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  1. So if I'm reading the pattern and timeline events here correctly, if UND doesn't win the hockey title again this year, it's clearly time for another name change.
  2. No, not really. No bills were sent to the state for the studying I did. It was pro
  3. Hooked on Phonics worked for me!
  4. I was hoping for AC/DC.
  5. I think the problem is the vast majority of people don't care if USA women's hockey is on the map or not. So if the thrill of representing their country has worn off for some of the veterans, then maybe it's time to step down and give others a chance to play and represent.
  6. I think USA Hockey should hire Idalski to a full time gig promoting women's hockey.
  7. I'm flattered to be mentioned with such revered company. That's the Power of Love.
  8. Apparently there's a drainage easement thru their yard so no structures can be built. Even tho this is obviously temporary.
  10. Maybe Drake called. (No, not him).
  11. I was going to suggest investing in some blackout shades and insist on watching a Ryan Reynolds movie every evening....might bump you up to 6 or 7%.
  12. Have you tried turning off the lights for her sake?
  13. surprised they're not arriving earlier so they can watch the selection show together with fans in the Betty.
  14. I thought Q looked like he's battling the flu or something. He looked exhausted most of the game. Was just awesome to see him and everyone really playing tough down the stretch and pull off the win.