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SIOUX vs Gophers

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This is the only meeting between these teams until WCHA post season possibilities..The best Rivalry in college hockey.....GO SIOUX!


Hit hit hit then score a few! Go Sioux!!!!

The WHITE-OUT tradition continues this weekend as well vs um so do your part and wear WHITE!

WCHA Standings

Pairwise Rankings

und.gif - Sioux Hockey Home Page

NCAA Division I Overall Record: 16-5-2 (.739)

Conference Record, WCHA: 11-3-0, 22 points

Home: 7-2-1 / Away: 8-3-1 / Neutral: 1-0-0

umn.gif - Gophers Hockey Home Page

NCAA Division I Overall Record: 9-8-3 (.525)

Conference Record, WCHA: 6-6-2, 14 points

Home: 5-6-3 / Away: 4-2-0 / Neutral: 0-0-0

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Damn how I love this series. I see the Sioux winning convincingly on friday with saturdays game being a tight checking battle with the Sioux winning 3-2.

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The gophers are down this year (yet again), I haven't had a chance to watch them really at all this year, other than their tie against Ferris State, so I'm not sure what the problem is, maybe a gopher fan could come on and post a nice synopsis for us. They need points BAD this weekend at the Ralph. I couldn't be happier that Robert Morris tested the Sioux last night, if the team went into the gopher series coming off 2 lopsided wins, there could be trouble. I think Hak will have PLENTY to talk to them about this week during film and after in practice.

The Ralph will be rocking with the students back for the first time this semester, and the great people of the region ready to come in, out of the cold, and get on those rodents! I really am upset that Kangas is hurt, as UND really is inside his head. Lets hope the boys light up Mr. Patterson early, so we can watch the gopher players quit like they usually do.



Is it friday yet? tick, tick,tick, tick.....

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As if anyone needed ANOTHER reason to make fun of this gopher team, check this video out, I almost feel sorry for them...(seriously)

You've got to be kidding me!

That was awful. Thanks for making me want to gouge out my eyes.

Anyways, a big key to this next weekend's games will be officiating.

I know, I know, "oh goodie, a Sioux fan whining about the officiating, this time before the games are even played!" But that's not it.

The Sioux play a physical game. The Gophers play a finesse game.

The Gophers have one of the best divers in DI Hockey in Jacob Cepis. Cepis wants to score and his style of play, like his teammates, won't work if he's always getting banged around. So, expect him to flop like a fish.

So, there's the officiating angle. Will they be consistent with the past and reinforce positively Cepis' tendency to dive (in other words, call a penalty on UND when Cepis dives) or will they take the less common road by making a noncall or, even more rare, calling a diving penalty on Cepis.

Face it folks, the diving penalty this year on Zucker was a fluke. Zucker is a rank amateur in diving compared to Cepis and Roe.

So, UND needs to practice creating offense and dominating the puck while on the PK, they need to find ways to make the hit on divers like Cepis but ensure that the player doing the hitting isn't a player like LaPoint, Blood, Davidson, etc. (in other words, no taller than 6'1" or the "elbowing" penalties start showing up), they need to start finding ways to agitate but not retaliate (officials don't care about that punch Player A makes to Player B but they think it is very low brow for Player B to respond in kind. Player B gets the 2 minutes and Player A skates away).

I can expect a lot of offsetting penalties this weekend, some good and bad noncalls, at least 1 major penalty, and a game getting away from us.


I'm predicting a split.

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This sioux fan predicts a split as well. Friday night the sioux look completely different in comparison to Saturday night this season at home.

Keys in this series:

~Gopher goaltending (Will it be Patterson or Kangas?)

~Like Redwing said, officiating (at least we know it won't be Adam)

~The Pony Express. They need to play like the best line in college hockey, and dominate.

~The Fourth line for the sioux. The more they contribute, the less the burden on the top two lines, and the more breaks those guys get.

~Cepis. Is he going to play like a dynamic forward or spend the entire series trying to put the gophs on the powerplay.

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Unless UND plays like they did last night, I see UND getting minimum of 3 points.

The significance of this series, the only one between the 2 this year, won't be lost on the senior leadership on this team. They were sleeping walking last night and got away with it, but I expect a different looking team for 120 minutes next week. UND will take penalties because UM is so soft and weak, but UND PK will be solid.

5-2 UND Fri. and 2-2 Sat.

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