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  3. The WHO put a halt on trials of hydroxychloroquine after the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine published studies based on data from Surgisphere. The Lancet article was used by Fauci to claim that HCQ doesn't work. The only problem is that the data from Surgisphere was completely made up. There are only five employees in Surgishpere. One of the employees, who is listed as a science editor, is a science fiction author and fantasy artist. Another employee, listed as a marketing executive, is an adult model. If you need anymore evidence that Fauci is an absolute fraud and needs to be fired, then I don't know what to tell you.
  4. February 1 thru May 30 CDC reports 165 COVID (related) deaths age 24 and under. 4 months.....165 deaths. When are we going to let this demographic start living again because most of them are too young to protest, loot or riot?
  5. Apparently, Robert Morris might get added to the Horizon this month and the MVFC might have to cancel RMU vs MVFC games.
  6. Turns out, that scientific data was complete and utter nonsense. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/03/covid-19-surgisphere-who-world-health-organization-hydroxychloroquine
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  8. Do we still need 20 million coronavirus tests a day to reopen?
  9. If she wasn't a North Dakota fan, I think she is now.
  10. 2020 Football Season thread concentrate! focus! we can do it!!
  11. You're a little late to the party Petey. Thanks for playing.
  12. We say it all the time in the sports fan realm, so let's say it: We can not judge all < group identifier > by the actions of a few rotten apples in that group. Let's stop judging people by a color, or a profession, but how they behave as a person. I swear some guy said something like that one time ...
  13. I've been the only Caucasian in the restaurant in the Arbor Hill neighborhood in Albany, NY. I've been the only Caucasian in the room at a nickname discussion at UND. If that's a glimpse, it wasn't something I'd like 24-7.
  14. How about people just not use either one?
  15. Is this referencing the study done by Harvard Economics Professor Roland Frye? He admittingly set out to prove that Blacks were disproportionally killed by cops. He was surprised at what his research showed along those lines but while his study did show that whites are actually slightly more likely to be killed by cops based on the same number of similar interactions it did also show that Blacks and Hispanics are roughed up and physically abused at a far greater rate in similar police interactions. We need to be better.
  16. if you were the pbyplay guy for the sacramento kings you would be fired for saying that.....dawhooops.
  17. Why am I getting the sinking feeling that baseball is not going to happen this year?
  18. Plea deal to Murder 3 and/or Manslaughter 2 with max sentence.
  19. I've read and heard from several lawyers who felt that it was undercharged (the Murder 3). They felt the charges coming down now are more appropriate. I don't see anything else being added unless the Feds want to throw something on.
  20. https://theundefeated.com/features/a-black-police-officers-perspective/ The vast majority of police are good people. If do not like some of things going on,, you can show support for police in many ways.If you feel do not comfortable holding a rally, there are many things you can do. Find out when their shift change is, send them some pizza or subs. Find out who patrols your neighborhood and have people in that neighborhood send them a thank you. Write to police station stating your support or an editorial to the paper. If you see an officer on the street, just say thank you.
  21. I hope they aren't sacrificing a conviction to temporarily placate the mob.
  22. Lil Wayne doesn't even agree with you.
  23. If the hope is to have gov’t fix the problem, than stop electing officials that run on the platform to fix the problem and don’t. Local, state, federal- if the needle hasn’t moved in 10+ years why continue putting leaders in that spot? Sorry about your grandpa and dad, however not everyone had that experience and not everyone is like them.
  24. I couldn’t read this but I find it hard to believe there is a problem in every department in the country. I don’t see it as a issue in rural America. The departments in bigger cities are so big they are bound to have bad apples that the unions protect. Where I live the only people that have been killed by cops are white so I find it hard to believe our cops are racist. But seriously what are we supposed to tell our children!!!!!????? All cops are bad and racist? Or do we tell them there are some bad people everywhere that we need to look out for including police but treat doesn’t mean they are all bad. If I was police chief I would only hire people of color so I would never have to hear my police force is racist. Maybe this should happen every where.
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