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    Part of my motivation to see this happen is because the Dakota schools should have gone D1AA in the 70's when the original split happened. We didn't and it took decades to get to the right level. So it's about being proactive this time and positioning ourselves to be at the second level of football rather than reacting decades later. We can either push for, prepare for, and challenge our schools to aspire for better things, or we can talk about Augustana moving up to join the Summit. Do you all want to hang and bang with Augie again? Should we settle for that or aspire to something more?
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    Can't get the "right protection" up front. I think I have heard that since 2014.
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    I’m trying to understand the value of playing with 85 scolarships vs. 63 scholarships for the teams you listed. Let’s examine for UND. Recent Attendance: 10,000; potential 14,000? 2017 Ranking: 171 Of 254; potential top 100? Costs: add 3-4$M increase for 85 scholarships; finding revenue to try to offset is hard. Profile: Elevated some, not a lot; Could get more regular B1G/B12 games, which would help outsider view of U. Games: 8-9 Games would be played against today’s FCS teams spending more. Was Idaho better than FCS top 15? No. Maybe play 2 P5 Games vs 1? Schedule is higher profile, but not by much. Heck you’re playing Wash this year. So, if I’m going to goto the 85 scholarship level, I’d want to do it in a Conf that is a step up, not a metoo Conf. Joining the MWC makes sense, join a 85 Level WAC . . . I don’t see the value.