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  1. SanDakotaState

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    There is no way in hell that the tournament will be moved to Rapid City unless they build a new arena and they put together a better proposal than Sioux Falls. The Rushmore Plaza Civic Center is a terrible venue and is not up to par for a D1 conference tournament. The SLT makes tons of money and is one of the best conference tournaments in all of the NCAA. Why fix it if it isn't broken? The coaches might not like it but i bet the players love playing in front of a crowd instead of an empty gym like they are used to. http://thesummitleague.org/sports/mbkb/2017-18/releases/20170809otp507 BTW, I have no clue why everyone is hating on Douple. Just because he doesn't say anything in the media doesn't mean that isn't out looking for other members. In my opinion the the league has improved every year since he became commissioner in 2004. I don't care that schools are leaving (like IUPUI for example). He is bringing in new schools that the fit the region better like when he brought in Denver and UNO (they aren't leaving anytime soon- just a hunch). Hopefully Fort Wayne leaves once Douple finds a school to replace them with.
  2. SanDakotaState

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Another thing to note is that California has a travel ban towards South Dakota meaning all state travel funding from Cali to South Dakota is not allowed. Will it be followed? I don't know. http://www.keloland.com/news/article/politics/south-dakota-lawmakers-governor-respond-to-california-travel-ban
  3. SanDakotaState

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    "We've been through a bunch of these," Douple said. "The key thing -- and it's hard for us to tell people this --is to not panic. We've here before. This is not our first rodeo. We're going to have a very good year coming up with eight schools. We've done this with eight, we've done it with nine, we've done it with 10" "Whenever we've had membership changes in the past, while disappointing, we've always come out of it stronger -- history shows that," Douple said. "It's been a 25-year pattern," he said. "That conference[The Horizon League] wouldn't exist without poaching our teams. We have to be concerned but we're not going to make outrageous statements about what we're doing next. We're going to do our business like we always have and we're going to come out of this better."
  4. SanDakotaState

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. Douple has came out and said that he doesn't feel the need to put on a big show to announce a new member. The Summit is fine. IUPUI brought nothing to the table. They had a decent women's basketball program and that was it. The Summits RPI will still be in the top half for both men and womens basketball. People need to relax.
  5. SanDakotaState

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    You know this for a fact? Why are you so against the Summit and the MVFC? It's obviously working out for the rest of the Dakota schools.
  6. SanDakotaState

    2016-2017 Season

    The Summit League was only 13-2 against the Big Sky last year....How else do you rank conferences? Summit League Basketball> Big Sky Basketball.
  7. SanDakotaState

    2016-17 Season

    The SDSU women will travel to Grand Forks December 6th. About time this happens. Its been WAY to long!
  8. SanDakotaState

    Start Dancing

    It's not a home court by choice. Is it SDSU's fault that no other team fan bases show up? (btw, more than 65,000 people showed up for this year Summit League Tournament-new record) Go figure, a fan that cheers on a team from the state of North Dakota is blaming the refs. There is no other explanation besides SDSU actually being good right? Was Nate Wolters a gift? How about Jordan Dykstra? Clint Sargent? Kia Williams? George Marshall? Deandre Parks? Cody Larson? Wait till next year when you see Adam Dykman! Sorry SDSU coaches are great recruiters? Please go back to making up your crazy scenarios. Summit > big sky
  9. SanDakotaState

    Dreaded Valley City State vs Fighting Hawks

    A tournament with all the D1 Dakota schools wont happen since 3 of them are in the same conference. Coaches aren't going to want to play a conference game that early in the season or a 3rd time. SDSU (played FGCU last year, Middle Tennessee State this year) and USD ( UNLV last year, FGCU this year) will more than likely be playing annual games at the Pentagon in Sioux Falls during X-Mas break. I don't think either school would want to give up another home game. It's a nice idea, but it just wont happen. I would like to have a home and home with UND every year rather than playing a D2 team though.
  10. SanDakotaState

    Big Sky reviewing bids for M/W tournaments for 2016-18

    With UNO becoming eligible for the SLT next year, only the top 8 teams will make the tournament leaving 1 team out.
  11. SanDakotaState

    2014-2015 Recruiting

    You can take SDSU out of the picture for the Baker sweepstakes. The Jacks just filled their last scholarship with the signing of Tevin King, 6-1 guard out of Chicago.
  12. SanDakotaState

    2014-2015 Recruiting

    The Jacks do have a scholarship available with Anders Broman transferring. Wheeler Baker is a former HS teammate of current SDSU big, Ian Theisen. Another person to look out for is Jake Wright. He is from Hopkins, MN and is transferring from Citadel. I would be surprised if SDSU doesn't land one of these players.
  13. SanDakotaState

    North Dakota @ NDSU

    Also nearly made it to the sweet 16 in their first ever NCAA tournament appearance.
  14. SanDakotaState

    North Dakota @ NDSU

    I would say UND is on the same level as USD. It should be a great match-up on the 21st. As far as Evers getting POY in the Summit, I don't think so. Luke (WIU), Seekamp (USD) and Waytachek (SDSU) are all better players . Good luck against UofM. SDSU is 3-0 against the Gophers since 2004-2005 with the most recent win coming last season in Frost. Also SDSU just clobbered Northern Colorado, who was picked 4th in the Big Sky, on the road 71-48 after beating previous #25 Arkansas on the road the game before. SDSU was down 9 with 27 seconds left and came back and won. Crazy right?
  15. SanDakotaState

    2014 baseball

    nah more so that you live in the Midwest where over half the people do something that deals with farming/ranching so i don't see why you are trying to make fun of someone who farms. It just shows your maturity.