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UND (8-16, 3-9) @ ISU (10-12, 5-6) 2/10 8 PM

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We aren't getting much production from Stewart.  He is not a good 3 point shooter.  He had much better success early in the year taking the ball to the basket.

4 times tonite we had the first entry pass result in a turnover.  With our problems stopping teams from scoring and rebounding, we need to win the turnover stat.

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12 hours ago, UND1983 said:

Lose to ISU?  Lose by 15 to ISU?  My lord.

UND played very badly.  Turned it over 20 times, defense and rebounding was suspect, outside of Geno the guards didn't show up.  As much as I love Dale and Avants, if they are the next leading scorers, that's a problem.


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