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    Thanks for the post. Everybody here is super excited to take on the Cougars. Congrats on the win over Wyoming this week.
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    Keaton Studsrud was tough as $h!t and one helluva leader. Kind of guy you want all your players (and off the field as men) to be like. Love that kid.
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    A few things after being at the game: Amazing experience. Had the opportunity "sailgate" on a really impressive boat before the game. Once in a lifetime. (It's good to know people who know people.) OLine - better than I expected and played pretty solid pass protection. Run blocking was tougher, but overall I'm encouraged. DLine & LBs - Solid pressure all game. It wasn't Sack City, but UWs QB was harrassed and took a number of good hits. Run D - back to where this team was 2-3 years ago. WR - just like last week, separation was hard to get. RB - I'm not sure Brady was hurt. He got a few carries later in the game, which tells me he was in the penalty box for something. DB - Gotta tighten up that outside coverage. On to Texas. Can't wait!
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    Defensive coordinator Clayton Carlin vs Herman Munster
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    To some on this board Bubba is getting more criticism than his total record deserves. Possibly. Here's my two cents. Bubba seems insistent on running a 1980's scheme. When you do that, you need to be successful because watching this scheme fail is brutal. He seems strangely and frustratingly inflexible in his outlook - even when he doesn't have the personnel to match and has shown a real reluctance to make in-game adjustments. He has selected perhaps the only human being who is less introspective as his O coordinator. Bubba would make a great D coordinator, but it's frustrating to have a Head Coach who seems to use much of his game-time thinking on calculating how far back we could put the other team if we punted from where we have the ball. This is not to say he hasn't made positive strides with this program - especially the 2016 season (minus the playoff game). I think we played our butts off at Washington - I just wish Bubba wanted to play to win instead of playing it safe. That punt call summarizes Bubba in a nutshell - you could make argument that it was technically a correct call, but only if you don't factor in the game situation. We are playing a PAC - 10 team on the road and are driving and giving them a game of it. We are playing with house money - for the love of all that's holy, play to win. To me, it's his inflexibility more than his record. We need to take the next step real soon. Perhaps at Sam Houston. We all want him to succeed (and loosen up a bit).
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    So I'm assuming when they preview the NDSU game vs Cal-Poly they will show a pic from a previous year of UND v. Cal-Poly. This game should be all about UND not who MVSU has played in the past. The Herald just pisses me off.
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    I coach high school boys basketball and I remember several years ago when we had a weak team and played a team that was far superior in terms of both talent and size. We played our guts out for the entire game, but still ended up losing by 17. After the game in the handshake line, as I shook the opposing coach's hand I could tell that he was not real happy with his squad and that he had gained a lot of respect for ours, as the only thing that he said (grunted) was "Way to compete!" Those three words are one of the biggest compliments that I've ever received as a coach.
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    As a service to ForumComm, here's a photo they can use to preview Cal Poly at NDSU this weekend.
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    You could save your beer money and donate that. I am sure a pledge for a sizable amount could be arranged..... just an option. Better yet, get the GOBC to pledge their beer money..... you guys could drink warm tea during the games.
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    Tents can be nice for shade on hot days an possible rain. If you get used to setting up a tent and get a good system to hold it down I’d say it’s worth it to have. A grill and cooler and table/bar make life always better. Throw in some games to play and it’s a great time. Here is the rig we use, works awesome.
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    First time for me doing this...it has taken me 45 minutes and had to not use the iphone Head Coach Keeler AND Mr. Rogers.... I could not find a photo of the coach smiling and I couldn't find one of Mr. Rogers NOT smiling!!
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    Carter Starcke and Phil Collins (in the air tonight)
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    Mitchell Watanabe Wooly Willy
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    First off a huge tip of the cap to Steve Greer. He played his ass off yesterday and was disruptive all game. I’ve !@#$ on him in the past for not putting on enough weight and for being barely just a warm body even though I had expectations for him coming out of hs. He earned my respect yesterday and I hope he keeps it up all season. The front seven was for real yesterday. Would have liked to see more than just pressure though. We need to actually get home and lay the wood on the qb. The secondary was outclassed for most of the game. Harris moves better this week but still seems to be a liability. Blubaugh looks much improved from last year and has some dog in him, hopefully he can start to find the ball in the air now as he still struggles down field. Overall, the d outperformed expectations for three quarters then ran out of gas thanks to the hapless offense. It appears the o will only succeed when playing inferior competition. Toivonen is a D2 wr, I’m sure he works hard and is a good kid but he’s too damn slow. It’s inexcusable to not throw some speed in their. We needed one of the little guys in the slot to be a reliable outlet. The lack of aggression on offense yesterday was pathetic. We need to always be in attack mode on both sides of the ball. The kicking situation is alarming to say the least. It’d be one thing if he was blasting the ball and just missing but the ball does not jump off his foot. It’s ugly and laborious. Kicking is like golf, a proper swing is fast and effortless and the ball should explode on impact. I am very concerned about this and agree with UNDbiz that it will most likely cost us a game or two which could mean watching the playoffs from home again. This is unacceptable. Gotta have a competent backup at all positions. If the offense shows up next week we should be able to win.
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    The success of the D was frankly shocking to me. First TD was all on offense after the fumble. They were controlling the line of scrimmage for the most part for the first 3 quarters, Harris is back, and their play gave me hope for some big things this season.
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    Finally it’s here. The redemption tour starts today vs the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils aka The Delta Dozen.
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    You know, despite the score right now, I can't say that I'm all that encouraged by this game. There's a whole lot that needs to be corrected before facing better competition.
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    Thanks. Excited to watch UND football. Excited for this season. Not a parent. A relative tho. Noah has helped us become committed UND football fans. Hoping for a better season than last year. Good Luck.
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    #51 Tre Ockman Color Me Badd - Bryan Abrams
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    Some pretty nice improvements all around for football games this year. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2018/8/23/und-and-spectra-reveal-improvements-for-2018-football-season.aspx
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    Zack Kinninger Willie Robertson
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    I fully expect a win next week barring any major injuries. I really think this team should compete and win against SHSU. Today’s score doesn’t tell the full story of the game and there WERE some positives.
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    This - To be brutally honest our program has been wandering in the wilderness for quite a long time while the knuckleheads to the south have had unprecedented success. We are desperately wanting to compete again. That's why a sloppy win isn't satisfying. We really want to see an assignment sharp, hard hitting, crisp football team with schemes to match our personnel. That's why fans have been so hard on the team. It's time (and I'm not saying that can't be the rest of this season) - starting with this week.
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    I'm so pumped for Gameday! I can't believe its almost here!