates for all sports through the sale of merchandise? The amount of revenue REA generated in that department funds all athletic programs. The football ticket revenue is a small price to pay for all of the additional money the arena has earned on top of the money it has saved the University. But, apparently we should say thanks for nothing to the Engelstads....then maybe all of our rich football alums will step up to the plate and donate their share to carry the weight of UND athletics.
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    They can complain that football alumni appear to not care as much as hockey alumni. Some football alumni with some pretty deep pockets, and apparently don't care that the program is lacking amenities. Nevermind the fact how many more football alumni there are.
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    Where do the men’s and women’s basketball teams play? Where does the volleyball team play? Where are the women’s soccer locker rooms? Is Queen McGarry supposed to build her dad’s alma mater a new, free football stadium, too?
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    Eastern washington, Montana state, sac state for both. Also Idaho state and San Diego for Pierre and Howard and San Jose state for Nelson.
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    360 guys…. January 28th UND will be moving fast to fill the defensive line opening. Spring practice starts on March 1st, 2019. Hearing good things out of Folsom, CA. Last weekend’s two visitors from the D1-AA State Champs – CB Caleb Nelson and DE Chandon Pierre – both had excellent visits we are told
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    Time to start giving Adam Scheel credit where it is due, this guy has been rock solid all year and slept on. Good W
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    Says the guy with a picture of Notre Dame highlighted on his Twitter page, a school with one of the biggest athletic budgets in the world, but doesn't have women's hockey. I guess that means the only real travesty here was UND was one of those few universities that took a chance on women's hockey. Which now McMahon shows the world: "Hey, it's best not to try."
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    How about the unwillingness of REA to display OLD logos — i.e., the era-appropriate logos on the championship banners? Obviously, the folks there prefer to pretend that the ONLY logo that has existed in program history is the Brien version.
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    And keeping the sioux thing on the bottom. Cut the damn chord already.
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    Exactly. His credibility in Fargo is just slightly north of BuzzFeed. Guy is an opinion sensationalist and nothing more. I just look forward to his next hard hitting in depth story on breastraurants.
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    You take down votes way too seriously.
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    Looking up some more stuff about Senden, everything the kid touches turns to gold. Became the Captain of the Wayzata. Led them to their first ever state title. Two years later, became the Captain of the Fargo Force. Led them to their first ever title. Looking forward to his time as UND captain.
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    Things Taz has learned while reading through this quality candidate for most embarrassing SS thread ever... Engelstad generosity and REA leadership/vision never cease to amaze me. Best arena ever. The Gophers are probably going to pull their netminder in the 1st. Some Twitter guy Mike McMahon doesn't know the difference between OpEx and CapEx, private vs public funding, or discretionary vs budgetary (non-discretionary) spending. The NCAA does not care what's under the scoreboard. They don't care anymore period. They have new traditions to ruin, schools to shame, and event revenue from which to siphon. People like to bitch about stuff they don't understand, which doesn't affect them, they aren't invested in, but yet they still benefit from. This editor has a numbered list formatter thingy. I still miss Dippin Dots... and Tawny Kitaen on the car hood. taz
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    Other than manhandling K. State, remember the undersized, not overly fast, not overly strong LB that played like incredible hulk? Was it Beck? I think we know why. And SU is notorious for guys playing way 'bigger' than their actual size. All makes sense now when I called this out years ago, and was called crazy by the SU posters. (Crazy Smart)
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    I heard Danny offered a full ride scholarship, and Roehl offered a full roid scholarship.
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    I think with how huge our alumni base is in the twin cities we could have a really good showing which could end up being a real shot in the arm for our football program. But I’m not much of a reactionary person by nature, I prefer to be proactive.
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    2019 Defensive Preview https://undfootball360.com/news/an-early-look-2019-fighting-hawks-defense/
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    The bigger crime Bucci should investigate is how the women's team managed to win not a single playoff game in its entire history.
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    And if Engelstad arena doesn’t exist, the school’s going to need to divert a helluva lot more than $345 per year to the hockey (men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and volleyball) programs just so they can find a place to play. UNDs entire athletic department is substantially better off because of the Engelstad’s and, whether you like it or not, the ticket split arrangement. The folks on here need to realize this ticket split agreement doesn’t exist in a vacuum.