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  1. Since we already have our first 2002-born commit (Ethan Bowen), any insider info regarding if/when we will offer Jackson Kunz?
  2. Top prospects come to UND because we can get them to the next level. We should not be upset when a player leaves early to play professional hockey. It what makes our program great.
  3. Soooooo, anyone been to practice lately? How does the team look?
  4. Anyone interested in taking a stab at the defensive 2-deep chart for opening day?
  5. Makes a person wonder what's up with Evers, Bast, Kiersted.... We don't need 4 incoming defensemen next year, do we?
  6. Braden Costello committed to UND today.
  7. Can't someone just plug all this in to a pairwise calculator???
  8. Braden Costello is a USA Today High School All-American. Has North Dakota had many of these in the past? http://usatodayhss.com/2016/2016-17-american-family-insurance-all-usa-preseason-boys-hockey-team
  9. Does anyone know if we've offered Costello or Salquist? It would be nice to keep the local kids in town.
  10. Looking for 2 lower bowl tickets, both nights for the UND vs. Niagara series on January 16-17, 2015. Email me at ajries18@gmail.com Thanks
  11. Since Rocco signed with Florida, who is coming early then? Gersich, Poganski, Wilkie?