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  1. October 2017 Announcement

    Josh Morton would be a great replacement. Alex Kringen will probably apply, bring back baseball maybe.
  2. Moo U diaries

    I like Dave Richman but my guess is his offense is why Khy is out. Honestly if Jones is in a recruiting battle for a guard with NDSU, just put on some game tape and it should be over. Do you want to run the weave for 25 seconds or do you want to get up and down and play pick and roll basketball. NDSU's roster next year does not look good right now. I think Khy would thrive at UND in our offense but doubt NDSU would let him go here.
  3. Should Basketball Use the Ralph?

    I am willing to bet Jones and Brew would be all for this with the following. Each gets 3-4 games a year in Ralph (Saturday night when men's hockey is gone would be perfect.) Each has a locker room there. Betty would still be main locker room but also have their own in the Ralph for those games and practice there on game weeks after men's hockey has left town. There is space for this now I'm guessing. Each team has access to Ralph weight room as well as Betty. Women's hockey used to so I'm guessing you could fill there time in the training area with bball. Talk about bringing the wow factor to recruits. You go to one of the best mid major facility packages in the country by doing that. Willing to bet the coaches would be all for this. If UND wants to take basketball to the next level getting them access and making them an almost joint or half joint tennet at REA would be smart. Omaha does this with their facility for all games I believe, so it's doable. im a bigger fan of the Betty but the Ralph will help bring a new level of basketball recruit to UND imo. also think with title 9 they may have to give WBB some of this stuff or another women's program but basketball makes most sense.
  4. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    Correct me if I am wrong but wouldn't this be an even bigger reason to cut 1-2 non revenue sports with high budgets like WIH vs. 4 sports. Cutting the same budget but keeping more scholarships and sports which would mean more $ from NCAA.
  5. Coach Jones?

    Smith wanted the UND job badly when Jones got it. He's from Stephen and is an UND alum. He'll be at a power 5 school in 8-10 years. I'd bet money on it.
  6. Coach Jones?

    I'm sure basketball does its fair share but when it comes to Bubba he is the best PR guy UND has. Combine that with being a great football coach and I would make the argument coach Schweigert might be UNDs most valuable employee. It would serve all UND coaches well to act like Bubba in this regard. it could be a Tuesday night church supper in Harvey ND and it would not shock me at all to hear coach Schweigert was there promoting his team and UND. Pretty cool when your football coach is great at that job but he's also the best pr and overall campus recruiter UND has. Probably the biggest fan of other UND sports too.
  7. 17-18 Hawks Need Crandall - to take the next step. I think he has a shot to get drafted if he keeps improving at the rate he has. Needs to keep maturing and working hard. He was not out of place athletically tonight, he's unreal fast, 6'3, a good shooter, passer, and ball handler. Needs to take the next step if he wants to have that shot and put the team on his back. Could be the best player in the BSC and still just a JR. Drick- if he plays like he did tonight that would be perfect. 10-10 guy. Seales - take the next step as well. We need him to be a double digit scorer next year. Avants-struggles against bigger guys like tonight but can be an above average borderline all conference post against 90% of the teams we play. Knows his role and works hard. Shanks- hoping he takes a big step. Big guys take time and it's his last year. Could be a big X factor if he takes his game to another level. X Factor - Marlon Stewart. Highest recruited player on the team. I'm not expecting him to replace Hooker but if he can give us 8-14 a night the would be huge. If that happens and young guys step up we could be dancing again.
  8. Great fight by the team tonight. Congrats to the team and coaches. Best season of UND basketball ever imo. Great careers by Hooker and Baldwin. Great coaching this year as well. I hope this serves as a lesson to alums administration and everyone that MENS BASKETBALL IS UND's BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY FOR EXPOSURE. So much attention on this tourney. No reason UND shouldn't invest more in basketball and strive to be a mid major program that makes the tourney 3-5 times every 10 years. Maybe some years get a 12-13 seed a win a few games. Alls it takes for mid majors to take off is go on a run one year and ride that momentum. Gonzaga, VCU, UNI, Butler, Florida Gulf, St Mary's are all examples. Make the commitment to basketball. Huge ROI potential.
  9. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Saw OL Bull from Canada is visiting. Would be unreal get for UND IMO. Guys that size should not be able to move like that. Surprised he doesn't have P5 offers.
  10. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Renolds is a tackling machine. Always around the football. Mauch from Hankinson, Hankey from Park River and Jepson from Killeer are some others that I don't think have committed yet.
  11. Coach Jones?

    I sure hope none of our coaches think like you. I see a school with good basketball tradition, a nice facility, a US News top 180 ranking, FULL cost of attendance, good fan support, etc. Pretty easy to sell a kid who wants to play ball that you can come up here and just focus on basketball. As for the local talent I'm pretty confident you could field a really good big sky team without hardly leaving ND SD MN NE IA Wi and IL. There's plenty of teams in the summit and mvc that do that and the best D2 conference in the country also. Not a whole lot of difference in the talent from top NSIC and big sky other than your high end big sky guys. See Bubba Schweigert for example. He takes every negative or excuse in your case, someone might say about UND and turns it into a positive. It's also no coincidence that his program is doing great and he's pretty much recruiting those states I listed.
  12. 2017 Season

    Spoke with some bison buddies of mine this week and the whole conversation was about how loaded UND will be and how they can't believe we got JJ and how UND could beat competing for the national title. While that was a much better conversation than what it was a few years ago I'm a little worried the preseason hype will be very strong for our guys. I hope Bubba and the s&c staff are driving it home that we haven't done squat yet and are keeping our guys hungry. Should be the most hyped UND season in maybe forever. Hope our guys are staying humble and hungry. Can't wait for next year.
  13. 2015-2016 Recruiting

    Caught a little USD women the other day. How did UND let Madison McKeever from Erskine end up at usd? Really good player for usd as a true fresh already. Can't let talent like that 45 minutes from campus go to another regional school.
  14. Coach Jones?

    In the Moorhead Northern St game last night Wathall's team lost, but some interesting numbers. Tanner Kretchmen - 41 points Fargo Davies grad Aaron Lien - 36 points Moorhead grad Mack Arvidson - 30 points Grand Forks Red River grad All 3 somewhat recruited by UND I believe, all three can shoot the 3 ball. All averaging over 17 a game and will be all NSIC players. I could name 6-7 guys over the last 4-5 years for UND these guys should've had scholarships over. Take a look at some of the conference leader stats for the NSIC and you'll see their names at the top of places UND could use help with. Not trying to pile on because I hope the team does well and wins the big sky and just know those 3 were looked at by UND and passed on and they are 3 of the better players in the nsic right now. Thought of that when Wathalls name was brought up.
  15. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Wonder if UND will offer the other two. Probably need OL at this point but all 3 are top 20 mn recruits with multiple offers. Guessing no if it hasn't happened already.
  16. 2017 UND Recruiting

    100%. Santiago is a top ten back in the country and so is Brady. Neither of them are moving from running back. Yes Jon should play some out of the slot but he needs 15-20 carries a game. Id like more screens and swing passes out of the backfield with him. There is no way on earth the coaches are remotely considering moving a guy on pace to break the rushing record at UND away from running back. Lets drop the Santiago to WR stuff...ain't happening nor should it. He might line up some outside but the guy is an ALL AMERICAN running back.
  17. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Tough week. Both their BB teams got taken to the woodshed by us now we're taking football recruits they want.
  18. 2017 UND Recruiting

    I think we'll find room for him. Can tell the Bison didn't really want him though, there's only one thread with 40 plus pages dedicated to just him.
  19. 2017 UND Recruiting

    I agree with this. Need to get him touches but he is a RB. Percy Hardin role is a good example. Whether it's kick punt jet sweep bubble screen hand off or 9 route Jon needs 20-30 touches a game.
  20. 2017 UND Recruiting

    No way. RB is the best way to get Jon touches. We need to get him as many as possible. He is a RB and now that we have 4 really good ones We should be able to let Jon do both kick and punt returns and also use him for jet sweep. Everyone can drop the Santiago to WR talk. It makes zero sense. We now have 4 really talented RBs. Let's figure out how to get them touches. Great problem to have.
  21. 2017 UND Recruiting

    This is a BIG fricken deal. JJ was the best recruit out of ND in the last 10-15 years IMO. NDSU would've taken him in 2 seconds I don't care what anyone from there says. This is big for a few reasons. 1. Bubba is making up ground in ND. ND is the hardest state to recruit against NDSU. Kids here have seen NDSU win 5 straight and were very young when UND was in the D2 title games. UND has lost kids they've offered more money too because they want to wear the green and gold. While bubba has gotten some nice ND kids to me this is the first one that screams, "I like that school, I like that staff, I like those facilities and I like what they are building at UND and I would rather be apart of building something than tagging onto something already built. To top it of this is the best football player in 10-15 years out of ND and he is from Fargo. 2. This make a huge impression on class of 17, 18, 19 kids coming up from ND. Those kids all know who JJ is and don't underplay the impression this along with all the other things UND and Bubba have going makes on those recruits. JJ could have a pied piper effect. 3. Adds great depth to RB position. The back field is set for the next 3 years. Even after Thunder and lighting graduate we'll still have JJ and Gordon. This also allows us to use Santiago more in things like punt and kick return as well as the jet sweep roll. Look at NDSU with Frazier morlock anderson and Dunn, there are plenty of ways to use 4 good backs. Again just one recruit but this is one of bubba's biggest yet.
  22. 2016 Attendance

    Wow, looks like this might be a full house. Judging by how many seats are left I'd say people better buy now or you'll be sitting in the end zone sections or a SRO on game day if you take your chances on walk up tickets. Everyone bring the noise. Let's get some false starts and help the good guys in green. Side note. Give Bubba a lifetime extension.
  23. Bracketology

    UND should be #7 tomorrow and if we are 8 it is simply to match us up with NDSU. I actually think UND matches up better with NDSU than EWU but I hope we are 7 because that is where we should be. SDSU was behind us last week and they beat an average 5-6 team. No reason they should jump UND
  24. The All Important Polls

    Everyone should keep an eye on Richmond vs. Bill & Mary. It's a rivalry game so chance for an upset. I noticed the paper said to watch the UCA & SDSU games but I think they should've said UCA & Richmond. We get a loss by either and we're top 8. Miller shouldn't let Izzo's love affair with all things MVFC get in the way of facts. 2 games we need a loss from and neither involve SDSU.
  25. The All Important Polls

    UND should be top 8 no problem with a UCA loss. I see the MVFC chest pumping down in Fargo for baby brother SDSU has already started if they beat UNI. Really? B/c they beat a below .500 UNI team puts them ahead of UND? The same UNI that lost to USD who UND beat the same UNI team who lost to Montana who lost 4 games in the conference UND just ran through. Oh and the same SDSU who is 8-3 vs. a 9-2 UND when UND has a better record vs common opponents. The MVFC tunnel vision really gets old.