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  1. Moving On To The Bobcats

    Conference play is what it's all about, the team just needs to forget last week and move on!! We have seen our fair share of these types of games at Utah.
  2. Game day: F'n Hawks vs Bears

    Congrats on the win today, The team looks like it's going to be solid this year. Glad I have a second team to follow through the year. Go Utes, Go Hawks
  3. Best of luck

    As a ute fan thought I'd stop by and wish UND and all you fans best of luck the rest of the season. The team has a lot of potential and I can see you will win a lot of games this year. Also all the fans I interacted with at the game last night were great! I look forward to following the rest of your season
  4. Greetings from Salt Lake

    Just stopping by to wish UND luck this week as well as the rest of the season. Hope it's a great game Thursday night with no injuries. Looking forward to following UND a bit throughout the season.
  5. UND v Utah

    The biggest problem Utah has had over the last 5 years is at QB, we have been limping through the last 5 years with a QB that has had 4 shoulder surgeries. He finally decided to medically retire after hurting his shoulder again last season. Hopefully we have moved on from that and will get some decent play there. I could see anything from 5-7 like last year to maybe 8-4. We have had some much better recruiting classes the last couple years since getting the invite from the Pac-12 so hopefully the results on the field will start to improve. Our Defense has been very good for a very long time and that looks like it will probably hold true again this year. Utefans.net is probably the best place to go to mingle with the average Ute fan, could also check out the free boards on scout.com and rivals but seems most the posters on those forums stay in the pay area(not sure why). Hopefully by the time 2017 comes around the south endzone seats will be filled in. Nothing is set in stone yet but it seems there is a push to up capacity from 45017 to around 57000. Most the seats will come from closing off the endzone and an extra set of lux boxes. Im not sure the exact number but Utah has sold out about about 20 games in a row now and had season ticket renewals in the 98% range for the last 5 years. Hopefully the trends will continue. Cant wait for football season to get here. Will keep an eye on UND and check in here often, thank you all for the welcome!
  6. UND v Utah

    Hello all, Just heard of the game scheduled between UND and Utah figured I would stop by to see what the reaction was, which looks to be a positive after reading the future schedule thread. I look forward to talkin football, learning more about the UND program and the game down the road. Hope you guys have a great season this year will be watching a bit closer now.