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  2. What's the end game if the percentage of those willing to get the vaccine when available continues to drop? 2 recent polls show new lows of just north of 40% will get vaccine when available. More Fauci lockdowns???
  3. I'll bet the UND game will stay. Remember the NY travel ban will play a factor here.
  4. Big 12 announced a 9+1 scheduling model, so not sure if it will be North Dakota or Buffalo.
  5. I love hockey in general and the Sioux/Hawks especially, but I hope they put the health of the players, staff, and fans above my interest in cheering them on.
  6. You cannot genetically refer to ACA as good or bad. It is complicated legislation with good and bad components. Certain elements were more important in different States too. Actuarially you need the mandate in order to keep costs somewhat contained. If all the young, healthy, invincible non-utilizers opted out of the pool, premiums would be even higher than they already are. All the minimum benefits, etc also increased the premium. insurer admin expense and margin is capped via the MLR requirement. The increased costs aren’t going to insurers as profit.
  7. Agreed. So the solution is to instantly make 20 million more Americans have no health insurance??
  8. You don’t want health insurance? So maybe you can just pay the hospital out of pocket when you go since they can’t legally deny you service? How about the next guy that decides not to pay the hospital? Is the hospital just supposed to eat that as a loss? I understand health insurance is not healthcare. It’s how we pay for healthcare.
  9. Insurance isn't much of a benefit if you can't afford to use it.
  10. Thay had to FORCE people to make it feasible. Big red flag.
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  12. So?????? Why are you forcing people to buy a product they may not want? Plus why should I have to pay for somebody elses premiums? Heath insurance does not equate to healthcare.
  13. Presumable we'd continue with BCBS as we always have. The private policy options changed with the implementing of the ACA. We considered dropping coverage for some of the lower paid individuals and paying them the equivalent of the discount rate they could potentially get through the ACA marketplace. It's a mess, but it is not questionable that the middle class is getting screwed by having to pay higher premiums, or having a lower income because their employer is paying a higher cost for their benefits. If someone is being subsidized, someone is paying for it. Whether that trade off of hurting the middle class is worth it is a valid debate.
  14. JUst like they did before in a free market.
  15. Heres the trick on the supposed great ACA insurance. For most of the population that received subsidies they couldnt really afford to use the insurance. How the hell can a family who has a silver policy needing subsidies to pay their premiums be able to pay deductibles of 5-10k??????? THats right they cant. The ACA was a scam constructed to be so unworkable that it would eventually lead to a single payer system. Then the American taxpayer got hosed further when it was reveled that Oscama had guaranteed the companies that participated in this ideology boondoggle that they wouldnt lose any money.
  16. Yes, because they chose not to pay the prices required to have insurance that doesn’t cover as much. Carrying insurance or paying a tax not to have it never should have been a requirement, it’s a choice.
  17. @nodak651 Great post. I am a big believer that the line play on both sides will be better. By how much is going to go a long way in this teams success. Digging into the roster I knew the SR class was pretty small, but didn't realize the JR class was the same. Looking at non-specialists the count is 14 for both. Young, but talented. Excited to start getting some reports from Fall camp.
  18. Agreed. That elimination allowed people to choose whether to insure themselves or not. In a quasi-free market, more people are choosing not to spend money on insurance that doesn't cover as much as it used to even though it is much more expensive. I don't think Trump is awful for restoring that choice, but looking at the raw data, there are more uninsured Americans now.
  19. Millions lost the insurance that they crafted for what they wanted and for what they could afford because their insurance didnt meet the ACA guidlines. . Millions lost insurance when companies found out it was cheaper to pay the penalty than the ACA premiums. Your comment on rising premiums is nothing more than deflection and trying to justify the ACA, premiums.. When my wife was getting close to retirement we wanted the same coverage she was getting at the hospital. WE were quoted 391.00 a month for her alone. She retired 6 months later after the ACA was enacted. The premium was now 864.00 . Cobra which nobody takes because it is so cost prohibitive was 600+. Crazy huh. So we did the COBRA thing for 18 months until that expired. Premium was now 900+ . Two years later its 1,200.00. The next year BC/BS dropped everyone in the state.
  20. Healthcare is expensive and that's wonderful that you pay the cost of insurance for your employees and their families. So if Trump is successful in eliminating the ACA, where will they get their health insurance from?
  21. As long we win against teams were are suppose to beat (I know cliche) and then take 1-3 from the Dakota schools, consider it a decent year. Little unfortunate the Valpo game would be a good early measure of the team instead of Kansas State.
  22. Trump had the ACA's health insurance mandate axed. You don't think this caused the uninsured count to rise?
  23. Have you ever thought it is because it is unaffordable for the middle class? Maybe people are making a choice not to pay for it because it’s expensive for both the businesses and the employees. If I was in my 20’s-40’s with no kids Id consider not paying for it either Does your article break it down by age group? It’s not because of what Trump has done no matter how much you wish it true. It was set in motion before he got there. I’ve said it before, prices for the meds my family needs have actually finally come down since ACA was put in place. People paying these notice it. Talk to any diabetic person or family.
  24. I think this team has TONS of potential for success this year. OL has got to be better than last year, given that we have pretty much the same guys, only they aren't coming off a summer of dieting. The link should get more push, and I think Otis is better than anyone who played last year, especially with the little push the OL got. So OL and RB are improved (Skokna looked great at the end of the year as well). CB's are stacked. Noah Larson and Jaxson Turner are studs at linebacker and we are have a bunch of young guys who could make a splash there. Receivers have tons of potential and should be faster. If Schuster wins the QB job, I think we will have a QB who is smarter, more accurate, and a better scrambler than what we had last year. DL lost Bennet, but the rest of the guys gained a TON of weight - with how light they were last year, they have potential to be better as a unit as well, despite the loss of Bennet.
  25. I''m a partner in a small business. We pay for the insurance of our 15 or so employees and their families. The middle/upper-middle class folks that earn between 60K-300k got hosed. Below that you get subsidized. Above that and the monthly cost is palatable relative to the income level. Sucks to be the guy earning 80k-120k who has to pay $1200/month for crappy insurance. Even more so for the boss that is paying that for all his employees.
  26. Not sure, but you would have to think that this hurts NDSU more than anyone, since they have pretty much been getting whoever they want. Only now they will not have as much film on recruits, which will make "misses" more likely, especially if kids continue to get offers and make commitments in the fall.
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