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  1. Finley Wildcats Sharon Knights
  2. One time I went to a boutique and a women's hockey game broke out.
  3. I figured I'd try to cram all my wisdom into just one post.
  4. One word: leotards.
  5. To clarify, I have never met a mentally handicapped person I would consider retarded, and have never met a retarded person who is mentally handicapped.
  6. I think he was referring to the Office of Retarded Citizens.
  7. Times have sure changed from Money for nothing and the chicks skate free.
  8. 1994.
  9. It could be argued 4 spots just opened up for future Finnish Olympians.
  10. It would only be socially justice-ly fair, to have two identical Patriots on horses, to acknowledge and represent the Clifford Galesburg Twins.
  11. tyEpical Minnesota sports fail.
  12. Great idea. Instead of paging through the local phone book, just hand them the student directory.
  13. Let's pool some money together and pay enough ndsu girls to fill out surveys in favor of them adding women's hockey.
  14. i am a Seinfeld junkie; I just couldn't resist. Thanks Barn!