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  2. WAC (FBS 8 Football 10 Total) UND NDAC USD USAC Montana Montana State Idaho NMSU Seattle Denver Big Sky (10 FCS schools) Idaho State Weber State Eastern Washinton Southern Utah Northern Colorado Northern Arizona Cal-Davis Cal-Poly Sacramento State Portland State Summit League (8 D1 Non-Football) Dixie State Metro State UT-Rio Grande Grand Canyon Cal-Baptist Oral Roberts Utah Valley Omaha and we're done
  3. If his hip injury was the resurfacing and impingement repair, and that a common thing with the back pain, that puts him back into the mix about Thanksgiving Christmas timeframe, and rehabbed fully by coming in to UND in Fall of '20. As others stated, buying Rizzo stock now would be quite wise, I think he could make an immediate positive impact on the program's title defense run.
  4. WAC=FBS conference with like minded FBS and Olympic Sports Big Sky=FCS conference of like minded FCS Football and Olympic Sports Summit League=Olympic Sports for end of the road teams with mid-major aspirations
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  6. Rename the Summit the Big Sky Conference. The Summit should be a mountain conference anyway. The Montanas have longed for academic piers ever since Nevada left. The NoDak are equally impressive academic and research institutions.
  7. Electricity comes from increasingly nat gas, which is cheap. Once again, you are proven yourself energy illiterate. A source in the middle of a AG region, with available water, would be huge
  8. Yes that is a up and coming technology that would use NO NATURAL GAS. How would that help reduceflaring in ND???? It has no relevance in this thread. Are you saying we should not build fertilizer plants in ND that would use natural gas? You are once again proving my point that you know nothing.....
  9. Maybe because the Big Sky is the Montana's conference. They are the center of the conference. Not geographically, but in power.
  10. There is no plastic or petrochemical plant proposed yet and even if proposed it still is a long way from actually getting built. Building the midstream infrastructure is the easy and least risky investment when you have long term contracts backing its construction and operation. This is why billionaires are lined up to finance this piece. They are not putting their dollars up to build the plant. Until there is an end user for the midstream assets you will not see anything built. The biggest factor is getting a petrochemical plant actually built. The rest is simple.
  11. Good news is the urea production diversified their production. Will it be enough to save Basin Electric,who knows? Unfortunately it does not make a lot of sense to make synthetic natural gas from coal at these low prices. It’s going to be rough for any company that works with coal as we go towards our green energy future. Hopefully they can refocus on carbon capture or maybe producing more ammonia from coal. Syngas may be uneconomical for this lifetime.
  12. The question hasn’t been asked by any member of media (even in Montana), if the Montanas would prefer the Summit over the Big Sky if natural partners such as Idaho, EWU and Weber St were included too. Back in the late 70’s, the Montanas were hot for the NoDaks to be conference rivals but were outvoted.
  13. This should bring more UAV business to Grand Forks. https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/business/technology/2730994-North-Dakota-gets-nod-to-fly-drones-over-people
  14. So, back to Northern Colorado? Or Augustana with football? Who else would be a possibility? New Mexico State? Would have to go FBS for NMSU. Montanas, Idaho, EWash... Can they really be talked out of the Big Sky? Seems really doubtful.
  15. Dakota Gas and Basin Electric are close to bankruptcy as natural gas prices are so low. Have a relative working at another Basin Plant and things are very tight due to the nat gas price situation. Dakota Gas never would have been built if shale gas was even considered back then. The market has a knack for changing rapidly if new technologies come about so older plant are vacated as non profitable.
  16. Offered Marques Sigle (WR) will play for the Bison.
  17. Talk to these researchers. https://phys.org/news/2018-07-electrochemically-produced-ammonia-revolutionize-food-production.html Maybe you are the person that should stay away from this tread. You’ve said a plastic or petrochemical plant would never be built in ND, but the next week billionaires were backing Bakken Midstream to build infrastructure to do that very thing.
  18. https://www.dakotagas.com/news-center/publications/basin-today/urea-production-facility-benefiting-farmers-north-dakota-and new urea plant is working out well for Dakota Gas, still unclear why CHS and the Great Plains Nitrogen plants cant make the economics work
  19. Was referring to ND, SD, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Montana, and NW Minnesota.
  20. A couple more walk-on offers to WI kids: Travis Wilson‏Verified account @travisWSN Jun 24 More Neenah (WI) 2020 DB Sam Jung (5'11", 180) and River Falls (WI) 2020 RB Seth Kohel (5'11", 190) both received preferred walk-on offers from North Dakota after strong performances at camp over the weekend.
  21. https://www.minotdailynews.com/news/local-news/2019/01/fertilizer-prices-projected-to-be-up-this-spring/ Dakota Gas produces half of the fertilizer (ammonia, urea, etc) consumed in the state. So much for being a pittance......
  22. 6'2", PF who started as a freshman on a state championship team! Has offers from IL St, Valpo, Loyola & SIU.
  23. There isn’t a cheaper way to produce ammonia. They don’t burn the natural gas to get nitrous oxides. The natural gas and water is steam reformed with air to make Nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide gases. This is the process the GLOBE uses to make ammonia. Urea production is just a further step using the ammonia. A Grand Forks plant will have to build out their own distribution elevators in order to market urea. The agreement with CHS and CF industries will not purchase urea from a competitors plant. Plus any increase in local urea production will have to push out the ammonia fertilizer that is currently being used. If building another fertilizer plant in the state was a good investment it already would have been done. There is a reason the Grand Forks or CHS plants have not been built. you might as well stay away from this thread again for another couple of weeks because you are way off base on how this industry works. All you are doing is speculating on something you know nothing about.
  24. Thanks i am worthless without a calculator and just a little better with one
  25. Looks like she'll be a sophomore.
  26. So this lady will be a junior this coming year?
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