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  1. That is an absolute joke
  2. Has to be a 5 and a game.
  3. Take your reasonable logic and get out!
  4. Don't go bringing facts into this. That just confuses everybody...
  5. If the twins moved away and never came back, you wouldn't find me complaining.
  6. In my opinion, Tom Miller completely obliterated Brad yesterday in terms of being a reporter.
  7. I promise there will be more than 800 people at the game
  8. Welcome to 2017
  9. This might be the worst post I have ever seen...
  10. Heaven forbid we continue to pour money into a program that doesn't generate anything. All these people that are complaining about it, where were they when the team wasn't selling tickets? Why are the players surprised that they weren't informed ahead of time? The administration didn't give the baseball team that benefit. Maybe with all the money the twins are going to be making, they can try and fund it themselves. If not, shut up.
  11. I'd rather it be the pact that Drake, Stech, and Ladue made. Same idea, better result.
  12. The ability to make money playing hockey instead of going to class to play hockey.
  13. Colorado is going to throw a max deal at him. It will be his decision whether to leave or not.
  14. I think something that could play a factor will be whether or not the NHL releases the players to go to the olympics.