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2013-2014 Season

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Over time, it will become more of an issue. It happened with the men's program in the 1980's and 90's and it eventually caught up with them. This year's runner-up finish is the law of averages kicking in, but it's possible the players subconsciously started thinking it was in the bag and that might have been a factor in the loss.

Btw, I wonder if they'll put a mural of their "Runner-Up" finish next to their championship murals? :p

It does make some sense that overconfidence played a role against Clarkson. I think that played a part in the first series with UND this year where they won handily on Friday but lost on Saturday. But I'm not sure I buy the idea that taking an opponent lightly in a game or two means arrogance and complacency is setting into the program. I guess time will tell if your theory holds true.

I guessing the mural of the runner-up finish would be more of an SCSU thing.

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