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  1. That's fine. All 3 games I went to last year were at the 20 yd line and it would be nice to get a little closer to mid field
  2. I was hoping to get two seats between the 50 and 25 yard line in the lower section
  3. Whats the best way to get good season tickets for football? I think I'm going to do the Bismarck-Grand Forks drive for all the football games this year! Ticketmaster doesn't seem to have many seats available for any good seats. Is there any other option to buy tickets that would have more available? I'm looking for 2 seats
  4. Because he put his D on a public forum for everyone to C
  5. Godsmack, your D looks way better than the D in our professional logo.....please don't draw so well next time
  6. I believe this whole message board should be celebrating. Our fanbase made ice hockey's title game profitable. That shows that our fanbase is bigger than every non-basketball/football fanbase. (And few basketball or football fanbases are bigger)
  7. Can anyone give a link to the 2015 und sports revenue/expenses (or whatever year we can get all that info)
  8. Sold last night
  9. hi, I have 2 SRO Tickets to west regional all 3 game package. I'm looking for $250. You can send me the money via paypal, and I can email them to you.
  10. Since Vancouver said that they will play him in the nhl this year once unds season is over, I don't blame him for going
  11. A Sioux logo is located throughout the United Center, which hosts the Frozen Four this year. Gotta love the ignorance of the NCAA that they choose a venue that displays the same logo that they banned.
  12. In heaven, I said that and gave proof that's not the case because I was expecting to hear that argument from people on here Sic it has been known for a while that it's being retired but as far as I know I am the first person on this site to say that the merchandise has been retired/no longer produced NOW
  13. Grand Forks Scheels employees told me this weekend that they aren't allowed to order anymore interlocking ND logo merchandise. I realize that there is a possibility of Scheels saying this to try to scare people into buying the interlocking nd merchandise right now if they were considering it, but I asked to get an interlocking ND jersey in a size that they didn't have in stock, and they said they won't be getting anymore of them in. I wanted large if you were curious:P and to answer Siouxperfan7, the Bismarck Scheels had Big Sky Regular Season Conference Championship shirts when I went there a few days after they won it. So they might have added a conference tournament shirt too.
  14. I bought sro last time they were in fargo and i was on the glass behind the goalie. I bought them the first time tickets were on sale to the public Will these be the same kind of tickets. Last time there were no students in my section so it was probably easier to get on the glass since more students arrive super early than adults
  15. this is wonderful that our most prominent Big Sky teams are competing/winning conference titles. The ironic thing about UND winning so many conference titles this year is that none of them will be won by the hockey team:P