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  2. http://www.iconarchitects.com/planning/und-athletics.html
  3. Guessing this hasn't been posted yet because it only has 10 views
  4. 612 tests. It's 3 or 4 games a year, not 4 or 5. (2x3 + 7x4) x 18 = 612 Overall point still stands.
  5. Here's another one for the memory banks and I'm not sure I remember it right either but WEB'S DINER? Gateway drive...there's a Dobmeyer Bail Bond office there now.
  6. NOEL'S! Yes - I was thinking about that place but couldn't remember the name. It was one of the first truly international cuisine restaurants to come to GF. We did a TV commercial for them and the owner was a very nice Pakistani guy. (NOT Babu Bhatt but close!) The food was AMAZING but unfortunately beyond most of GF's palate back in the '90's. He did a spicy stir fried rice and chicken dish that was AMAZING. The place had been a former small diner downtown (counter space and a few small tables) and he was around for awhile but I think the flood did him in.
  7. I think it has been discussed in this forum that there are 18 random tests per team after every playoff game. At 4 or 5 games per year during a 9 year run, that would put the number of NCAA administered tests at close to a thousand. Not a bad percentage of positive tests compared to every other team in the country. You must be an NDSU FB insider to know about the rampant positive internal tests they are coming up with.
  8. Another offer to a sophomore-to-be: SG Gracey Metz, 5'11", Howell (Hartland), MI As a freshman, she started many games for a team that finished 22-4.
  9. Thousands? Are you including internal tests in those? Because I promise you those weren't all clean, but they are handled internally and not disclosed.
  10. Mary Holz-Clause, Ph.D., began her tenure as chancellor of the University of Minnesota Crookston on June 30, 2017. She is behind this recommendation and is forming the local hockey committee. She would be willing to hire a hockey coach/s this fall, when/if to field a team/s would be on the committee's table. This post is from another SS thread back in May. The Committee recently agreed to hire a coach.
  11. OK. A couple of months removed. I am sure he started dealing after the season was over...
  12. Not Div I hockey. UM Crookston already has club hockey. https://www.facebook.com/umcclubhockey/
  13. The Crookston Sports Center only has seating for 1200. Don’t know if it can be expanded. http://www.crookstonsportscenter.com/ A rink of 3000 is generally thought of as being at breakeven at DI. Maybe UMC is going DIII to replace St Thomas or going to Minn-Morris’s league with hockey in the MIAC? Minn-Crookston hasn’t done anything competing at the DII level. Morris went down too, and think they were a better performing school.
  14. when i saw this last winter they had the nice slam jam hoops at the end the lane...i see them missing in this pic tho...justthe hoops from the ceiling running opposite of the floor.
  15. One suspension in hundreds if not thousands of tests in the last 8 years. I guess you have a new definition of an epidemic than most. My assumption is there is not widespread usage or there would have been more positive tests. And I would hate for the athletic department to go down in flames like Clemson did after several positive tests a couple of years ago... I'm not sure if they will ever recover... And from a program that had a player arrested for dealing steroids a couple of years ago, pot meet kettle.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Adding DI hockey would raise the awareness even in Minnesota that UMC exists. The UM system knows they have an enrollment problem right now and hockey would help. Don’t think the NSIC would allow it, but dropping football could provide enough funding for DI hockey. The state of Minnesota paid for the new rink and the state hasn’t seen a return on its investment yet, like Bemidji has.
  18. There's no way they go from no hockey to NCAA D1 in such a short timeframe. It has to be club with the goal of going NCAA eventually. It is likely in the same vein as Jamestown and Mary adding ACHA.
  19. Thanks. That's what I figured, but the ads at the end made me think it was in the Betty's storage area or something... This makes more sense haha
  20. it's the east side of old tartan floored gym at hyslop...the other half is the strenght and conditioning....i think it's split 50/50. a divider keeps them separated.
  21. Yes, most people I know never even think of Fat Albert's. Grand Junction is really good too but like you, I tend to forget about it. I have heard really good things about Scotty's Deli but have yet to go.
  22. I rarely went there when in GF. It wasn't because I didn't like it, mostly just forgot about the restaurant. Never was disappointed though when I did remember to order Kind of the same lines of that sandwich place by Tim Hortons. Decent food, just never first on my mind
  23. Davids Atelbauers is over in Israel with the Latvian U20 team.
  24. I'll admit that I haven't followed this story very closely or know the rules about DII's playing up or down. Either way, I just can't imagine UM-C playing at a DI level. But I definitely could be wrong on that. Crazy to think about though. Personally I'd rather see more of the big schools move to add hockey. The general sports fan won't care about UM-C adding it. Not that many would notice a DI school adding it, but at least there is name recognition if a DI school were to add it.
  25. I have trouble arguing against any of those three statements.
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