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  1. How many people will watch the game on TBS tonight and how many will watch the hockey game? How many people will watch the NCAA national championship basketball game vs hockey game? Tertiary. Nice little sport for some folks.
  2. Haha. Who gives a sh&t. It's a tertiary sport. No one cares. Make some moves. Get the band here!
  3. I'm here. No band. No cheerleaders. Even the Jacks have band and cheerleaders. This may seem trivial but their absence to me is unacceptable. Implies that no one thought this through or some dumb people are making some decisions. A trip to NCAA basketball tournament is a wonderful marketing opportunity to showcase your university. Now, we will be the school that has fight song being played over PA. All the bands and cheerleaders were even at respective practice/media sessions yesterday. Weak damn sauce!
  4. I second it. Shut er down.
  5. Move along. Nothing to see here. Analytics and data are not appreciated on this board. Only personal bias accepted.
  6. We have finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 10th in the Big Sky. Which one of those would be considered an outlier?
  7. Part of the gig. Hasn't stopped you from anonymously taking shots at players on here Congrats Coach Jones. Well deserved.
  8. Let's call it what it is. They are not well liked amongst the other UND athletes. I'm sure the basketball players could care less that they were there. And to be fair, basketball players wouldn't be caught dead at a hockey game.
  9. Damn Darrell, you didn't get to fire up your thread. Tough deal man. Tough deal.
  10. Agreed. They are actually not watching at all. Ratings are simply a direct reflection of which schools have offered scholarships. It's a dumb !@#$ show really designed simply to make some money.
  11. Wait a minute Darrell. This implies that you want the team to fail this year so Jones can get whacked. This contradicts what you said earlier about being a big fan and wanting the team to have great success this year.
  12. Oh my God Darrell, you won!! You finally got through to me with Mussman argument. You won! I really didn't think you could ever do it but you did it. You really did it. And A Bubba throw-in as well. Whew, glad we are done. Good luck to ya fella!
  13. You started it 5 games into the conference season. Finished runner-up in conference that season.
  14. No. Not really.