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    It is with a heavy, heavy heart that I announce that our very own sprig passed away this past Friday. I spoke with his son a few moments ago and he asked me to post an announcement on the SiouxSports.com board. HIs obituary is below: http://www.amundsonfuneralhome.com/obituary/timothy-kessler Tim Kessler was one of the biggest Sioux fans I have ever met. I spoke with him many a time at WCHA Final Fives and NCHC Frozen Faceoffs. He was also a regular at our annual Hoggsbreath brunches and I enjoyed chatting hockey with him whenever I got the chance. To the family, as I know you'll be reading this, please know that you are all in our prayers. @sprig , you will most certainly be missed by your friends here on the message board. May God bless you as He welcomes you home. Goodbye, my friend.
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    Sioux/Hawk Nation...... Just wanted to add a positive comment following the tough series loss last night. I'm a Denver parent of a UND football player.....We put on our kelly green and attended Saturday night.... I'm not aware how well it came across on the streamed broadcast, but if you weren't there you'd have been SO very impressed with both the size and volume of the Dakota faithful...... On several occasions we "owned" the arena with the "LET'S GO SIOUX - LET'S GO SIOUX"..... It was our first UND hockey game.... and got goose bumps as we sat in the end section with that Sea of Green. Our hearts went out to the Seniors as we watched the finality of their last season set in (as they consoled each other on the ice at games end)..... The bar is set high with UND hockey...I get that, but there should be acknowledgement for how hard they battled last night. Guts and heart. We left disappointed but PROUD of where our son goes to school.....and SO excited for 2019 Fightin' Hawk football !!! Congrats to UND Hockey this season........... you have 2 new fans for life.
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    More than 15 years ago, I used to spend time here defending the program, as it had stumbled after Mr. Blais's two titles. Then I defended Mr. Hakstol, who was a terrific GM and coach who just barely failed to win national titles. I feel that Mr. Hakstol's main problem was that he built teams to win seven-game series, rather than a single-game elimination tournament. With a different format, he probably wins titles in 2004, 2005 and 2011, perhaps also 2006 and 2007, and maybe a few others. But it's tiring defending the program on the internet, so I haven't lately. Now I feel the need again, and it's comical that some of the detractors are the same ones who were on Mr. Hakstol's case, and who probably were Mr. Berry's biggest fans almost three years ago. Also, sadly, some current detractors are long-time reasonable fans that have surprised me. I feel that the state of the program is not materially different than it was under Mr. Hakstol. UND had a run of NHL first-round talent at forward from 2002-2008, and again from 2014-2017. In between, the teams usually looked a lot like this one, with more skill up front but less at defense, but with a similar tight-checking style of play. But "two missed NCAAs!" 2018 was basically no different from a number of seasons under Mr. Hakstol. Pairwise #14 usually gets in, and last year it didn't. From a rational evaluation standpoint, that's the same kind of season UND had a few times during the NCAA streak. This season, although they may still qualify, it seems more likely that they actually miss with a Pairwise finish between 15-20. But a top 20 Pairwise is not a sign of a program in disarray. How has the team played at the end of the year for Mr. Berry? In 2016, but for 25 minutes against Denver, they put on a four-game clinic. In 2017, they absolutely dominated BU and suffered a fate that is exhibit A for how dumb this sport can be. They didn't allow a shot on goal for the entire first overtime period, they actually scored in overtime but had the goal dubiously reversed, and ultimately two future NHL stars combined to score a goal against them. In 2018, they played a very good St. Cloud team into overtime before losing, then beat Duluth in a game that Duluth felt it needed to win to get into the NCAA tournament, which it won three weeks later. UND was basically playing as well as the best teams in the country in March. This season, it just finished four weeks against teams ranked something like #1,3,5 and 9 nationally. They split with SCSU, dominating them 5-1 one night; Lost a "hot goalie" game 2-1, with Denver's goalie stopping 45 of 46, before tying the next night; Split with WMU, dominating them 5-1 one night. Split with Duluth, dominating them 4-1 once. That was in Denver without Poolman, and against Duluth without their goalie and essentially what would have been one of their two scoring lines in Jones, Mismash and JJ. With the "hot goalie" and injuries, you can say "excuses." Whatever word you want to use, a level-headed analysis considers the actual facts of the situation, and those are occurrences that likely affected the outcomes. To be fair, St. Cloud had ill players when they got waxed, and all teams deal with injuries. Even setting aside these mitigating circumstances, the truth, both from the results and the play on the ice, is that UND is playing just as well as the top teams in the country. Could a program in disarray do that? The main things I read here are: 1) They are much less talented than nearly everyone. 2) They are poorly coached. 3) They don't show up. Given that they are playing as well as the best teams in the country, those three things cannot all be true. All of those deficiencies would doom a team, they would be like Canisius (!). In fact, even just one of them probably makes a team uncompetitive against top opponents. Which suggests that actually none of them are accurate. Of course Canisius will ultimately be the reason they fail to qualify for the tournament, if that happens. It is unfortunately another one of those things that happen in hockey. The much-derided shots on goal actually do usually reflect play, and if you drop two games when you outshoot the opponent 82-30, you just shake your head and try to make up for it the next week. I'm personally proud of how they have persevered, the coaches and players. My timing for this post may be off, because I suspect next weekend maybe as tough or tougher than the last four. CC has been consistently good, and at times excellent, since Christmas, and they are hungry and playing at altitude. I still expect another strong effort from UND, both this weekend and for the rest of the year. I also think the next three or four years look to continue the run of excellence that started in about 1996, with only a few dips along the way.
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    You guys played an outstanding game. Best of luck the rest of the season, and I look forward to a rematch in the playoffs!
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    Probably the biggest win in UND history in the D1 era and people are really on here complaining? Yeah we didn’t do much in the second half till the TD drive. But, we were playing arguably the most successful team in the FCS in the past decade not named NDSU. They are the 5th ranked team in the FCS and had a 21 game home win streak. We beat a very good football team on the road. Can we just celebrate for 5 mins before the naysayers come on here diminishing a great win?!!
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    Wow so Bubba's 3rd year he had us in the playoffs, ahead of most peoples schedule, then we take a step back last year with a rash of injuries (yes it's an excuse but it's also fact I don't need a post from you telling me injuries aren't an excuse) and now we should assume it will be a rarity for UND to ever make the playoffs under Bubba. Whatever. We get snubbed from playoffs in his second season, top 8 seed his 3rd year, then don't make the playoffs last year. If you average the last 3 years not sure how you come up with it will be a rarity UND will make the playoffs under Bubba. Even many NDSU people think we should have made the playoffs that year, so if we didn't get screwed that is 2 of the last 3 years in the playoffs. I'm sure others on here would agree.....we expect to make the playoffs every year going forward. Yeah Bubba should have signed better lineman in that class when 95% of recruits already new where they were going by the time he was hired. Fall camp is here, most of us are excited. Yes we do still have questions and concerns....but can you just stop for a while and let this season playout, or at least start? Three negative posts from you before noon today already.....we get it.
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    2019-2020 wish list: put away the black jerseys for a while. Let’s not embarrass our tradition anymore by breaking them out for “must-win” games 20 times a year.
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    Top Ten Reasons the Gopher fans didn't come: 10. Too busy rowing at the football game. 9. There's a lot to do on Saturday's in Minnesota; hockey just doesn't matter. 8. There was a Wild game on Thursday. 7. There's an election coming up in 10 days. 6. Vegas isn't any fun anyway. 5. Mourning the departure of Lucia. 4. They are so stoked for Big Ten season that nonconference games are just meh. 3. Their most dedicated fans were told by Twin Cities police not to leave town. 2. There's beer and gambling in Minnesota too, doncha know. 1. Maybe all their fans did come.
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    Some quick hitters after returning from Houston.... - Offense looked good in the first half and half of the 4th quarter. Third quarter was tough to watch. Credit to Rudy for 2/3 of the game and the players for executing. It's a step in the right direction. - Thankfully the defense played great and gave the offense a chance to win it at the end. You train all winter, spring, and summer for the chance to have a game winning drive in the 4th quarter and they did it. - You train all winter, spring, and summer for the chance to stop a game winning drive in the 4th quarter and they did that, too. - Nice to see these kind words from the SH head coach: "Their tailback is phenomenal, their quarterback is really good, their offensive line is great, they’re very well coached…and you know that’s kind of where it’s at." - Most thought we'd need to get some turnovers to win. We didn't and still won. - Rudy's third down call on the game winning drive, a swing pass to Brady, looked from my angle like it was going to score. It appeared to be a great call that wasn't executed. - Ket struggles with quick outs; hopefully he relaxes going forward and sets his feet. It appears he's not comfortable throwing it; perhaps he's thrown a pick six with that throw at Sac St. and it spooked him? I'm not sure. - On the other hand his bomb in the 4th quarter was gorgeous. - What else can you say about Holm's play yesterday. He was fantastic. - Kostich is the best recruiter on the staff, the kids relate to him as well as any coach on the team, and he should absolutely not be fired, but he has to get the special teams fixed immediately. I'm not talking about the place kicker; that's not on Kostich, that's more because the kid is a true freshman and D1 is a big step up from HS. I think he'll be fine (there has already been improvement). I am talking about the other facets of the special teams. From my view the player off of the line doubled the SH player coming up the middle with Aplin instead of hitting the guy on the outside which led to the block. As we all know normally the percentages say we should lose that game when you get a punt blocked and we are fortunate the the offense and defense picked up the slack (especially the defense immediately after the block). - I was at both the Washington game and the SHSU game and there is no comparison between the wide receivers at both schools. I'd take SH's wide outs here at UND in a heart beat, but the Washington WRs are heads and shoulders better than SH's and it's nowhere close in my opinion. - We were missing Mortel, Waletzko got hurt during the game, and we still gained 187 yards on the ground. Hats off to the OL who look like they are beginning to play as a unit even while rotating players. Maybe last year had something to do with the fact that the line had 4 first year starters? I'll answer that, yes, that's why they struggled last year. Lots to improve on this year but they are headed in the right direction. - Who would have thought we'd have 76 more total yards of offense than SH? Amazing effort by the defense. - I was pretty surprised at all of the negative comments on this site following perhaps the biggest win of the D1 era here at UND. I'm glad there is passion but my goodness. Enjoy it for a while, everyone. This was the game that many here said they "had to have," and they did it. The mood at the game was absolute elation and joy, and to come here and see complaining was a real head shaker. - Beat ISU!!
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    Thanks for the post. Everybody here is super excited to take on the Cougars. Congrats on the win over Wyoming this week.
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    For being such a supposed "terrible" president, he sure has managed to impress and garner interest from some pretty big name schools during his tenure at UND. Almost like people had a personal vendetta instead of looking at some of the stuff that was accomplished, particularly in the face of the budget mess.
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    My first post on SiouxSports after following my friend sprig for years. His family and friends greatly appreciate your kind words and condolences. He was a wealth of knowledge of Sioux hockey and a true fan in the best sense of the word. My first hockey game experience was with him in the old barn in 1971 and have never looked back. Watching Rube Bjorkman walk on the dasher in front of the Sioux bench in the brand new Winter Sports Center in our treasured seats above one of the exits (the better to hide our drinks). The list is endless. Several years ago at a game with the four of us old friends, he retrieved a puck that came over the Engelstad boards and gave it to a little girl behind us. After the game at the Speedway, a woman came up to him and identified him as the guy who gave the puck to the little girl who was in her family and had suffered a tragic family event, and how much that puck had meant to her. That was Tim. ‘A sprig is not just any duck but a northern pintail, a beautiful bird. A fitting avatar for a beautiful human being. I am a better man for knowing him. yzerman says it well.
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    I’m Steve Greer’s dad and want to thank you all for your support and criticism. A fire needs fuel! We need a fire under UND and it begins with you all. Had many great times in your awesome town and the Alerus Center is second to none. The Championship was an incredible ride that we will never forget. That team was un-stoppable. The hospitality you showed us was remarkable. We will forever have a soft spot in our hearts for our friends up north. Thanks for the memories and we will always be UND fans! Nice that the conference change will bring UND closer to St. Louis soon. Looking forward to many years to come and re-visiting GF. BTW...we need more NG’s. I raise a glass to you all! Steve Greer Sr.
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    Does UND have an elite hockey team this year? No. Does UND have an elite hockey program? Yes.
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    I think JJ should take a DNA test. Just wondering if there is any finish in that guy.
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    It was a nice service. One of his buddies from college eulogized him and it was very cool. It’s seems we spend our whole adult lives saying goodbye to people love and admire. Tim was was one of the good ones. One of those people that I admired. My heart feels a little emptier today. It was kind of neat to know that he will be burried in his Sioux Jersey. @sprig Rest In Peace.
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    Definitely the bitching about a hashtag.
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    Dude, !@#$ yourself, this is a huge moment in a kids life and you’re shitting on him. Have you watched him play? He hasn’t even stepped foot on campus. I’m happy to have a qb, we needed one in this class.
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    This is not a feel-good post and I know there are some who will trash it, but I want to start by sharing a story about John Gagliardi, the winningest coach in college football history from St. John's, MN. The story goes that when he felt his team needed a perspective-check he used to hold a quarter up to the sun and say that the quarter was their football career and the sun was their life and that they needed to keep that in perspective. Damn that loss on Saturday was probably among the top ones in disappointment in the FCS era. Mostly because of my expectations of what i wanted these kids to accomplish for themselves. For me it's a day of tailgating and football, I don't have film to watch on Sunday or a test on Monday and I didn't spend my summer in a weight room. I will choose to be there on Saturday and holler just the same during the Hawk Walk and game. I know the crowd will be small, the student section will be empty. If/When changes are made I know the staff understands that is part of being a coach and as a fan i know it means having patience and keeping the faith. I want the seniors to enjoy their last home game, I want the rest of the team to have a coaching staff that will help them look to the future with optimism and dedication. At the end of the day they are student-athletes. Damn that one stung...how I react is a reflection on me and my ability to keep it in perspective.
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    Will a search for his successor be conducted, or will the Englestad Foundation be appointing someone?
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    Don’t take this constructive criticism the wrong way, but, you guys suck at running things.
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    People bitching about a 41-14 win. Priceless.
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    D Back Fondereaux Wilson Dog in car window
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    Keaton Studsrud was tough as $h!t and one helluva leader. Kind of guy you want all your players (and off the field as men) to be like. Love that kid.
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    Wow! Another article on a former UND women's player...I think B-Rad has now written more articles on the women's team since they disbanded than when they were actually playing.
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    Scheel's Net from here until further notice
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    Hey lets bash these guys after they beat the #5 team in FCS who have double the wins as UND the last five years because everyone on this board could coach the team better. WTF - be happy for day.
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    I finally feel like we are now winning the trade war with China
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    Couldn't get away fast enough from reporting a starting fullback getting popped by an NCAA drug test before the championship game though.
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    On the bright side, props to Austin Gordon. Stuck behind Oliviera and Santiago, had to sit a year, change positions.. to defense, and he still stuck with the program. Hoping his patience pays off and he makes a huge splash this year for his senior season.
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    The UND program was so important to them that instead of committing to their hometown team right out of High School, the decided to go to an already established program at Minnesota so they could better their chances of making Team USA. The fact that the team had little notice when the program was shut down falls all on Idalski. Everyone at UND knew about the budget cuts that had to be made and every coach at UND knew that cuts had to be made in the Athletic Department and that there was a big possibility of programs being cut. Heck, even some bums on a fan message knew what the costs of every sport at UND was. You can't tell me that Idalski didn't see the WIH program being cut was a very realic option. The fact that he didn't prepare his players for that outcome or even discuss that is his fault. When the Lammy Twins went out and made public statements to the media ripping UND, Kennedy, etc, I lost all respect for them. I get it. they were part of the program and the knew most if not all the girls on the team. But there is a mature, respectful way to respond and then there is the immature, childish, temper tantrum way the Lammy twins responded to the entire situation. I respect them as players and what they have accomplished on the ice. But as far as them as people, they have lost all my respect and likely many others with their behavior.
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    UND should see a substantial check in the mail from KEM any day now!!
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    True, he did more to set the University up for success in less than 3 than Bakker, Kupcake and Kelley did in 20 combined.
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    I walked up to the dad and apologized for her behavior.
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    No matter how hard some try to push SDSU as our true rival I just cant digest that one. When I played they were just another game. Mankato State was given higher regard than SDSU. Now--granted SDSU has a much better FB team. The only thing that get me excited is its good competition. The Marker doesnt mean squat to me. When it comes to UND it matters not if you are good or bad , we need to kick your butt and be done with it. Its that simple. UND will always be our rival. When we start playing each other again I dont think it will take too long for the youngsters to catch on. They are going to have some very good teachers.
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    As a group, many of you came in unheralded. Many of you will leave as legends. Thank you for busting your ass for this program. It’s a shame things didn’t work out better, you guys deserved more than one shot at the playoffs and you deserved better coaching. Thanks for the great memories and for leaving the program better than you found it.
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    The reason I don't attend as many football games now is because the Alerus is an extra mile roundtrip from my house and requires I take 2 left turns instead of only 1 left turn to get to The Ralph. That's a lot of extra gas money waiting for those turns and I want to be able to afford to pay for college for my daughter.
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    This isn't a Kennedy issue, this is a McGarry issue. This is repeated behavior from her. She feels like she is entitled to run UND and UNLV due to the size of her pocket book. You're not Dictator McGarry... sorry! She rescinded a $14 million dollar donation from UNLV's med school, because the president was pushed out by the board of reagents. https://lasvegassun.com/news/2018/mar/14/concern-regents-leadership-unlv-med-school-funding/ "Kris Engelstad McGarry said the Engelstad Family Foundation had offered its $14 million gift on the contingency that Jessup and the medical school’s dean, Barbara Atkinson, would remain in place. Amid reports this week that Jessup was exploring opportunities elsewhere after facing pressure from some members of the Nevada Board of Regents, Engelstad McGarry said she was upset to learn that one of the regents’ complaints was about the contingency clause. She said the regents interpreted the provision as an attempt by Jessup to protect his job or somehow otherwise benefit from donor funding." I don't see how rescinding a $14 million dollar donation to the med school helps the students at UNLV. She is full of bull, and quite frankly, I think this shows that Kennedy has the balls to stand up for what he believes is best for the university. She acts like a lobbyist does to a politician.
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    Montana, the team that lost to Western Ill., and Montana St. beat Western Ill if anyone noticed. Sac St. and Cal Poly rushed all over the Griz. Cal Poly turned the ball over too much including a fumble 6. The Griz run D is so bad it managed to make Smok'n Joe Perothroe look relevant again. (He's not) NDSU made Cal Poly look like a high school team. Let's stop creaming our pants about Montana, we could not have played any worse our last few meetings and barring major injuries in our bye week we will be healthy. I swear half our posters man crush on the Griz. We better win this frickin game!!
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    Apparently that’s not allowed with the people on this forum. Nothing is ever good enough. Notice how many times the word “need” is included in game predictions on this forum. “Need” to win by a certain amount. “Need” to get the ball to certain players. “Need” to win big in order to excite the fan base. The only thing this team “needs” to do is win, not satisfy artificial milestones on a fan forum. And when they do win I hope you all can set aside whatever frustrations you had during the game and enjoy the victory. Today wasn’t a perfect day but it sure was a good day.
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    Sounds like Harris may have been signed by the Redskins after the mini camp.
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    Sorry hockey parents, but overall you guys are the worst group, it’s a wonder we still have coaches voluntarily wanting to coach and officials willing to work anymore. Parents of all sports are creating a shortage of officials and coaches willing to volunteer, but sorry hockey moms and dads you guys top the list!
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    The changing narrative has me confused what I'm supposed to think about Montana. In 2016 the narrative was that UND was "lucky" to not have them on the schedule. Montana ended the season at 6-5 (including a win over UNI) and 3-5 conference record. In 2018, they will finish at 7-4 or 6-5 (including a win over UNI) and either 5-3 or 4-4 in conference play but somehow they aren't even considered a quality team. No sort of double standard going on there...
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    Questions for her: 1. Why the hate for Mark Kennedy? Put some facts out there for us. 2. When did that family ever contribute to areas other than hockey? She comes off as a spoiled brat, and even more unlikeable than Kennedy. At least Kennedy supports the entire campus at UND, not just a sports program. Of course, she has a right to donate however she wants. Just sooo sick of it. #oneUND
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    I think the new Nickel trophy would work using a replica of the current 5 cent piece: Monticello - the farm house - representing NDSU. Jefferson - representing UND - the guy that owns the farm.
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    That sounds great to me. Lets make a deal: we watch the season play out and reconvene in late November. Now log off and we'll see you around Turkey time.
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