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  2. Right???..... cause I read somewhere that UND might go FBS...........
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  4. Wierd there was no FBS sized football stadium...
  5. https://www.inforum.com/news/3974446-ROBIN-HUEBNER-REPORTS-Fargo-Parks-Sanford-to-partner-in-major-southside-sports-complex Misery Loves Company As the finer folks of Minot flock to Bismarck and Fargo, I have a hunch the bleeding of population from Grand Forks to Fargo has only been worse and will undoubtedly keep getting worse with each one of these new developments in the F/M. Is Fargo in the works to start passing Grand Forks in the only competitive (downright dominant) sport they have left? We've been seeing the creep with Davies, and unfortunately I think it's only a matter of time before one of the WF schools starts to pull away as well. In ten years will class A only consist of state titles won by Bis or Fargo schools? It's pretty dang close to that as it is. Crazy to think that 15 years ago(or less) Minot, GF, Bis and Fargo were all relatively similar in size and HS talent. Final note- It's almost disappointing that Minot and GF are building new health care facilities, because that pretty much crushes any hopes of a Sanford buyout. It would be nice to have a reliable and solidified health care system to set a stronghold pillar of the community unlike Altru and Trinity. I think Rydell and Simplot have probably actually done a better job than Altru in Grand Forks. Minot doesn't really have much else to fall back on other than some of the oil companies who chip in here and there.
  6. That's a gross placement for Jamestown...Wow. I'd put Dickinson, Williston, Devils Lake, and a few others before Jamestown
  7. I'd go after Steve Cygan from UAA. He's super fast.
  8. Whelp... time to face facts.... Anybody on UAA or UAF we should be looking at bringing in immediately??? ....as in this fall. Last time this happened we vultured Clarke Saunders, and became a true Sioux through and through, really contributed to the program.
  9. Thanks. good build. lot of RB highlights too, I like LB's that are athletic enough to play some RB.
  10. UNDBIZ

    2020 FB Recruiting

    6'1" 210# LB out of Kansas. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/5121056/5c041d265b3d560a3007fe03
  11. "Some guys we are watching are Nate Valcarcel, Jaylen Devries, Bo Belquist, and Wyatt Pedigo. - und360-kelly" Who's Wyatt Pedigo? Also, noteworthy....from one of the QB offers, Reagan Jones tweeted this last week.
  12. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    Ott made a fairly sharp cut, but not unreasonable. Palmborg simply tried to do something no knee could withstand.....he jumped 3 feet high and 10 feet long and upon landing thought a 90 degree cut was going to work. I put that one on the player.
  13. Hahaha if I'm afraid of anything in this world, it's certainly not that, Mr. Reagan
  14. Mama Sue

    2019 Season

    Walking hurts when you are 65 no matter if you played football or not.
  15. Wilbur

    2019 Season

    Sad part is he was IMHO in the middle of his best game at Sam Houston.....how many of those injuries has this team had? Best of luck to the kid. Hope walking doesn't hurt when he is 50.....
  16. Not sure what your point is. If what you're saying is true it's true of everyone including UND. You're better off not pointing fingers, you may find them pointing back at you.
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  18. Fear not; we will not exploit your youth and inexperience.
  19. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/3974592-UND-AD-Bill-Chaves-says-facilities-future-still-behind-the-curtain Chaves comments on the video and images.
  20. Because those are the 2 options.
  21. Imagine that the proposed upgrades scream DII to you and bison trolls.
  22. Right now it's all pretty pictures. What'll scream "FBS" to me is someone walkin' in and goin' all ...
  23. That screams FBS to me. An athletic dorm close to nearly all practice and workout facilities?
  24. So, I was busy with some home improvements over the weekend, but figured I should update on the Alaska situation based on accounts from USCHO.The Alaska Legislature was unable to override the Governor's veto. The 22 Republicans and the Governor stayed in Wasilla during the whole time and avoided the debate and vote. The 38 Legislators that did meet in Juneau couldn't really do much as they did not have the 45 votes needed to override the veto. The 38 contemplated the idea of going to Wasilla to force a vote, but it was felt if a vote happened anywhere other than Juneau, which the Constitution dictated, it would have ended up in court and probably would have invalidated any override. Part of the Governor's plan all along???? Hmmm.....On Monday, the University of Alaska Board of Regents met to discuss how to handle cutting $135 million out of the budget (again, 41%). Athletics was not brought up until the very end, and it sounds like it will be a target of cuts, just not sure how much (it was noted that athletics loses $14.5 million a year in the UA System, not sure if that is true). There is talk of closing campus and closing programs. Another area that was brought up was getting rid of redundancy of majors, which makes sense. If a major in education is offered at more than one campus, then that major would be shuttered at all campuses but one. How much that would save, it wasn't clear. The Board gave themselves until July 30th to come up with a plan and then will meet again.
  25. Given that city block is about 365' from curb to curb north to south (University to 2nd Ave N, thank you Google maps) that's a softball field. Allowing for stadium and street standoffs you have about 220' down the left field line which is a minimum.
  26. Fans show up when their school is talked about on rival boards, just the way it is. Start a thread about Montana players and you'll all of a sudden have Montana fans posting. Your comment begs the question, what point are you making with all of your comments if you've admitted that pretty well every school has violators and only an extremely small percentage of those show up as positive NCAA test?
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