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  2. I'm almost ready to jump in with both feet with this team. Think there is a key 9 game stretch in the last week of May/first week of June with Brewers, Rays, and Indians. If they do well, that might be enough for me to say: Okay, this team is going to do something. Might be time to start looking at some reliever to trade for to add another weapon to the pen.
  3. Could we really trust UND to run the process again? We all know how well they did last time..... "6-figure consultant uses Urban Dictionary to rate one name over another.... "
  4. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/4614596-whos-and-whos-out-run-und-president https://www.grandforksherald.com/4614594-state-board-member-chancellor-split-how-move-forward-und-presidents-search Couple of articles from the Herald today. Smith is willing to come out of retirement to help, this should be a no brainer SBoHE. Don't know much about the others that they mentioned outside of Schafer. I could understand both viewpoints on how long the interim could be there, but they do need to have a plan going forward and having their ducks in a row... which is hard to say for the State Board, lol.
  5. Up 5 1/5 games May 19th Buxton with a grand slam last night looking good
  6. Always look at the non-conference away schedule...those have definitely been some of my favorite places. Union, Vermont, and BU (even though we got swept at BU) were all an absolute blast.
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  8. Even the chancellor feels UND is is the flagship school of ND. "Our state is less than a million people and this is the flagship (university),” he said, which means UND has ties to the state, region and entire country."
  9. But that just leads to "green and white" and other abominations. Unofficial nicknames are no better than bad ones.
  10. Going to just North Dakota would be the correct choice.
  11. So you’re saying it was a “must purchase” situation, eh?
  12. Agreed, but many on campus would approve of a statue in his honor. I would donate for some pigeons if that happened.
  13. Jeanotte....... easily one of the most pathetic/miserable individuals to ever work for UND.
  14. I think the Sioux tribes should sue the Chippewea & Leigh Jeanotte for removing their name from current daily use. Then UND could politely say "Nope, not going down that road again".... I loved the Sioux name an miss it, but after DAPL and all the political BS that is going on my position is put it in the past.
  15. LOL couldn't not buy a $75 authentic Black. Not ashamed about it either. I loved telling my wife how I was such a responsible shopper.
  16. I'm from Des Moines, IA. I've been to Denver, Omaha, and Duluth, but want to keep the tradition going with my wife to hit somewhere on the road this year. We'll definitely being going to Minneapolis to see them play the Goofers, luckily they sell beer now, but we're thinking either Kalamazoo or St. Cloud, or even potentially another trip to Denver as my brother lives there. Anyone have good experiences on must see locations? I plan to hit all 7 away buildings, it's just a matter of time despite having no desire to go to Miami. Colorado Springs will have to happen at some point too.
  17. So what happens when the next nickname vote doesn’t go the way you wanted it to?
  18. Langster019


    haha what a joke. it blows my mind how many of these you see as you walk the halls of the Ralph.
  19. So Red River should rename it’s school...might I suggest River Rats.
  20. As far as being just 4 years old I think it’s a good start...outside the REA.
  21. Langster019


    I've called him out in that very group before. Selling FAKE jerseys that have autographs or even that green one that's "REEBOK". It's infuriating to watch. Sadly, he's the creator of that group, and there is a lot of legitimate good quality items in there too. and as of now, that posting was taken down.
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  23. burd

    Shaw's gone.

    And you have dangled dam few participles in the process.
  24. Your right forcing the fighting hawks name is working so well
  25. For me the question Chaves has to ask any finalist is what does his staff of assistants look like Perhaps Boschee has an up and coming assistant he can bring with him that could be that “recruiter”. Maybe Herbst does.
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