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  2. So they are. Ooops, Easily confused these days I guess. At least I did have the cities right.
  3. College Hockey News @chnews Expect news soon on a name for the new conference for the 7 teams leaving the WCHA. Don't be surprised if it's a familiar name.
  4. I personally don't think it will be that many. Atlantic Hockey, obviously. The ECAC and WCHA are the most vulnerable because they only have two at large qualifiers right now, which means that if any other team wins the tournament, that's another spot. Right now the B1G really only has PSU and Ohio St. as qualifiers with Minnesota on the bubble, but I think that if Minnesota, Michigan or maybe even Michigan St played their way into a conference title, they'd also probably be in the top 15. Same for WMU in the NCHC.
  5. For those in the know what’s the best guess on the number of teams that make the tourney not in the top 16 because they win their conference tourney
  6. Interesting, didn’t know they have Pairwise calculator. I will have to take a look.
  7. The NE is in Worcester and the East is in Albany.
  8. How is Mich/Mich St not on BTN tonight.
  9. Today
  10. Actually the games tonight are very interesting for the teams in the 15-18 spots of the Pairwise. Just playing around with the calculator at CHN shows these results: CC and Mich St win 15 MN 16 WMU 17 Mass-Lowell CC and Michigan win 15 WMU 16 Mass-Lowell 17 MN AF and Mich St win 15 Mass-Lowell 16 MN 17 Quinnipiac 18 WMU AF and Michigan win 15 Mass-Lowell 16 MN 17 WMU 18 Quinnipiac
  11. COVID-19 causing ... a stick shortage? https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/hockey/article-chinas-manufacturing-shutdown-has-nhl-players-strapped-for-sticks/ Bring back Christian Brothers sticks made in Warroad!
  12. Curious to your thoughts on sending Cornell to the East rather than NE. Ithaca is closer to Albany and ECAC is the host at the regional. Attendance?
  13. Stillwater Area grad here... Business seems to be doing quite well out there, both big box and boutique/specialty. Their Target could use a relocation to a larger space if one was available; tough to be buttoned up with that strip they're in. Not familiar with WBL enough to know about business there.
  14. According to this, there are tenants lined up for the new building in Grand Sky that is to be complete by June, but they won't say who yet. Grand Sky celebrates five years, looks to future growth https://www.grandforksherald.com/business/4953817-Grand-Sky-celebrates-five-years-looks-to-future-growth
  15. NE 1 UND 16 AIC 8 Mass 12 B - State East 3 Cornell 14 Maine 6 BC 11 ASU M - West 2 MSU - M 15 Minn 7 Clark 10 Penn West 4 UMD 13 OSU 5 DU 9 NE Swapped 9 and 12 (only option in third band) to avoid HE first round match up.
  16. Couple games tonight, not sure what the Mich/Mich State game does to PairWise and the Gophers current spot. I think the Gophers will win the Big 10 tournament.
  17. Yup. AIC would have bumped them with an auto-bid. Minnesota getting the B1G auto-bid bumps #15 UM-Lowell.
  18. I too am looking for Saturday night tickets, 2 of them. Anybody knows of any please PM me. Thanks
  19. Minnesota 16 pairwise in both CNN & USCO.
  20. I'm fine with a teammate trying to prevent the "matching minor" from being given. I'm fine with Thome being the guy as long as the puck is under control and play is stopped before. (First things first.)
  21. A new week, a new guess. Bemidji up to 12th, current conference leaders given auto-bids (AIC , Minn). Cornell placed NE as ECAC host. Tried to maintain bracket integrity. Swapped UMass and Clarkson to avoid 1st round conflict. Northeast - Albany 1) Cornell 2) BC 3) ASU 4) Maine East-Worcester 1) North Dakota 2) UMass 3) Bemidji 4) AIC Midwest - Allentown 1) Mankato 2) Clarkson 3) Penn State 4) Minnesota West - Loveland 1) Duluth 2) Denver 3) Northeastern 4) Ohio State I could see the committee swapping Minn with Maine or AIC....
  22. About Brink: Was Smith going for the poke-check. Yes. Was Smith intentionally (key word, see above) leaving his feet to go into Brink's legs? No. Did Brink turn his back to an attacker? Yes. Watch the replay. The big problem is Brink caught the toe of a skate because he really wasn't back on balance after the initial twitch of balance that threw him off. If the toe didn't catch, Brink goes down, Brink hops up, and Brink hammers the next pass that comes his way. How it is now, I wish him a speedy recovery. (It's not good for the league to have injured stars.)
  23. Why did it seem like the puck was hopping off or slipping off of everyone's stick this weekend? Caulfield had "Crisco-stick" a couple times in front. So did a couple defensemen. Mitchell for DU had it at (for them at least) the worst possible time.
  24. With all due respect, Mr. Shaw, some changes were definitely necessary - and perhaps overdue.
  25. The freshmen on this team are talented and are going to get better. Leet was player making the jump this year in what she had learned in past couple of seasons and not having her has hurt this team defensively and offensively. Jaclyn Jarnot has struggled as the season has gone along and I don't know the reason for this but I have seen this with other players under Brew. I wonder if it not where these players are put in position to succeed and soon loose confidence in there game. I don't see how we haven't addressed the turnover issue this has been problem now for at least 4 years and has been getting worse. This last game we had 28 turnovers to Western Illinois 15 reflecting 13 minus turnover at over a point a turnover this alone is where we lost this game. Not to mention amount of fouls we commit a game and points given up on fouls. Pretty hard to overcome these two areas and win a basketball game. This game is not only game where this has been happening for UND and I have seen no addressing this either in there play or even coaching staff talking about it. I still like this team and they have a lot of talent if it is used right but right now were off track with style of basketball were trying to play especially in the Summit league.
  26. I can't recall hearing of a game where fans were still showing up and other fans were already leaving? Be a few barrels of ink used on this one.
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