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  2. That’s what I thought I remembered reading but couldn’t quite remember.
  3. Mike Houston ... make it happen!
  4. Admin who supply cash support and little things that are needed.
  5. Or the institutional support?
  6. Liabilites - 1.) D-line, missing what we all talked about since Tank/Greer at Nose and Ceilslak at DE graduated. Engwal didn't help with his early exist from college football, but honestly missing 2-3 guys here. 2.) O-Line, just don't see any push. A good team has that strong combo of 2 guys that can push for a 2-3 yard gain when needed. 3.) Safety - out of position, not very athletic 4.) 3-4 defense, it looks good a few games each year but it looks like complete trash quite a few times, too. The #1 pass defense to start the year was an aberration. We've been hanging the secondary out to dry since the GW Bush Administration. The game has evolved and I can't say the same for our pass defense. 5.) RB's - I would take any backfield since Shannon Burnell over this year. 6.) Strength and Conditioning/Win at all Cost........there is no prize for being too honest. It can't be that big of a secret how other schools get the same size kids into the program, but leaving is a often a different story say between us and Juice U. 7.) Roster Management - Honestly, how do we go from strongest backfield to weakest in a year, strong D-Line to weak D-Line the same time frame of 1 year, QB position has been JUCO U. Our biggest get on the O-line quit after a tribal sweat lodge meeting didn't go our way. 8.) Run game - for how all other aspects of the offense have evolved in the right direction, the run game looks like an afterthought. 9.) Kicker and punter just don't have the leg. If 1 and 2 were better, that would help across the board, that's why they are 1 & 2. Conclusion - Missing about 2-3 'Stud' players and 2-3 solid 'Role' players. And, some other items need to be looked at in Grand Forks. I would love to help but family and business dealings of my own have me tied up.
  7. School District 8 near Wlliston voted not to dissolve but build a new HS. Williston D1 voted not to admit their HS students next year as they are at capacity. https://www.willistonherald.com/news/education/after-voting---not-to-dissolve-district-oks-starting/article_80f6af78-eeef-11e9-9c7a-d350e84e1826.html
  8. No non conference road games will be on NCHC.TV. Streaming rights for home games belong to the home team’s conference.
  9. Step one of this whole process would be to hire a President that actually believes in the notion that athletics is the front porch to the university. That would be a great start.
  10. Turns out the sand in McHenry County does not meet fracking requirements. But an area between Stanton and Hazen in Mercer County does. https://www.willistonherald.com/news/state/sand-deposit-could-be-game-changer-for-nd-oil/article_ca01778e-eea4-11e9-8adc-ab4af3b9362a.html The frac sand operations in Wisconsin are huge, but the transportation costs are high. Silica sand is also used in other industries. Texas now has its own sources for fracking.
  11. Today
  12. Couch potato roll call here. I’m sure this has been covered already but does NCHC.tv not have rights to non-con games? Would like to watch but it’s not listed on UND or NCHC sites.
  13. When people use these words, are they meaning on the part of the team (players and coaches) or on the part of the spectators (fans and media)?
  14. Why would I want to wear an Omaha jersey to a North Dakota/Mankato game?
  15. Looks like it's only $12.50/month if you pay for a year. Monthly billing is $29.99.
  16. Doesn’t even mention Saturday’s game, maybe we were supposed to watch that last week with the time machine
  17. Must be some sort of time machine involved, to watch the game 15 hours before it is to be played
  18. Additional proof the XFL won't exist in 3 years. Hopefully a couple of our guys can use it as a springboard in the meantime though.
  19. I just hope they all stay when Bubba gets canned.
  20. I'm no packer fan, but it really is fantastic that they allowed the NDSU cheerleaders to join in at the game. Well done ladies; I assume this is why Darius was so distracted when he muffed the punt return.
  21. We also used to have a logo on the middle of the jersey and center ice too, but that’s not going to happen within the next 11 years.
  22. They list Santiago from South Dakota. On the pool of players entering the draft they have Cieslak from NDSU.
  23. Goodell is still pissed at Matt Patricia for wearing the Goodell clown shirt after SB LI.
  24. Late to this one, but yes, those were hideous.
  25. And at that point of the season...you'll be able to evaluate his "under pressure play-calling abilities"...but for now he seems to be getting the job done just fine! That being said...I agree with others here that Roehl isn't coming here at any time. I for one hope that if a change is made that we cast a really wide net to find the best possible candidate...whomever that may be! Maybe more important...when that candidate is found...I hope the athletic department can find the resources to provide the tools needed for that candidate to succeed!
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