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Found 33 results

  1. Just purchased 6 tickets to Friday's game between the US Women and Canadian Women at the Ralph...I never got to see the twins play for UND and it will be the last time to see them at the Ralph! Also, it would be nice to see a US win at our Rink!
  2. Open to any location as I know three together is tough to find.
  3. ISO tickets for the west regional tournament and hall of fame game in Vegas. Ideally need 3, but will buy 4. email me at
  4. I need 2 or 3 for the Saturday February 4th game vs St Cloud. Feel free to contact me at six zero five 321 one three five three. Thanks for your help.
  5. Looking for (2) on Saturday. Lower level preferred. Suites will not be rejected Text 701-219-1392 .... Prefer Face Value and can barter.
  6. Looking for two for Saturday. Traveling from Fargo. 701-219-1392
  7. Two tickets for sale for Friday's hockey game Section 306 Row H. $100 for the pair. Please call or text 701-208-0797 if interested.
  8. I have 4 tickets I am unable to use due to a family emergency. I am asking face value, $120/ticket OBO. Tickets are for Friday 11/4 Hard tickets in hand. Section 11 Row 19 Seats 5-8 Call or text 701-341-0627
  9. I have 1 ticket left for the University of North Dakota Men's Hockey Hall of Fame Game vs. RPI this Saturday October 15th at 7:07 pm. Section 302 Row H Seat 10 this is the side UND shoots at twice! I am asking $30 OBO. Please text or call 701.527.2664 if interested. The ticket is located in Grand Forks.Thanks,Chris
  10. I have 3 tickets available for the October 1st Game. Section 302 Row H Seats 8-10. Asking $120 for all 3. Please PM me or text 701.527.2664 if interested. thanks, Chris
  11. Just a friendly reminder that single-game tickets for your Defending National Champion UND Fighting Hawks Men's Hockey Team went on sale today. BONUS REMINDER: This would be a great opportunity to redeem those Ticketmaster settlement discount voucher codes you might not even remember or know you had. If anybody needs help locating such codes and/or redeeming them, post a request here and I'll give you a quick tutorial BEFORE you check-out at the TM site.
  12. Hello, the AHL just started its conference finals tonight with former UND player Matt Frattin and the Marlies losing to the Bears. Check out the recap.
  13. Hi, I know I'm over a year late with my idea but I thought of a joke this morning "I admit that I would be fine we renamed the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux to ........ the University of North Dakota National Champions". Te longer that I've been thinking about it, I really believe if our nickname was changed to either the University of North Dakota National Champions or better yet the University of North Dakota Fighting Champions, I think the name could take off for the following reasons: Fighting Champions is other college team has it and I don't know of any professional or semi-professional team that has it It keeps the tradition of the Fighting Sioux with using half of its nickname (the only good aspect of the Fighting Hawks) and keeps up our tradition of a championship rich athletics program and fanbase. Merchandise would sell Hockey fans/team would embrace/LOVE it It has the best chance of any non-Sioux nickname to successfully take off People might believe because we have already changed our nickname that UND wouldn't change it again so quickly. But UND has to be dissapointed from observing the lackluster reception from the alumni and students to the new nickname, and if the reception doesnt significantly improve with the logo (which is possible), I think UND will be put in a difficult situation. The merchandise hasn't sold AT ALL. Not only does the Fighting Hawks merchandise sit on the shelves at the Grand Forks Scheels and at the Ralph, but it hasn't sold anywhere that I've been. The Bismarck Scheels has the Fighting Hawks products on sale/clearance, because they hasn't been selling. UND is running a big risk to the relationships of their retailers and suppliers that they keep producing merchandise with a nickname that is NOT going to sell and has the retailers lose money and waste space in their stores of merchandise that doesn't sale. If UND keeps producing undesirable merchandise, retailers will quit ordering it and order merchandise of universities products that do sell.....which is Bison merchandise that have to be bought by their fanbase because most their fans are bandwagon fans that didn't exist before 2010 so they don't have any Bison stuff .....sorry had to throw an insult to the Bison in here:) It doesn't have to be this way as UND fans have acted like vultures trying to buy any of the Dacotah Legacy Fighting Sioux merchandise or any merchandise that says champions on it......unless its a Fighting Hawks champions merchandise....even THAT is not selling. For the above reasons I am suggesting a nickname, Fighting Champions, that's merchandise has already proven to sell great, the hockey team/fans will love it (seriously how many times is champions written on the walls at the Ralph....the players have all bought into playing for it, they are NOT shy that's why they came to play for North Dakota is to play for the championships), and its a unique, non-generic nickname that UND's athletic teams/fans can get behind. Our hockey team logo could be the 8 national championship trophies, and you could update the logo everytime they win another championship (new logo = more sales = more money for UND) Our football team's logo could be the 1 national championship trophy, and I hope our football team is the university that dethrones the Bison and wins the whole thing Our women's basketball team's logo could be the 3 national championship trophy All the other sports logos could be the 8 hockey, 1 football, and 3 wbb trophies all together And if anyone thinks its detrimental to use 4 different you think that's a worse result than the best case scenario of UND fans embracing the Fighting Hawks name for every sport but hockey....and our hockey team keeps being (unofficially) Fighting Sioux? Our hockey fans are great, we WILL not let the Fighting Sioux name die for a generic replacement name. We love the Sioux name so much that we our passion and dedication will keep the name relevant for decades. We smile and become oddly happy and excited whenever an announcer, analyst, or former head couch calls us Sioux. For being such passionate fans we deserve a nickname that we can embrace and get behind, and I think that should be the University of North Dakota Fighting Champions.
  14. Great group of games at the Ralph yesterday with more on tap today. 1st 2 games were close all the way through with USA finishing strong winning 8-2. Post thoughts on any aspect of the tournament from atmosphere (was terrific yesterday) to games/anything in between.
  15. Vote today and tomorrow! Not sure who all knows, but everybody should be voting in the Kraft Hockeyville contest this year. Winner gets to host an NHL preseason game and gets arena upgrades. Minot has made the final four in this national contest that you probably see little blips about during the playoffs every year. Though they are not UND, I guarantee there are Sioux fans in Minot and this is a good chance to show that North Dakota has the best fans in the country. You can vote 50 times a day by text or on the webpage. Voting 50 times on the webpage is very easy, click to vote, click to vote again . . . voting ends tomorrow Click here to show North Dakota has the best hockey fans
  16. Never hurts to get an early start.
  17. Wanting to buy 7 tickets for the CC matchup on Saturday the 23rd. Thanks
  18. I was excited about this game, now I'm thinking they should cancel. Where you at, Grand Forks? Puck drops in four days, and this is embarrassing:
  19. Looking for just one season hockey ticket, either for all games or one to share. PM is you're looking to sell.
  20. KFYR-TV in Bismarck produced a fun video about good ol' N.D. (even references UND hockey and SU football) to the tune of that incessantly played "Happy" song. Thought I would share for no particular reason.
  21. Hey!!!! We are losing to Maine. Remember that team that stole Johnson's Hobey? We need to vote. Where are you Sioux fans??!
  22. Two men's hockey tickets available for NCHC quarterfinals tomorrow night (Sat 3/15) - Sioux vs Colorado College - $80 for the pair OBO... section 106 row D, seats 3-4. Hit me up ASAP. Thanks text 701-885-1776
  23. I saw this print when it was introduced at the Final Five last year (long lines at the display) and thought it was a great tribute to Fighting Sioux hockey. Now that the name is going/has gone away for good, I really like the idea of a commemorative collectible. I heard the Siouxshop in The Ralph has these and the College Shop at MOA have some for sale too. Sioux Forever! Website -
  24. Got my uncle a Fighting Sioux print at . Name withheld for obvious reasons (he reads anything Sioux/UND hockey). He will LOVE this limited edition print!
  25. Per the Schlossman blog in the GF Herald: The UND shuttle service from the parking ramp to Ralph Engelstad Arena has been discontinued for the 2013-2014 season. In place of the UND shuttle service, UND will provide additional paid parking options in the following new locations for the 2013-2014 season: UND Nursing School lot and the UND Medical School lot. In addition to the new paid parking options, UND will continue to provide paid parking options in all of the same parking locations as last season, including the UND parking ramp and behind Archives Coffee Shop on Harvard Street. Other than dropping the nickname, this has got to be the biggest single blunder I have seen from the University in the several years I have now lived here. I don't know when it started, but I've never not had the shuttle option. There have been nights that I wouldn't dream of having my family walk from the REA to any of the outlying parking locations, let alone the UND parking garage. Heck, waiting in line for the shuttle is borderline questionable on some nights when the temperature and wind conspire just so. This is about SAFETY, people. At least with the shuttle, you could linger in the lobby until the line shortened. The REA may have amenities out the wazoo, but abundant parking is NOT one of them. The pathetic thing about the plan as announced is that the med school lot is pretty much already full on game nights. Other than the fact that those folks are often UND permit holders, I don't see how this is an "additional" parking option. And they're STILL going to charge to park in the garage. (I wonder how much.) If this is about money, shame on everyone involved. The student shuttle drivers probably need the money the most, and they were very pleasant and personable despite the often challenging working conditions. If this is some sort of misguided attempt to drive up season ticket sales/upgraded club memberships, that is deplorable.