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  1. PairWise Rankings

    Air Force win gives them an Auto- Bid They are now tied for 13th pairwise/a win good put them into 3rd braket
  2. Spring Football 2017

    Thank You!
  3. Spring Football 2017

    Is there a schedule available for practice time & date?
  4. PairWise Rankings

    My confoluted thinking is as follows: Moy's Priorities: 1. Protect the East. 2.Attendance 3. Braket Integrity
  5. PairWise Rankings

    Here (or as o Saturday 3/4/17 Miami Win 1 DENVER 8 UNION 4 W/M 5 MINNESOTA N/E WEST 16 BEMIDJI 9 PENN 13 WISCONSIN 12 SIOUX 10 PROVIDENCE 2 DULUTH 7 B/U 3 HARVARD 6 MASS/L M/W EAST 15 CANNSIUS 10 PROVIDENCE 14 NOTRE DAME 11 CORNELL 9 PENN ur president says Hear) is how Moy will have it.
  6. PairWise Rankings

  7. 2017 UND Recruiting

    I'm saying anyone who would post a statement inferring that a new recruit maybe was lying is really pathetic.
  8. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Suggest the kid is lying/pathetic
  9. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Pathetic Quote.
  10. Standing Rock Protests

    Here's 1 you can run with/'be careful what you wish for'
  11. Standing Rock Protests

    There is 1 thing we should all be able to agree on. 1 of us is on the 'Wrong Side of History'.
  12. Standing Rock Protests

    Why is this on Sioux Sports/There are thousands of like minded people like you/find a different site to talk about this issue/It has no place on the Sioux Sports Site
  13. Standing Rock Protests

    Why is this on Sioux Sports/It makes the NCAA look very good when they said the name was "hostile & Abusive: Could now add the fan based on this tread are racist.
  14. 2 Tix 11/6 lower bowl

    meant 11/26
  15. Parent and young child they're yours.