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  2. It still sucks. It's not going away soon. If there's anything that has been absolutely consistent throughout this institutions history, it's tweaking the logos representing the athletic teams. Maybe the next tweak is an improvement.
  3. As long as Mike Hawk likes her.... ummm
  4. Knew he wasn't going to the Wild.
  5. https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/dynamic-duo-of-running-backs-reunited-at-bombers-training-camp-510353692.html
  6. They can play in the All Seasons as it holds about 5k (if they can work out an agreement with the management). Finding the money to fund it is the question .
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  8. You guys should be following your T&F athletes. Molly Detloff had the 4th best hammer throw at the NCAA West Prelims in Sacramento today. She'll be heading to the nationals in Texas in June. Kyley Foster will be competing in the pole vault tomorrow. https://dt8v5llb2dwhs.cloudfront.net/West/index.htm
  9. Dang, too bad he wasn't with them again this year, would have really given us a reason to watch the Bombers with 3 guys playing. Looking forward to trying to check out some of Brady and John playing though.
  10. TBR

    Former Players

    I understand that W. Dressler played for Winnipeg last year but is now a free agent. Anybody know anything about where he is projected to end up this year?
  11. TBR

    Former Players

    I would presume that just as with the NFL , rookies will see alot of playing time during the preseason.
  12. Twins win. Indians lose. Twins now have the biggest division lead in baseball at 8.0 games. Twins are 17 games above .500, with a +90 run differential. Indians are 1 game above .500, with a -1 run differential.
  13. Back on topic with the question of this thread title.......
  14. McKenzie County now produces more oil than any other county in the USA. The Permian Basin produces much more oil than the Bakken, but those counties tend to be much smaller. https://www.kvia.com/news/new-mexico/report-2-new-mexico-counties-among-top-oil-producers-in-us/1079453769
  15. Looks fine to me. Not sure what the problem is...
  16. Pretty sure it would be cost prohibitive to expand. Bound in on one side by the rest of the complex, and Burdick Expressway and Highway 2/52 Bypass on two other sides. It’s a nice little arena though.
  17. Being there are the Gophers in Mn, that kind of ruins it for me as for the present. Although, having the Flickertails as our 1st nickname is great. And, having the Sioux as our 2nd nickname is a grand slam. Time will only tell what my grandson may post on here regarding the nicknames, he graduated from kindergarten today?
  18. What a highlight reel today. I'm slowly putting more man hours each week into this effort! Cleveland loses, Twins up by 8 games.
  19. My Great Grandfather was a flickertail. Would have rather we returned to that nickname.
  20. A&W a casualty of the Memorial Union closure.
  21. Very, it's fun to look how things have played out since then. Couple things that stuck out. Nailed their Top 3 Caulfield ranked much higher than he would be now Cole Caufield at 45 Bobby Brink at 65 Overall though, a pretty solid list looking back at it
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