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    I have some insight on this topic. While on the game day committee I had a substantial commitment ($$) to make and give away free replica jerseys, kid sizes. I had 5-6 key players picked out. This was the year following the Hawk-erchiefs.(also donated funds, didn't cost the University anything). So, I had the kid jerseys all mocked up and ready to go and enough funds for hundreds of jerseys.(close to 500) The response was I could only do the number 1 and the last 2 digits of the year. I think it was 2017, so #17 was OK. The reason was an NCAA statute that a University cannot profit off of a name or 'likeness' to a player. (apparently number 1 and 17 are not real players that year) I know it is so stupid but when challenged I was told the University staff will take the laziest approach possible. Saying "no" to football is easy and is zero risk to the University. At that time I showed UND how many other colleges had player jerseys, with players that you could make a profit off of and UNDs response was they would report it to the NCAA. But, the story continues............since I love rules I ordered a #22 for my fast daughter(Santiago), #5 for my strongest daughter(Brady), #92 for my boy that likes to run into things(Tank), and #45 for my boy named Kolt(Cam at that time). I took all my kids to an autograph/meet the players and those players totally freaked out (in a good way), even wanting pictures on their own phones to show friends and family. The players thought it was the coolest thing, saying "I've never seen a kid wear my jersey"!! John and Brady spent 10 minutes with my girls. Players were letting my 4 year old with Tank's jersey tackle them.
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    Two Harris campaign staff positive for Covid. They must have attended a Trump rally.
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    Have we heard even one person on the left talk about a plan to get out of the Covid-19 mess? A timeline, a metric that would be used to get back to life? In Minnesota, school districts were told that case numbers would be guidance, not rule of law, but when a school district recently went outside of that guidance they were threatened with defunding and possible fines and jailtime for the school board. Minnesota is no longer a free society. I pay for a school my kids can't attend, I watch my friends go bankrupt and/or struggle to keep a business afloat while taking zero income from that business and nobody on the left seems to care a bit. They'd rather attack Trump and call me a cult member for wanting my son to get the education I pay for and wanting people who risked it all to have success in life be successful. This virus CANNOT BE STOPPED, how many countries do we need as examples before people are going to wake up to this fact. They are too busy trying to win an argument to see what's going on all around them. It's maddening.
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    Anyone else think Pelosi is actually teeing up the 25th Amendment for the benefit of Harris and the extreme left?
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    My uncle is in a ND memory care that had it roll through about two months ago and caught it. He's about the same age as the President but has some underlying conditions. I called him the other day. My uncle says hello.
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    We are all day to day in this life. Can hide in one's house wearing a mask to try and avoid something that has a .01% chance of killing you only to develop cancer while you are missing out on the wonders of life. Get out and enjoy life, tomorrow is guaranteed for no one.
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    I think most will agree the black logo on the green helmet is a far better look.
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    PSA: This forum has an ignore feature, please consider using it. Opposing viewpoints make this forum interesting to me, but when someone contributes nothing to the conversation and doesn’t bring anything original to the conversation, it’s time to ignore. Plus, by quoting him you’re ruining my ability to ignore. Thank you.
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    Let me know when the Biden campaign and/or family deny the laptop is Hunter's and the authenticity of the emails.
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    https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-ny-post-locked-out-of-twitter Twitter suspends the NY Post account. We are dealing with USSR state-run media type of censorship here.
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    This was/is a family-friendly forum. Choose your words more carefully. You are proving why political discussions are typically not allowed on SiouxSports. (but 2020, huh?) Most of your posts, especially lately, are absolutely devoid of any form of civil discussion.
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    Glad they failed. Care to comment on the dude who tried murdering the entire Republican Congressional baseball team? Is he a right-wing danger to America?
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    This is why I believe everyone should stand at attention for the National anthem
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    Sturgis? Trump rally? HS sports? Kids actually going to school? Smuggled in Tim Horton donuts from Canada? Lots of options to pin this one on.
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    Nearly five months later, I stand by every word in this post. Especially the last paragraph. Real-time COVID stats serve no purpose whatsoever, except to divide.
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    Is this the same "The Atlantic" that last week claimed Trump berated veterans who died in war?
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    So sorry. You will get through this! Lots of people have graduated from NDSU and come out okay! Seriously though, prayers to your family, hoping for healthy returns!
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    Using your line of logic here, when will this ever not be the case? Covid is endemic, every expert agrees for the most part. Vaccines aren't foolproof and this one will be no exception, in fact it is likely to not be nearly as effective as influenza given the lack of research and rushing it to market. So when in your scenario of kids being superspreaders will life be back to normal?
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    I'm telling ya, if I think I had it I'd stay home, drink lots of water, watch my pulse ox*, and treat as the flu**. To get tested is the LAST place I'd go. Simple question: Getting tested and found positive does exactly what for you? *From the docs I talk to that's the tell-tale indicator. **Strangely enough, that's how I treat every viral flu.
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    What folks are forgetting or not seeing in the present situation is that the virus is burning through the population as it will. Why are numbers in the NE low relative to the Midwest? Well, when the NE burned in spring, the Midwest locked down. Now that the Midwest is opened up, ... it's our turn. Virus gonna virus. Welcome to the viral Disco Inferno.
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    Don't pull your schoolyard BS. I spent time in the AF spying. You don't spy on American citizens until you evidence of the suspect is working against the USA. Obama/Biden and Clinton and gang were involved. The biggest threat to our country is denial by people like you and others like you.
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    Sorry Soyboy. Multiple email recipients have confirmed that the emails are real. And that Hunter is a pedophile. The Biden Crime Syndicate is going down.
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    For how much you seem to focus on leaders who didnt do a good job keeping numbers down at a satisfactory level, one would expect that you would want Cuomo to be Donald's cell mate rather than the attorney General. More dead in New York than Florida and Texas combined despite having 40% of the population.
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    Does that logic pertain to repeat criminal offenders that resist arrest and assault the police?
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    They paid room and board for people who wanted to attend a rally. It’s not like they fronted bail money to get protestors out of prison.
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    Based on the state's new quarantine suggestions, it makes absolute sense to wear masks during practice. This way, if someone tests positive, the whole team won't be off the ice for 14 days (hypotetically).
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    One of those is a constitutional duty of the President. The other is pure politics from both sides. Can't compare the two.
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    I’m saying If you’re ok with athletes making any political statements, you have to be ok with a player making an extreme political statement that you would disagree with. Pro-choice? Would you be ok with an athlete putting a pro life message on his uniform? Anti 2nd amendment? Would you be ok with a student athlete putting an NRA sticker on his helmet. Its a pretty easy statement to understand. Either all political statements are ok for student athletes to make or none of them are. Which is it for you?
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    I sure hope UND doesn’t start this BS during their season. College sports are the only sports I follow. I don’t need athletes using their supposed platform to tell me their political views. Do it on their own time, own social media, etc. As an alum, with differing views, who donates money to the University, that’s what I expect. If they choose to go political, I pull my support. Pretty simple.
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    This scares the heck out of me. When our school went distant last year we had computers assigned to our homes for the fourth quarter of the year and work was left outside the school for them to do. My wife (a teacher) was a warrior and made sure my kids got their work picked up and done, kudos to her. When it was my turn to pick up their work I noticed a few times there were two or three of my kids' pals that hadn't picked up any work whatsoever. The same kids would roll by our house at 2 pm and want my kids to go play and joke about how their parents said they didn't have to do anything when my wife said our kids had to finish their work. The kicker. Those kids all passed and moved up with my kid.
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    I've probably said this before but it bears repeating - you have to be trying real hard to be offended by DU's nickname.
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    I agree, that isn't ideal. The good news though is I just checked USD's schedule and they play UNI the week before, which will be a tough game. However, they play on Friday though...so they will have one extra day to recover. We are part of the MVFC, so by default now we get to use the word brutal about our schedule every year
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    A cynic would ask ... "Who's making the money on the testing?"
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    They slowly stop reporting the numbers everyday. They benefit from Trump turning to the private sector and securing vaccines that will likely be ready in January and by some accounts have enough availability for those that want it by June. Should be getting much more media coverage than it is by those that feel a vaccine is important. Old school govt would have never moved this fast. People will be ready to move on from it so when democratic governors start opening things back up, no one will question what changed.
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    hayduke you are such a joke. no original thoughts, copy and paste, no accountability for the left, no answers to any questions posed to you except"orange man bad", nothing but phrases and nicknames you think are cute but are really just at about third grade thinking. you bring nothing to the conversation, nothing to the topic, and by my best guess are a very low IQ person
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    You mean the optics, body language of smirking. You must missed that
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    Fred Fridley was just on the radio saying people skipping routine medical procedures in fear of Covid is playing just as much of a role as the uptick in hospital numbers as Covid itself. Also Sanford Bismarck has 20 beds they can bring online anytime if needed and beds are available in Fargo Great interview You should listen to the local guys talk vs spreading fear from the guy out of state #twomoreweeks
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    On their own time and their own dime, support whatever cause they want to support. Taking advantage of a platform, provided them by taxpayers/donors (scholarship/venue/etc), who don't always support the same beliefs, is not ok. That's the difference. They can be a social justice warrior, get the Herald to print stories about their causes, whatever. Come Saturday, play the darn game, that's it.
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    What does that response have to do to the question asked? Typical...….
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    Trump will be fine. He's the fittest president of all times and has tons of hydroxychloroquine. If that doesn't work he can always inject himself with lysol.
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    In a lifetime of experiences throughout this country, in business, athletics, education and the military.... By FAR and away they most racist and intolerant people I have ever met, or known have been white educated liberals. And it's not even close.
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    Are you saying the people complaining loudest about Trump following the rules are the people who've spent 40 plus years writing the rules?
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    You and Dem leaders continually saying Trump won’t accept the election results after 2016 makes this post funny to everyone else. They haven’t accepted 2016 yet.
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