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  1. No means no. Except when you're voting. No means yes to development.
  2. So you're saying the early poling results are in...
  3. Vote early and often.
  4. If I ever reach a state of boredom in my life where I somehow can't keep myself entertained if there's one less tiny park in downtown Grand Forks, you all have permission to shoot me.
  5. I think what's most gratifying about the decision is being able to see now how much that terrible name held back the tribes. I mean just look at Standing Rock. It's a bona fide utopia now just five years later.
  6. It's in the leprechaun section of Scheels. Right next to the Lucky Charms.
  7. The odds of that happening are about 1 in vermillion.
  8. If this is part of the criteria, we'll never get in.
  9. Maybe he thinks A-Rod will move to Fargo now; so he's excited about that.
  10. Yee-uck.
  11. Exactly. I wonder why they even bother to trade these guys around; what is the point?
  12. Looks like the twins picked up a real ace in exchange for Danny Santana.
  13. Men's cow it's co-ed?
  14. Some guys will do anything for a great set of cans.
  15. Exactly. Benedict Arnold was thought of as a pretty good dude in the colonies up until about September 1780. But for some reason opinions changed after that.