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  1. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    The GFC. Great Frontier Conference.
  2. What do you think of the logo now??

    That will teach em. I bet the school closes.
  3. UND to cut women's hockey

    The one thing I've learned in my life is that if you have an opinion, hearing facts that run counter to that opinion rarely change your opinion. Facts won't matter to people who feel they got the shaft. The minority is venting right now but the vast majority fall into two groups. 1. People who understand why it was cut 2. People who are saying "UND had women's hockey?" 2.
  4. UND to cut women's hockey

    LOL, self importance and cheapness, they come by it naturally.. By the way, could you please make a donation, they would like the whole family to be able to see them in the Olympics. Give it time, their 15 minutes will be up. They will go away...But they will conveniently forget their wallet and somebody else will have to pay for the cab.
  5. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    There is nothing "Big Time" about women's hockey.
  6. UND to cut women's hockey

    This has always been my favorite argument! Olympians? LOL. US women's hockey team went 2-2 against high school boys teams. That's some world class athletes. "Hey ND legislators, what a bunch of dicks you are to not subsidize a sport that loses 1.5 million dollars every year so that tens of people can watch the awe inspiring athletic talent of Olympians from Finland!"
  7. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    This is by far the best decision made at UND in the last 20 years! Somebody made a decision based on numbers and facts instead of feelings. I asked a lot of people today what they thought should be cut at UND and they all said Women's Hockey. It was painfully obvious to anyone with objectivity that this needed to be done.
  8. Defensive 2 Deep Guesses

    I'd look for Neverman to move from RB to ILB. If he wants a chance to play it's probably the best option.
  9. UND Budget Cuts

    OK, cut all swimming and diving, the pool upkeep must be expensive. Next cut the budgets on soccer and Womens hockey to get you the rest of the way there. On a side note, why does soccer cost so much? A pool is a hell of a lot more expensive than a yard. Ask anyone in the southern states.
  10. UND Budget Cuts

    By the looks of this cut WIH and all swimming & diving. This should give the athletic department some needed wiggle room but It won't happen. In order to not cause a title IX problem could they cut WIH and just MS&D? My hunch is they keep WIH and tennis. Everybody else on your list is in trouble.
  11. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Bad grades or bad advice?
  12. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Does anyone know where Quintin Seguin (the DE from Canada) ended up? I had heard that his coach thought he should go FBS. The Canadian football website still lists him as a North Dakota commit.
  13. Cutting Sports: Round 2

    I know I'm sounding a little like the "common man" but first off, national outcry? You think the entire nation cares about UND women's hockey? And second, "major women's sport?" This should be entered into the proposterus statement tournament. Personally, I think if they can find almost as much savings cutting M/W swimming as women's hockey, as has been mentioned here, I'd cut the swimming. North Dakota is more of a hockey place than a swimming place. Your talk of national prominence with this major woman's sport is a little over the top. The fact that no one outside the sports information director can name a freshman on the team should have been your first clue.
  14. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Johannesson is a RB
  15. UND to Summit/MVFC

    TBR, are you my wife? The initials don't match but the grammar Nazi bit is spot on.