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  3. It wasn't a statement that invokes segregation. It was a statement warning about the dangers of looting.
  4. The Sioux play their 3rd game in 3 days at the 2010 WCHA Final Five. They face the SCSU Huskies in the title game and they appear to be a little sleepy in the first minute of play. Brad Eidsness shakes off a rough start to lead the boys to a strong finish. Enjoy!
  5. Yes. This country needs something to collectively hope for, because we haven't been this screwed since the 60s. We're in the middle of a pandemic with 100k dead, unemployment is through the roof, citizens are at each other's throats politically, food pantries are full of people, protests and riots everywhere, cities going up in flames. This is awful.
  6. https://abcnews.go.com/US/police-officers-stood-protesters-outraged-george-floyds-death/story?id=70984369 https://www.niot.org/cops/camdensturn
  7. I’m in Hammond WI - just east of Hudson.
  8. It took WCCO a long time to clear up the confusion about the truck being on the interstate before closure. He hit the horn and was able to stop. The scheduled time to close the interstate was 8pm and changed to 5pm with little notice. The road cleared and he started up again before people jumped on his truck, pulled him from the truck and attacked him. Driver was arrested. Whomever assaulted him should have been arrested. The video doesn’t appear to show the driver trying to deliberately run into protesters. Someone needs to figure out why he was driving there. Authorities will need to sort out the facts.
  9. Yeah, I like it too. But I figured I better clarify my statement by saying just the nut cases who are fans of the show. Hopefully that excludes us.
  10. I’m a big fan of The Purge too especially the TV series but I won’t be out doing that. Was thinking though a lot of scenes across the country have looked right out of the show.
  11. Was the looting in Minneapolis before or after that tweet? I can’t remember. Either way, there is nothing good about the actions of the violent protestors. There also are no demands so there is no way to fix it.
  12. Watching those videos it’s hard for me to believe he didn’t see the protesters. I don’t know how much harm he intended or whether he just figured I’m in a big truck they’ll move. Thankfully the protesters reacted quickly and most people got out of the way. Of course they weren’t coming to shake his hand. These protesters almost lost their life because of a careless idiot, that truck drivers lucky those protesters stayed peaceful and he’ll get jail to me instead of being dead.
  13. These are the people he supports. Some in Portland have had enough of Antifa.
  14. Plenty of unused beds at the Fargo Doh never mind...
  15. Why was his statement racist?
  16. There is no 'regardless'. If you're President, your job is to represent and convey everything that is good about America in a time of crisis; then work with the citizenry to fix the bad. Making a statement that invokes segregation at a time like this is beyond preposterous. ...and you wonder why people feel like they're second class citizens. Jesus christ.
  17. I just think too many nut cases are fans of the movie The Purge.
  18. Meh, I dunno. Radical groups are certainly trying to influence the situation, but I'd say the vast majority of protesters are ordinary Americans fed up with inequality in this country. This been boiling under the surface for decades. In light of today's ultra-divisive political climate, on top of coronavirus, unemployment, the killing of George Floyd was the tipping point.
  19. Regardless, he was 100% correct.
  20. Again, how is there no barricade closer to the March. A fully loaded tanker can’t stop on a dime. If he didn’t know they were around the turn, it’s amazing he didn’t run into the crowd. If he didn’t know they were there, I can’t blame him/her for trying to start up again when the crowd comes at his vehicle. They weren’t coming to shake his hand.
  21. It’s not right wing or left wing, it comes together on the circle. They are extremists with a lot of frustration and hate. Look, I’m disgusted by the death of Floyd. It was wrong. The cop is in jail. To use it to set off the powder keg..I guess it was just waiting for a spark. It boils down to disenfranchised people. Set foot on my $1.4M piece of property with Ill intent...well, I guess I can show some of these thugs some NODaK roots...white tail running at 200 yards...hit 3 mallards in 30 seconds...
  22. Trump caught flack for that statement in part because it's a term associated with a couple of well-own segregationists.
  23. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/its-setup-mysteriously-staged-bricks-appear-throughout-major-protest-cities Something going on.
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