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Found 3 results

  1. Fun video salute to North Dakota

    KFYR-TV in Bismarck produced a fun video about good ol' N.D. (even references UND hockey and SU football) to the tune of that incessantly played "Happy" song. Thought I would share for no particular reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Lz34llO_XI#t=149
  2. Fosston Bullying Allegation Video Goes Viral

    I saw this on the 5pm WDAZ newscast and it made my blood boil. http://www.valleynew...clipId=10139102 I am not sure what is worse, the bullying or the a$$-covering act of the Superintendent, whom I think might have attended the Robert Kelley School of Crisis Management: No Mr. Nohner, it could not be resolved "without going to Facebook" because you, the principal of the elementary school and the bus driver didn't do your freaking jobs. But if you want to start actually earning your salary, you can start by FIRING the Principal AND the Bus Driver in question. If you don't fix this, you will be looking at a lawsuit. And I can't think of a school district more deserving of a legal smackdown. If anyone wants to give Mr. Nohner your 2 cents, here is the contact info: Superintendent Mark Nohner 218-435-6036 mnohner@fosston.k12.mn.us End Rant.
  3. Hockey Video Quality Issues?

    Is it just me or is the Hockey video quality, both online and on cable, poor this year? On TV last week vs Manitoba the image was pretty weak (soft/blurry) and barely acceptable. Online last night the image was so blurry that I couldn't read the numbers on the back of jerseys or read the score on the on screen score board. I have no buffering issues or pixalation. The issue is that the video itself is not crisp, like in previous years, or like the other schools provide. Maybe this is because of the new Fargo production crew's equipment?