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  2. i had the wrong Minnesota down on my calendar for Thanksgiving...groan.
  3. Why are you going to Mankato over Thanksgiving weekend?
  4. Today
  5. Oh, are we going to the hockey games too, @Blackheart ?
  6. Yesterday
  7. And they lead the league in homers and slugging percentage, and second in batting average. Plus now they head to LAA, where the pitchers are 6th worst in Home Runs Allowed. They're nowhere near as bad as Baltimore or Seattle, but it's still a setup for another 5+ homer game.
  8. If you are planning on going to Mankato get your motel rooms now as it is the same weekend of the Mankato Marathon. MafiaMan and Goon believe it or not I am running in the 10 Kilometer race on Saturday morning, MIGHT EVEN WEEAR MY FIGHTING SIOUX jersey! MANKATO SHOULD BE HOPPING WITH SIOUX FANS THAT WEEKEND.
  9. The Twins became the first team in the history of major league baseball to have five games with five or more home runs before June 1.
  10. I’m going to guess that Moody, Herbst and Boschee all applied.
  11. SS0016

    Shaw's gone.

    The word in Grand Forks is Matt Smaby for Asst. Coach, any thoughts? Would of been fun to know who applied, darn open record law changes
  12. Blues a bit chippy in today’s game....several Sharks including Pavelski and Hertl missed chunks of the game due to St Louis’ physical play.
  13. That arena is a pit. Their fans are by far the worst, too.
  14. The other programs, besides the hockey team have embraced and accepted the Fighting Hawks nickname. Check out the tweets when Football players and Basketball players commit to UND. The University is marketing the nickname. It’s not going to change. At some point there may be a tweak to the logo.
  15. Where are Clapper and Comey when you need them?
  16. Wow... the nhl is really taking it out on the Sharks to make up for the terrible terrible performance of their refs. Appearently the answer for awefull officiating is... additional awefull officiating to "even out the marbles" Its like they are following the old wcha in game model.
  17. There will be a ton of UND fans taking in the series at Mankato State...or MN Mankato....or MN St Mankato...or whatever they like to be called.
  18. Yep the Notre Dame interlocking ND is better than the Fighting Hawk.
  19. Says the one who downvoted 2 people one day before I down voted.
  20. At least no nickname and just UND is unique which is > the postal code and white dove.
  21. Mettlers...I mean Mankato State!
  22. The caravan of Sioux fans down Highway 169 will be back in force this coming October!
  23. I love how they renovated it and it looks all nice from the outside and in the entry by the ticket windows and then you walk up the steps into the rink and it’s like “nope, same old dump”
  24. I have been to a few arenas and my fav is Miami and CC. Vermont was fun and Omaha is too. This year UND plays UM MSU SCSU and UMD all on the road. So living in the cities its an easy drive to all.
  25. St Cloud's arena is a dump
  26. Not sure if I’m in the right spot, but any putting together an old throwback Sioux hockey jersey. It is the white dazzle Nike and I need a Siouxcrest and head. Does anyone know where I could get one. I think they are about 8 inches so. Any help would be appreciated. It’s going to be a dandy I have posted an example
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