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Found 13 results

  1. I've got 2 in 215 row K. $20 each. PM me or text me at 701-429-1003
  2. UTAH - North Dakota Game Torrent

    Good Game Guys, stud Safety who will play on Sundays. Good luck on the rest of your season! For those who didn't get to see the game, here is a bit torrent. http://uofu.bobsonlineworld.net Password: utevids From https://www.utehub.com/forums/topic/torrent-of-the-und-game/

    Hi y'all! I'm making an infographic (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/infographic?s=t) for the UND @ NDSU game in 2019. I need some expert input on the stats I include. I am football fan, but calling me an expert is a stretch. I have room for 18 stats, and so far i'm thinking: all time matchup record, 2018 record, 2019 record, last winner, and possibly the Vegas odds (Percentage? Fraction? Ratio? Over/under? What is an over/under? Where to find?). So that leaves us with room for 13/14 stats. What do you guys think that the most important ones are? if you were to evaluate a matchup which ones would you use? Thanks in advance for any help! p.s. This is not my first post. I used one or two other accounts before this. Just thought i'd say that.
  4. Spring Football 2017

    Spring football starts this Friday 3/3 so I figure we should get a thread going. What / who are you all specifically looking at this spring? For me, I am curious about the progress of the OL and transfer QB Zimmerman. I am truly hoping Zimmerman will be a solid backup this season and ready to guide the ship next season.
  5. Tom Miller's questionable comparison

    In a column/article about UND hockey, longtime Herald sports writer Tom Miller dropped this bomb: Really, Tom? You had to go there? It's 2017. We're several years removed from the previous regime, we've grown, we've matured, we've tasted success, we've made the playoffs, and we are full of hope and optimism for the first time in a long time. Yet, you had to take a snipe at the previous coach? By name? Show some class. The writer here could have used big boy words and made several creative or witty allusions to the recent down period for UND football. He could have indirectly referenced Mussman a million different ways, and all of the readers in Siouxland would have gotten the joke, and maybe even smirked a little. He could have taken the high road and tied FB attendance to fan apathy or performance generally, instead of calling out a coach or a staff. This was small, petty, and mean. And bush league journalism. Okay for Deadspin, I suppose...maybe that's where Tom's aspirations lie. The Herald is blessed to have such an excellent sports writer in Brad Schlossman...I only wish the same could be said for his colleague and understudy. Boo, Tom. Boo.
  6. 2016 attendance

    2-0, 1-1 or 0-2 heading into Potato Bowl, attendance guesses? (Really bored) 2-0: 12,000+? 1-1: 11,000+? 0-2: 10,000+?
  7. Northern Colorado Look-a-Likes

    Trae Riek Starla -- Napoleon Dynamite
  8. UND getting some love on HBO

    On tonight's season premiere of Hard Knocks on HBO, in the first few minutes, they were filming JJ Watt at his training facility and there was a "University of North Dakota" banner prominently featured on one wall (among dozens of other colleges, but it stuck out the most). #UNDproud
  9. Tibesar released by the Bears

    I guess Tim is available now....would have been nice to know?
  10. Greatest wide receiver UND has ever had?

    So Hardin graduates this year... is he the best wr UND has ever had? Or is it Dressler? Or is it someone else?
  11. Cam Kuska out for the Season?

    Ouch...sounds like the defense will be back to normal with this guy out for the year....sucks balls....
  12. Great West banner?

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but I'm sitting here at the Alerus and I just noticed there is no banner to commemorate the 2011 Great West co-championship. I know it wasn't a 'real' conference, and it was a split crown, but does anyone know if there is one that is either hanging somewhere or on the way? Maybe it was sent to the AD in Fargo by mistake?
  13. Sioux Legend Gene Murphy passes away

    I received word this afternoon that former UND player and coach gene Murphy passed away today Oct. 29.. He was 72. He had been hospitalized at the USC hospital after surgery Tuesday for esophogeal cancer. I was told the surgery went well but he died of a heart attack. The name Murphy of Ira Murphy was for Gene Murphy. He was from New Jersey and grew up a St. Louis Cardinals fan. His hero was Stan Musial. He spent his first year playing for the Gopher freshman before transferring to UND. He played Quarterback and as a player and later head coach for the Sioux he never lost to the AC. I don't believe I ever heard him call them anything else. They were and always will be the AC. He was an assistant coach under Jerry Olson and was the offensive coordinator during the 1970's when UND won 4 conference titles and the Camelia Bowl between 1970-75. Before serving as UND's head coach for two years. He turned around the program that had struggled for a couple of years and led the Sioux to another conference title and the playoffs. He then took the head coaching job a Fullerton State and led them to a conference championship, bowl games and national rankings. His Fullerton years are documented in a nice story about Murph in the Orange County Register of Oct. 29. I couldn't figure out how to cut and paste. Gene Murphy was the best recruiter in the history of UND athletics. He was a loyal UND fan in all sports. When Gino Gasparini was a the surprise hire for the head hockey job in the late 1970's and was getting harrassed by fans and the media for being picked over Ned Harkness, Gene Murphy stood by him. Back then there were no hockey fans, FB fans, BB fans. We were all UND Fighting Sioux fans. We had an annual "tri-jock" party with FB, hocky and BB players. Athletes from different sports and different teams hung out together. We also were not isolated from our fans and the the other students we lived in the dorms or apartments or fraternity houses with. Gene Murphy and his love for UND and UND athletics fostered that attitude maybe more than anyone else. His Irish wit and charm were legend. His exploits as a student among the co-eds are still told over cold beers. When he recruited, he recruited the Mom's first and there were very few Moms who didn't have a crush on Murph. When Gary Pietrozewski (sp?) was thinking of going to the AC and his Mom liked the idea of Fargo being closer than GF to drive to games, Murph convinced his Mom they were building a new interstate between the Twin Cities and GF that would make it a shorter trip. Petro came to UND. Murph brought Dale Lennon and Rob Bollinger and Roger Thomas to UND. He was introduced and admired by players and coaches at UND over the years who have had the opportunity to meet him and hear of his love for UND. His players have a record of success after football that is also remarkable. Steve Mariucci coached under Murph. Hue Jackson and Cable of the Raiders coached under Murph. Whenever there was a former Sioux player in need Murph would make sure one of us was aware and the Fighting Sioux family would respond. Those Fighting Sioux didn't have to be athletes. If they were Fighting Sioux fans Alumni, students, it didn't matter. Gene Murphy had their back. When one of his former players was signed as the back-up punter to my son-in-law Mat McBriar of the Cowboys Murph contacted me to let me know how much McBriar had helped his former player. Gene Murphy and those who coached, played hockey, volleyball, bb, swam, ran track or were students or faculty and were like Murph are the real tradition and spirit of the UND Fighting Sioux. That is why the Spirit of UND and the Fighting Sioux will live forever with or without a logo or a name on a jersey. He is survived by sons Tim and Mike, daughter Aileen and her mother Christine McCarthy. I hope Tom Clifford met him at the gates of heaven with a pint of God's best Irish lager and a pinch of Skoal or Copenhagen and a reservation on heaven's handball courts for the two of them..