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  2. I think there are people disappointed with both parties that are not extremists or anarchists. They just want issues dealt with, without all the political grandstanding.and posturing.
  3. So are you implying that all protesters support -antifa or are you just letting the board know what the son supports? I am not saying you are , just asking.
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/son-of-minnesotas-attorney-general-declares-support-for-antifa
  5. This isn’t difficult. People want across-the-board equality. So it shouldn't be difficult understand why protesters are mainly millennials. This is America’s 1st true multicultural generation and the starting point of a future America that will be racially and culturally flipped upside down. I think many in the US are frightened of this. That said, although their demands are clear, their methods of protest are aimless. This is akin to a neglected kid throwing a temper tantrum after people routinely dismiss his cry for help. It's rooted in frustration. But that's basically the black experience in the US, not being listened to. This mass protest isn't some calculated means to an end, it's a symptom of a disease. As MLK said, “Rioting is the language of the unheard”.
  6. I do not know what the agenda was regarding Target. Could be just plain criminals. Are all protesters rioters? Could there be agitators across all political spectrum's involved in rioting with agendas not having to do with police brutality and inequality? Could there be people with no agenda caught up with emotion causing damage and later regretting there actions? Does Target symbolize something different than a bank, post office, or a number of minority owned businesses in the case of Minneapolis? I have heard people say that if they try to take my guns, there will be an uprising? Is one cause better than another or more noble? Do protesters in Minneapolis want the same thing as protesters in other cities? Some of the protesters in Minneapolis said they wanted a plan to address police reform from the leaders. Some expressed the 3 others should charged. Some want to know why there were not charges right way and feel without protests charges would never have been brought. Are there people that feel the police in Minneapolis did nothing wrong in the Floyd case? Have there been protest leaders that have denounced rioting and discussed the negative impacts in the community? Can there be many layers to this or is does there only have to be one narrative? Can some common ground be found? Does it have be only one way or another? Can there be ideas and solutions that can come from some compromise?
  7. I keep seeing references to the Boston Tea Party. What were the "rioters" protesting when they destroyed the tea? A tax on tea. What does Target have to do with police brutality? What did the Boston Tea Party ultimately lead to? War. Is that what the current protesters want?
  8. Wonder if Army and Air Force wanted him at LB but UND said they'd use him at RB. Looks like a powerful runner who has some speed. Might be a little like Brady O.....which is a good thing!
  9. I sure this gentleman is not happy his restaurant burned but feels there are issues that need to be addressed. http://www.citypages.com/restaurants/gandhi-mahal-owner-let-my-building-burn-justice-needs-to-be-served/570866711
  10. i believe the people that have caused damage by rioting and are caught should go through the judicial system. I also believe police officers that abuse their authority, should receive the same treatment. That has not always happened, I do not feel that makes me anti-police. If someone assaults police or worse, then they should face the consequences. i do not agree with the riots. But, I am not going to be dismissive and a say stuff happens and just move on, no big deal, and look the other way regarding the Floyd incident. I believe there are issues that need to looked and addressed from whatever side of the aisle in regards to Minneapolis police department and other departments across the country, Most officers feel what happened violated procedure and ethics. The MPD union chief feels his officers rights were violated. All this over a fake $ 20 bill, which the owner of the facility feels Floyd may not realized it was fake. I do understand this country was not founded just by addressing issues through legal means such as Boston Tea Party.
  11. Rioting needs to stop, I do not disagree. But going in too heavy is not the answer. I know Trump spoke with Putin today, but he needs to understand we’re not Russia. Sending police/military forces to ‘crush’ civilians isn’t what we do. That's not us. In fact that's the antithesis of traditional Republican values. So much so that if Trump isn't careful he's gonna inflame militant elements of his own party - against him. Timothy McVeigh types whose #1 fear is just what Trump is advocating. Those guys are another set of lunatics this country doesn’t need involved in things.
  12. Says every business owner who just had their livelihood destroyed.
  13. Still doesn't make it a good strategy. Why were the, on all accounts, peaceful protesters being asked to disperse 15 minutes before the mandated curfew? Was an unlaful assembly pronounced? Hard to believe that would be the case in the area around the White House, which is a common free speech zone. The only reason seems to be so the President could get a photo opportunity. Frankly there are better avenues for the President to get whatever message he wants across in the current environment. There is no reason to arbitrarily escalate a situation if it is not absolutely necessary.
  14. tnt

    2021 FB Recruiting

    On the news tonight, they said 24/7 sports ranked him as the top running back coming out of the state. If that’s the case, hopefully they can hold on to him.
  15. Thank God the officer who shot him wasn’t white, and Trump wasn’t president then. Otherwise that incident would’ve evoked uncontrolled riots and vandalism, with CNN and NBC making excuses for the criminal activity.
  16. The crowd was told to disperse 3 times.
  17. So they decided to tear gas a peaceful protest, thus potentially escalating the situation, just so the President could walk over and have a photo opportunity in front of a church, whose leaders were not even informed of his presence or frankly even want him there. That doesn't seem like a very good strategy to stopping the "riots and looting" or for anything at all to be honest.
  18. drove by blue moose on the way home...tables on the north side in the grass by the road leading to the state park...spaced nicely apart...people on the deck too obviously two things...should've been allowed todo this about a month ago...and they might want to keep this for the summer and next and beyond...looked awesome and somewhat easy access for servers to go down the steps and over the grassy area spud junior were taking down their outside seating... up north has a few table on the north side..no one out there
  19. Need to stop the riots and looting. Dems are not interested.
  20. No thanks, let’s keep all this forum rule breaking in one thread.....
  21. Poor Donald can't get love anywhere.
  22. Oh there is more than one part?
  23. BrandonH61


    Anyone have any game worn jerseys they’d be willing to talk about moving? I’ve been looking around and am struggling to find anything. If so, DM me.
  24. Are two dumpster fires better than one? I kinda like consuming my daily rage posts in one place.
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