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  2. I'm literally picking Duluth every year from here on out. Every year, every pick.....Duluth.
  3. Congratulations to J.B. for picking UMass and winning it all! Four people actually had 12 correct picks (all but 3 games) but none of them got the champ correct. https://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketleaders.php All-time winners 2021 J.B. 2019 Brucesky02 / CLASSY FREDDIE BLASSIE 2018 01grad 2017 UND-1, Oxbow6, Redneksioux, iluvdebbies, Stms 2016 UND1981 / stack / nhockey30 / ringneck28 / bigskyvikes (UND National Championship year) 2015 WiSioux 2014 johndahl 2013 FSSD/Brainerd Sioux 2012 mj3und 2011 tho0505 2009 Big A HG 2008 willtippen 2007 seanpc03 2006 teamsio
  4. Yeah, seems like a Frisch-Sanderson top pairing. But do you put Kleven with a Frosh d man on the right side on a top 4 pairing in the NCHC? I don't know enough about Morrow to know if he can handle T4 minutes. Be interesting to see where he gets drafted.
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  6. Sanderson- Frisch will be the top pairing. After that it will be a competition to see who pairs with Kleven.
  7. I think portz and schmaltz have to come in...didn't they age out of juniors?
  8. Looking at playoff situation.. I think Missouri State is out of contention no matter what happens with games this weekend unless MVFC gets 4 teams in. Even if we lose we would have 2 losses but we beat 3 ranked teams and SDSU was highly ranked at time. Missouri State would of played only the bison and not played UND or SDSU and they only beat 2 ranked teams(both of which not ranked high ) So Missouri state will have a piece of conference title with 1 loss but an overall record of 5 wins and 4 losses and be left out of playoffs. Am I reading that right? If i am we should be in
  9. Makes St Thomas fairly competitive as well. Will be interesting to see what they can do right away, but Thome is a solid piece.
  10. Twins blow a 6-0 lead.....wooof. 8-6....and the top of the 9th still isn't over. Rocco keeping Shoemaker in to give up four straight hits. Especially leaving him in against the lefty who hit a Thome bomb.....
  11. Western Michigan - 7 Seniors 20-21: The only two players I could see coming back are Ethan Frank and Paul Washe, but there is really no room Duluth - 6 Seniors 20-21: If all the players come back, they will have at least 10 Seniors for 21-22 St. Cloud - 7 Seniors 20-21: Hrenak rumored to be coming back Omaha - 4 Seniors 20-21: Their loses to the portal are easy to replace Denver - 9 Seniors 20-21: Might be a down year with a large Freshman class
  12. I think the two players running into each other and the offsides not getting called threw St. Cloud off their game. The players not hit each other and the offsides gets called it would have been 0-0 going into the second. The first period was controlled by St. Cloud.
  13. Yes .....they wouldn't have been shutout.
  14. If st clouds early first period shot off the pipe goes in does it change the outcome?
  15. Schlossman seems pretty confident that Portz and Schmaltz are coming this fall. I’d like Kunz also. Why? The Sleeper Line — it ends with z’s
  16. I’d say Berry et al are well on their way to rebuilding a defense that can withstand Sanderson and Kleven away at WJC for a month.
  17. The only inside track I have regarding CC hockey is with the concourse beer garden.
  18. You'd think @Godsmack would have a beat on the CC kid, however it seems to me like he's outside of CC's GOBC.....sad....
  19. Assuming Oct 2 as season start...only 174 days till puck drops.
  20. I had already heard that he was coming back.
  21. I'd be okay with that Odds of it happening..... not so sure about that
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