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  2. Defense is 90% effort 10% scheme. When you give up 90+ a game most nights it's an effort issue.
  3. Secondary - stronger than last year. Holm coming back is huge, Seigal is a stud and will only be better this year. Fort, Bluebaugh.....as solid as a two deep at CB as we've maybe ever had? Fort is supposed to be a stud, with Holm and Seigal already studs...will be interesting to see how that plays out. Safeties- Starting should be solid with 2 returning Senior Honorable Mentions in Galvin and Canady (28 straight starts). 2 deep will be interesting with the development of Kauppinen, Caleb Nelson and JUCO transfer Connor Wilcoxen and a Freshman
  4. Where was this post after Blaisdell got hit last week???? Player safety???
  5. That recovering ops twitter account is an absolute joke.
  6. I don't like his coaching style at all. His best outside shooters are on the bench too often when trailing the opponent. Borowicz, Manson and Keplin need to be in the game.
  7. This is why Omaha is the new Jan Brady.
  8. We must have not watched the same replay
  9. The little I can stand to watch there doesn’t seem to be a lot of basketball sense. i have never figured out Brews coaching style
  10. Not 100% certain, but I don’t think Bobby Brink played for DU this past weekend v Miami He was hurt vs is the previous week.
  11. Are you a medic or a pharmacist with a prescription misfire?
  12. We gave an effort. We have decent players. We do stupid plays. We do inconsistent. Seems like we should be better than what we do. Defense is suspect. We do turnovers - too many unforced turnovers. Seems like we should shoot better than what we do. We seem to lose the player we are guarding. We do give up offensive rebounds when the opponent is shooting free throws. I like to think we have talent. We do have lots of short players. Idk?
  13. You won’t get that analysis from that Twitter account. Now, if UND had done that at the end of the game, it would have been all over his account with claims to PROTECT THE PLAYERS!
  14. The ladies gave more effort dancing in the stands, taking selfies and cheering for the men's team last night in the north end bleachers.
  15. After reading this, I’m amazed that he even survived, let alone took the ensuing face off. That is a whole lot of nonsense for a shoulder to shoulder hit that was very heavily exaggerated and sold by the SCSU player.
  16. Only gave up 82 today. So there's a plus. Although the team that scored 82 totally sucks, so...yah. I've seen enough of Brew. This is taking on a Jonesy feel now...staying way too long.
  17. Can you explain what happens when you grab a player from behind by the neck and slam him to the ice intentionally? I've got all day.
  18. Run the clock down then Foul great coaching
  19. Today
  20. It was a blind side hit shoulder to shoulder and top of shoulder to chin/bottom of face mask after releasing the shot/pass. The neck snapped wildly to the right which suppresses the 3 nerves at the base of the ear/jaw 1) vagal nerve 2) Hypoglossal nerve 3) glassopharangeal nerve - as would a neck snap from from a right hook in boxing. A cross shot to the temple or back of the ear has the same affect on the brain telling the body to shut down- resets to protect the brain. His body spun in a full 360 and he was down. The previous comments show no concern for the player safety. They all call it a dive and that he took the next face-off, after a long review. I don't think anyone would know that except the player himself. I agree, if the player is not hurt, he should go through concussion protocol anyway. To determine the exact nature of the injury. If he fails the concussion protocol the player should not be allowed to continue to play for his own safety. The offending player should also not be allowed to play as long as the receiving player takes to recover. If he never got up and was carried off on a stretcher I think a lot of people would have a different view on this type of hit. Brain injury or spinal severed/broken. Any head snapping from rear to front can also cause the brain stem to dislodge from the spine- rabbit punch. Video of the head torque... https://twitter.com/i/status/1231329781259677705
  21. Vinnie cost NDSU the game IMO. Bad turnovers. Jacking up ill advised 3s. The fact he rarely matched up on Stewart says a lot of what he defensive capabilities are.
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