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2018 Season

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1 hour ago, petey23 said:

Look at Georgia next year at QB.

They have Fromme back as a Sophomore. Jacob Eason, as a junior who was a 5 star recruit and started last season and was to be the starter this season until injured. And for good measure they are bringing in Justin Fields, a 5 star dual threat QB considered the #1 incoming freshmen player in America.

Jacob Eason is not going to stay. 

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53 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

Offensive line.

Offensive. Line. 

The. Offensive. Line. 

Nothing more need be talked about until that is feared, yes, feared, by opponents. 

Yes, the teams with the best lines are typically very, very good. With that said, there are some above average teams with subpar line play. Not every school is going to recruit and develop a superior offensive line. In fact, UND is facing an uphill battle themselves with every in-state offensive lineman wanting to go to NDSU. Just look at all the North Dakota natives - some that even played 9-man - on NDSU's roster. 

UND may be forced to play contemporary college offensive football due to this shortage of quality offensive linemen. That is, focus on skill position players in space. Yet, it appears Bubba and Rudolph want to keep banging their head against a brick wall. The line just isn't going to improve overnight. 

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38 minutes ago, UNDvince97-01 said:

Jacob Eason is heading back home to play for the Washington Huskies.

I wonder where Hurts will go. The Samoan kid ripped that job right out of his hands last night.

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4 hours ago, UNDbeliever said:

How much money does UND get for playing them?  Somewhere in the vicinity of $400K-$500K?

Thought I read $500k for Washington somewhere on here. Got 450k from Utah. 

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