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    The Chiefs would be headed to the Super Bowl if one of their defensive linemen hadn't been lined up in the neutral zone on the same play that Brady threw a pick late in the 4th quarter with Chiefs in the lead. When you get Brady and the Patriots down, you better finish the job. KC found out the hard way what happens when you don't.
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    Lots are just trolling the Bison fans who after all those nattys still feel the need to come on a UND fan site to "correct" them.
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    We hear post game all of the time about having passengers and selfish penalties, however I don't recall guys sitting for those issues. I'm sure it has happened at some point, but I recall guys continuing to take dumb penalty after dumb penalty with no consequence. I was heartened when Mismash sat the second game against Canisius only to find out it was due to injury. Way too much talent there to continue to operate with little intensity resulting in lazy passes and not bearing down on chances. Hate to single him out, but that seems to be the most glaring based on what we saw from him early last year when it looked like he would be the next star forward we are missing, someone who takes the team on their shoulder down the stretch of close games, preventing disasters like Canisius.
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    There's like 3 people predicting a major drop. Most have been silent on the issue.
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    I noticed several one timers that were thwarted by poor pass into the skates... just so many overall talent items that just seem to be lacking..
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    The future facilities must take into account ND’s future outlook. The ND public school enrollment will increase more than any other state by 2025, 27%. https://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckdevore/2019/01/21/a-connection-between-state-income-taxes-and-public-school-enrollment-growth/#7b807df22f90 There is still a need for technical people in the oil patch. A bill may pass the ND legislature that if STEM majors stay in ND, they don’t have to pay a year of tuition: https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/4560124-bill-would-offer-free-year-stem-student-nd-colleges UND just upped the ante on Big Data, by hiring six more professors and converting the Budge bldg to Computer Science. Aerospace Studies used to house Computer Science, so this is a big change. Arguably, this is where NDSU has helped the Fargo economy (Great Plains Software bought by Microsoft) and UND has lagged way behind. http://blogs.und.edu/und-today/2018/12/big-day-for-big-data/
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    Good post @skateshattrick, I think many here get a pretty good feel for this program after watching it for decades and at the end of the year can give a pretty good assessment if the team overachieved, underachieved or it played out like most thought. Hakstol like many coaches had a mixed bag, he had some ultra talented teams that did underachieve in the regular season, when you look at some of their slow starts. That being said, he also had some teams that overachieved. What's really concerning to me is after '16, every team since then I would put in the underachieved category. This season isn't over yet, but 3 out of 4 years of underachieving is concerning. Last year I couldn't believe the number of games they gave up two goal leads and that problem is back again. He has four years left on his contract, he's not going anywhere, but if he misses out on the NCAA tournament again, it's a huge problem. That's two strikes for me and should be for the AD. There's going to be a lot of pressure put on next years Freshman class, which by all accounts is a home run class. This roster is going to get a huge uptick in talent with four forwards who will be picked before the fourth round. These aren't guys that put together a solid season as overagers, these are guys who have proved what they can do at the Junior level in their draft year. Side note, I don't know what my expectations are for post game interviews, but him and TH yucking it up after the Canisius loss really rubbed me the wrong way. I'd really like to see some urgency and at least it being acknowledged that these results aren't tolerated. You can get pissed without throwing anybody on the team under the bus. I still believe this team has talent, they just can't seem to completely put it together.
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    That is the huge concern. They came out of Christmas last year in decent shape as well, only to lose a number of games they should have won. This is the second year in a row where they have lost pairwise ground after Christmas. Say what you want about how Hakstol's teams started, but they improved almost every year after the break. Now we seem to regress after the break. That flat out shouldn't happen with the younger teams we have had.
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    To be fair...if you pass up a one timer, to collect the puck and shoot a wrister, then the goalie gets back into position and theres nowhere left to shoot it, except wide. Trust the process.
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    0% NDSU priapism here, GO HAWKS!!!!!
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    As long as Kolpack and Houle agree to take their pee tests for them, they’ll be stronger than ever.
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    And we have a few forwards who, and I'm barely exaggerating, have each have about as many points on the season as goalie Ed Belfour did back in '87. Yoy.
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    I have been following UND hockey for 50+ years. I went to games at the Old Barn when I was very little and Rube Bjorkman was the coach. Since that time, UND hockey has progressed to the point where it is a perennial national power, thanks in part to the generous gifts of Ralph Englestad. I saw underachieving teams when Rube coached, up to the time that they got the old Ralph and Gino Gasparini was hired. Gino brought UND to national prominence, and I attended the national championship game in 1987 in Detroit. They were horrible in Gino's later years, but after the hiring of Dean Blais, became a national power again in 1996, winning the title in Milwaukee in 1997, which I attended. Since that time, they have been consistently good, except for the 1st year they moved into the new REA. I was in Providence when they won in 2000, and attended a number of other Frozen Fours during Dave Hakstol's tenure. They came up short a number of times, but at least were always in the NCAA tournament, and usually in the Frozen Four (7 of Hakstol's 11 years as coach). I have seen ups and downs, but the current state of UND hockey is concerning. After 15 consecutive appearances, UND missed last year. That is not insignificant because UND also hosted in Sioux Falls. I strongly suspect that they will miss again this year, and this one will hurt even more because we are the host team in Fargo. It is not unfair for persons to question whether Brad Berry is the correct coach for this program. UND has the best facilities in the country, great tradition, a long history of winning, and probably sends as many student-athletes to the pros as any program in the country. Before the weekend at Canisius, I preached patience. I was always a fan of Dave Hakstol, who is an excellent coach who always at least had us in the conversation for a national championship. He is also a very classy guy and represented UND very well. I'm not one to react to firing every coach who has a tough year and fans who suggested Dave Hakstol should be fired was laughable to me. However, I have to say that the sweep by Canisius was probably the most embarassing weekend of UND hockey that I have ever experienced. To lose to an Atlantic Hockey team is one thing (UND was 26-0 before this weekend against Atlantic Hockey teams), but to get beat by a weak team like Canisius is difficult to comprehend. To get swept by Canisius is almost incomprehensible. I understand that the great team of 1986-87 with Hrkac and Joyce lost to a bad team from San Diego coached by Buetow, but that happens occasionally with a very talented team. They still finished 40-8. Since the Canisius weekend, they have blown 2 goal leads to CC and Omaha, 2 weak teams. It cost them on Saturday in a must-win game. If that is not a product of coaching, I don't know what it is. I truly believe that Brad Berry should be on a very short leash. Hockey is the lifeline for UND sports. I realize that he has top end recruits coming in, but I see a trend. UND underachieved 2 years ago with Tyson Jost and Brock Boeser in the lineup and barely made the tournament. Last year, they missed the tournament with better players than most of the teams in the tournament. They almost certainly will miss the NCAA tournament again this year after going 0-2-1 against Bemidji State and Canisius. I'm not confident that this team will make it to the NCHC Frozen Faceoff. If they don't, the subject of replacing Brad Berry should be seriously considered. I also understand that Brad Berry is a good guy and has a 4 year contract that makes it difficult to replace him. Frankly, that shouldn't matter if this team misses the tournament again, especially with the team hosting in Fargo again. We don't want to become Minnesota where the stands have been 1/2 empty for several years. We can't afford to let this program suffer for long. If they don't turn this around and make the tournament this year, UND needs to seriously look at replacing Brad Berry or at least having him on a very short leash. I know this opinion is not popular among all of the faithful UND hockey fans, but when people stop showing up for games, and revenue starts shrinking, they will see why some feel the way that many of us do.
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    NFL overtime is like a shootout in hockey
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    Nope. Just posting on a Wentz thread that someone else started. Just a proud uncle of a guy who does a lot of great things in this world besides playing football. Again sorry if that annoys you.