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  1. No I was seriously curious of how much they offered. It's not like SDSU would have been a for sure loss. Would have been nice to get paid for a road win and quite possible last year IMO.
  2. What were they offering? It had to be less then the bus fare to not be worth it!
  3. I don't know if they were still in play or not but still the kid was like the #1 ath in Iowa?
  4. It's nuts. They have beaten out NIU, Iowa and Iowa State on kids already. I suppose that win at Iowa last year didn't hurt.
  5. From what I have seen and read from most Summit League members is the loss of IUPUI is actually not that big a deal. They are apparently a bottom feeder and unwilling to spend to be competitive. Addition by subtraction maybe. Now losing IPFW might be more painful but it may allow for better geographic fits for the Summit. Without the Indiana schools the travel would be significantly reduced. Time will tell where it all leads but I don't think it's time to panic just yet. Summit will be back to 8 with the loss of IUPUI but back to 9 with UND. Perhaps they will try to get UMKC back.
  6. No but money talks and bull$%!# walks. Or more precisely money pays the bills and pissing and moaning doesn't usually get you very far.
  7. Why doesn't Mr. Chipman send a check for the $60M? He's supposedly worth $500M. Put your money where your mouth is or shut it.
  8. The 2021 BB regionals have already been awarded and SF is not one of them.
  9. The MVC is ripe for a major upheaval, especially if the privates get their way. We could very well see some drastic changes in the next 2-3 years. Would be great to see the MVFC schools form an all sports conference and let the rest of the MVC/Summit fend for themselves.
  10. Lol this is too funny.
  11. Why no news on Jones contract? That can't be helping the recruiting situation.
  12. 2019 is a 12 game year so could still get an FBS game.
  13. It'd be blip on the radar. Doubt most would even know about it. Now a win in the dance would be huge!
  14. I'm not suggesting Berry is overpaid but rather the fact most of our other coaches are under paid. Jones has probably earned a healthy increase as well as his assistants. Bubba and his staff too for that matter.
  15. How much is Berry making?