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  2. Last year the A’s had Treinen as their closer with under a 1.00 ERA, but now his wrist has been injured and his ERA is almost up to 5.0. Hendricks has taken over the closer role and has near a 1.00 ERA, except today. Treinen was a major contributor to the A’s run in the second half of last years, but Hendricks’ relief has been a major reason that the A’s have made major gains in the least month.
  3. Denbury Resources uses CO2 in a field near Bowman (the CO2 comes from a nat gas field in Wyoming where it is separated). It had a lot of accolades for trying from Green investors, as it shifted from fracking to CO2 recovery, and its stock has dropped from $17 to $1.10 in five years. CO2 recovery may sound great, but it depends on geology to work, which is far from certain. https://www.denbury.com/investor-relations/press-releases/press-release-details/2018/Denbury-Resources-Sanctions-Cedar-Creek-Anticline-CO2-EOR-Development/default.aspx
  4. Huge to get the win today but no doubt they need help. A starter like Marcus Stroman and a couple of reliable bullpen arms are exactly what this team needs. I really don't understand why they didn't start making moves around the all star break but I guess that is the common theme throughout baseball that all the trades seem to come on the couple days around deadline day.
  5. Stand by above comment..... They have got to make a move.....goodness they have got to make a move.
  6. Hard to figure this team out. They are kind of good to very good. good win today. Had it and gave it away to get it back again still lead the division and still have a chance
  7. I like the thinking and positivity. I wouldn't split up Hain and Senden though. I think Blaisdel, Smith, and Caulfield are all potential candidates to complement them. i like putting Pinto up the depth chart and protecting him with Guch and Mishmash from an experience perspective.
  8. *Rant* What an absolute dumpster fire. What an absolute joke. Terrible management, terrible work upstairs by the front office. Twins fans are dying for a winner....begging for hope. God, it's been years.....and we finally have hope and this is what happens. One of the biggest let downs in sports history. All could have been prevented if they made the moves early and kept their foot on the pedal of Cleveland, and held Rocco accountable for many....many question mark moves. Now any move of a prospect could be worthless because this team won't make the postseason. #loserville.
  9. I think the solution to not being able to put the puck in the net is simple. In the intro to Through These Doors you see a player one-timing a shot right into the middle of the net. Had there been a goalie the puck would have hit him square in the chest (sound familiar?). So they need to edit that intro and show a player hitting a corner. Guaranteed increase of at least 1.5 goals per game. You're welcome.
  10. Hey Trevor....what's your best pitch? Trevor May: Fastball THEN THROW THE BLEEPING FASTBALL..... I understand you need offspeed, but when the chips are stacked you need your best pitch. If you can touch 98 but have terrible breaking pitches why continue to overthrow terrible breaking pitches?
  11. Fantastic article by Schloss on Greg Johnson. Posted on the herald website.
  12. Minnkota Power (Grand Forks) is a big push behind enhanced (CO2 based) oil recovery. They'd be grabbing off-gas from their stacks (Young Station) and compressing it to CO2 and selling it to the CO2 injectors. Selling what is normally waste, that sounds good for Minnkota, right? You missed the real reason: No atmospheric (CO2) emissions from Minnkota's coal plants. Project Tundra
  13. 17th Avenue South is a non-starter. It's a mile from both 32nd Avenue and Demers Avenue. What should go there is an underpass (no ramps) like at 40th Avenue in Fargo. That would let Alerus traffic go west from events to the north-south road in the industrial park and then to 32nd or Demers. I know the King's Walk folks want 47th Ave but it'd be more cost effective to finally put ramps on Merrifield Road (where there's already an overpass). It's only three miles from Merrifield Road to 32nd Avenue South. Putting in a Merrifield exchange would truly open up south end development. As far as a south bridge over the Red ... 32nd would make sense as would Merrifield Road, because they'd line up well to Minnesota side roadways, so those can't happen.
  14. You said it perfectly......walk Davis, pitching coach to the mound to let him get his breath, and then finish the game.
  15. You can do that as long as the luck formula involves someone standing in front tipping pucks.
  16. Hopefully they learn they can actually make plays and not just rely on puck luck from long range shots.
  17. My concern: Who's going to step up and show the group of forwards it's acceptable to put up some goals, early and often. Last season it was like they were afraid to.
  18. Well, either my math is off, or Berry is carrying 27 this season (instead of the Blais/Hak traditional 26 slot roster): G (3): Thome, Scheel, Feeney D (8): Peski, Poolman, Bast, Kierstad, Rieger, Tychonick, JBD, Frisch F (16): Johnson, Yon, Bowen, Michaud, Smith, Mismash, Adams, Keane, Kawaguchi, Hain, Weatherby, Senden, Blaisdell, Albrecht, Pinto, Caulfield Given recent history, I don't have any issue with that. We've seemed to be scrambling at times to fill a game day roster card.
  19. I always start by looking back to last year, the final numbers being 5th in the NCHC and 20th in the pairwise. Not where any of us hoped they'd be, but honestly, not that far off from being a tournament team. As annoying as it is to play what ifs, they were one win against Western at home on Friday night of finishing 3rd in the NCHC. Goalies: Scheel: Real deal, very impressive Freshman season. His Save % was solid at .911, given the limited amount of shots that were usually given up, that will give the team a chance to win a lot of games. His so technically sound, doesn't give up bad goals, always in the right position. Thome: Although his numbers took a hit from his Freshman year, he was very good when Scheel went down at the end of the year. Unlike his Freshman year and the start of his Sophomore campaign, he looked very comfortable, more structurally sound at the end of the year. Rebounds were much better. Overall, a very good one / two punch in net. These two are a strength of the team. No worries in net. Defense: I like to use a term "pop" when it comes to a player taking a large step. Some never do, others do at different times. Kierstad did it last year, his game took a gigantic step. Guy like Poolman never really had his, but was really good right away his Freshman year. This was such a solid unit last year and I honestly believe when looking at the college hockey landscape, that they will be one of the best this year. When comparing to a unit like Duluth, I don't think they have any guys that will pop this year. That's not necessarily a bad thing, they had the best and will likely have one of the best units again. What UND has is an incredible Top End players and more importantly Top End Depth. Guys like JBD and JT given their pedigree and age are guys that most likely will "pop" this year. They'll be able to mix and match what I consider two true top end pairings between Poolman, Kierstad, JBD, JT and Bast. Peski is also very solid and will be the 6th guy. I'm hoping Frisch will be the 7th guy that will play most games. This defense will be so much fun to watch this year. If you look at Goaltending / Defense as one unit, I think they are a sure fire Top 5 combined unit next year. Forwards: This unit overall was terrible last year, but I think that will change this year. Michaud is such a unique case that we aren't used to. Getting a grad transfer that is a proven Top 6 guy in the NCHC, possibly CC's best forward at the end of the year. It's rare that you can bring someone in that can basically cancel the loss of Jones. Jones (1st line Center) / Michaud (1st line Center) Gardner (2nd Line center / 3rd line center talent) / Pinto (2nd Line Center talent (as Freshman) Hoff (Role player) / Blaisdell (Top 6 Forward) JJ (Didn't player 2nd half) / Caulfield (3rd Line Forward) The infusion of talent definitely outweighs what was lost last year. We're already starting out with a more talented roster. Then I look at guys that return. Kawaguchi, we know what to expect, leading scorer last year. Mismash, was injured the 2nd half of the year, being fully healthy is a Top line guy. Weatherby / Adams have talent and can't possibly have point production as low, could both pop. Mismash / Pinto / Kawaguchi -- Put Pinto with two upperclassman Blaisdell / Michaud / Adams -- Senior in the middle of two talented players Caulfield / Weatherby / Hain Smith / Senden / Bowen I like that forward lineup and forward group. Overall: This team will be back in the NCAAs this year, not only that, I think they have a very high ceiling this year. I really, really like this team.
  20. It's about time the QB position be taken serious by the Bubba regime. Nice work Coach Freund!!!
  21. Get him on campus and into Geography 101.
  22. Freund is bringing in a lot of QBs to our camps from throughout the country: Kamal Gray @kamal_gray10 I hit the northwest today to work with @dfreund7 I really liked the energy there and the school other than all the mosquitos! felt good out there today tho only kid from PA @UNDFBRecruiting @UNDfootball Hopefully, we will learn of some commitments soon!
  23. Be nice if Mismash had a solid year. Weatherby could be a sleeper for production. Has size and skill. Just need at least “1” of the freshman to be a goal scorer as a freshie. Hopefully it happens.
  24. At the very least has to keep it in front of him and only give up the tying run and not the go ahead too. Rocco could've helped out too with the obvious intentional walk to Davis with 1st open to set up a better matchup. Also was screaming at the TV for him to pull back Rosario after the Schoop double. You knew Oakland was gonna intentional walk whoever came up to setup the double play so pull Rosario back and let him pinch hit for Garver with the bases loaded. Hopefully the last couple nights give Falvey a little sense of urgency to start getting some of these moves done instead of waiting until the 31st to make moves.
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