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  1. I seriously doubt this team would lose to anybody 7-0. As far as recruiting this game will have zero effect. All any recruit needs to see is the banners hanging in the Ralph. For a team with the number of players who left, particularly underclassmen, this team has played pretty well and with a few breaks could easily be in the upper tier of the country.
  2. Wolanin is good at a lot of things, especially offensively. However, he needs to work on his defensive shortcomings to become elite.
  3. Same situation here. Assume no score yet. How does the team look so far. Fired up or similar to last Saturday?
  4. They are all pressing now with the lack of scoring and overthinking on their shots. Agreed that Wolanin is thinking too much rather than just playing the game and is not concentrating on handling the puck.
  5. Love it with Wilkie getting one and hopefully getting back on track. He has had some good opportunities as of late, just not able to cash in. Let tonight be the start!
  6. He may be their best offensive d-man, but his defense is definitely a ? mark.
  7. Let's hope so. He needs to put the puck in the net and tonite is a good time to start.
  8. I was scratching my head on his spin move wondering what the heck he was thinking of.
  9. Exactly, there was too much flailing around trying to be cute rather than laying the body into the player.
  10. Maybe it was just me but it appeared that Casey Johnson and Wolanin were the 2 defensemen out there that had the most issues letting Miami skate in.
  11. Still baffled by the fact Tomek has not gotten playing time. Team needs a major shakeup and Cam is turning into Fighting Sioux version of Blair Walsh.